Three Steps to Clean a Camping Tent

Camping is a good way to relax while getting close to nature. But when the camping trip comes to the end and it’s time to pack all the camping equipment, most people will do the packing in a hurry and sometimes the camping tent will be packed up when it still has condensation on. Over the course of time, you may find that the tent smells like mildew. Of course you don’t want to stay in a bad smell tent in your next camping trip. Now you can do the following steps to clean your tent and then you can get rid of the awful mildew stench.

First, you need get a tote and fill it with clean water then add pine-sol in it. After that, you can place the tent, rain fly, tent poles, tent bag, stakes and stake bag in to the water, and leave them soak in the pine-sol solution for an hour or so. One hour is enough for the camping tent to absorb the aroma of the pine-sol solution, and then you will get a fresh smelling tent.

After the tent has soaked in the pine-sol solution for one hour, now you should take it out of the access water and reassemble the tent in your yard. Use water hose to pray the tent off and you should pay particular attention to the fabric on the bottom. Be sure it is thoroughly rinsed.

The last step is to dry the camping tent. You should let the tent air dry both inside and outside. It’s important to wait until the tent and all the contents are fully dry before you pack it back up. Otherwise, the mildew will return. If you have a large family tent or multi-room tent, then you should wait patiently. If the weather is not good and you cannot dry the tent outside, you should place the tent in your garage or even inside your home or basement to let it dry. One thing you need to keep in mind is never dry your camping tent in a dryer because this could reduce the lifetime of the tent.