Tips for Protecting Marquee

Summer is coming,it is time for us to go for camping. Before you go camping, learn how to care for your marquee/tent first. If you take care of it properly, your marquee/tent will last a lifetime. Here are 5 fantastic tips to bear in mind:

Keep Marquee Ground Clean

Keep the marquee/tent interior clean and tidy. Dirt or other material can be abrasive to tent floors and fabric. Use a small broom and dust pan to help keep the interior clean. Also, clean the tent BEFORE stowing so that any material doesn’t cause damage as you fold it up or jam it in a stuff sack.

Place a mat outside the tent to wipe your feet on. You may even want to leave your dirty shoes outside. You’ll be surprised that your tent will stay much cleaner. What is more, it is important to avoid touching the sides of the tent as much as possible. Your skin has natural oils on it that can be corrosive to the waterproof coating of the tent.

Avoid Cooking Inside& Nearby

Do NOT cook or inside your marquee, Tents, etc. If cooking inside is absolutely necessary, be sure to open all doors and windows and keep the tent well ventilated. This will keep noxious fumes at a minimum.

DO NOT have fire or open flame close to your marquee, tent and so on. If necessary, you can use fire-hole or other way to contain the fire or get a small heater with a chimney meant for heating tents.

How to Clean and Protect Marquee

After use, First off always follow your tent manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean a tent as they were the ones that designed and engineered it. Avoid using detergents because they will leave a residue that won’t rinse away and damage the tent fabrics. You can set up the tent/marquee and hand wash the dirt from all poles, stakes, and the tent bottom with cold water, rinse it well and air dry it completely. Never use abrasives or tough brushes to scrub a tent. And never put tent/marquee in wash machine or the clothes dryer. If you camped near salt water, you should rinse them in fresh water and let them air dry to prevent corrosion.

How to Store Marquee Properly

Marquee/Tents should be stored dry, free of debris, and folded in the same fashion as when you unpacked the marquee/tent.

Remember to put the marquee/tent poles and stakes in a separate sack because they can tear or poke holes in your tent.

Never leave it for extended times in hot places such as car trunks, in bright light, etc.


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