What Sort of Camping Canopy is Right for You

Many popular campsites have large open spaces where you can fit plenty of tents but because of all the cleared areas they have very little shady areas. To counter this lack of  protection from the sun many campers will pack a shade canopy as part of their camping equipment. If you want to relax in true tent camping style you should consider getting a camping canopy that will cover the whole of your tent as well as provide a covered area around it for your day to day living like washing the dishes or eating. This will also give you somewhere to while away the time while you wait for the rain to go away. Much more satisfying than all of you trying to hunker down in a small tent. Your other option is to get a shade canopy that is a separate structure from the tent. There are various advantages and disadvantages to these two different styles of canopy.

A canopy that encompasses your entire tent provides an extra level of protection from the elements. This has the benefit of keeping your tent in better condition for longer. Your sleeping area will also not become so uncomfortably hot that you can’t have a nap during the day. If it rains heavily you are also less likely to experience any leaks even in the heaviest of downpours. If you need to get some protection from the wind you can do so by putting a canvas wall up around the frame. Campers who would get the most advantage out of a large camping shade canopy would most likely have a trailer due to its size and weight.

People with less packing space may be able to make use of a shade canopy that is somewhat smaller. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes but the most popular is the twelve foot square model. New models erect simply by unfolding making them more popular for campers and around the home as a temporary entertainment area. Less popular are models that use connecting pieces. They are not very difficult to erect but losing even one connecting piece can make it unusable. A built in mesh screen on your canopy will provide much need protection from pesky insects. If you don’t want the built in screen you can have them as optional extra and they simply clip on when needed. If you don’t have a trailer these types of camping canopies are a good compromise.

A camping canopy is a great piece of camping equipment but it doesn’t have to be used just for camping. Use your backyard as a venue for entertaining and feeding a large group. You don’t have to try and squeeze everyone inside. A suitably sized shade canopy can provide an open area where everyone can be comfortable.


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