Tips on Setting up An Outdoor Tent Party

As the outdoor entertaining becomes more and more popular and that trend is going on, marquee for sale parties will be adopted by more people on many situations which widely ranges from weddings and graduation parties to simple spring and summer gatherings with friends. On a tent or marquee wedding, there must be some entertaining items, such as a DJ area and dance floor or a grill. The venue of your party tent should better be nearby your house incase the change of the weather and for the convenience of your activities.

1. The ground where you set up your marquee should be flat and always far away from any hills or sloping areas in case of rain. Make sure the ground is available for you to install your stakes and weigh the party tents. You should also take the day’s weather into consideration incase the sudden change of weather.

2. Set up your marquee in the center of the area you wish to use. Follow the right steps to settle the party tent. Insert the tent poles into their corresponding holes within the tent fabric, starting at the top of the tent and working your way down to the ground. Insert the tent stakes into their corresponding holes in the tent fabric and hammer into the ground.

3. Decorate your party tent including the tent area and the background. The decorations can be whatever you like, but remember to get the suitable ones which match the theme of your party. Tape or fasten decorations if it is a windy day.

4. Get the basic equipment ready. Rent or purchase outdoor light fixtures if the party is at night. In order to minimize work during the actual party, all food should be prepared well before the party; layout of the party should be arranged well before.

5. Set up all the tools you may use at the party such as he grill or outdoor fireplace if you think it is necessary for the party. Pay attention to the food! You’d better place them a little earlier when they are actual needed to keep them far away from the insects or other animals.

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