Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Camping Tent


For most people, going camping with family or friends is a regular summer pastime. In order to make the camping trip unforgettable and successful, choose the right camping tent is very important. Knowing something about the camping tent will help you easily find the one that meet your demands.


This is listed as "peak height" on spec charts. If you want to stand up inside your tent when changing clothes or just enjoy the airiness of a high ceiling, then look for a tall peak height. Usually, the centre height of the family tent is high enough for an adult to stand up.

Ease of Setup

The structure of the tent’s pole usually determines how easy or hard it is to pitch. The fewer the poles are, the easier the setup job is. Many tents offer a combination of both clips and short pole sleeves in an effort to balance strength, ventilation and setup ease.

Rainfly Coverage

The rainfly is a separate waterproof cover designed to fit over the roof the tent. There are two common types. One is roof-only rainfly and the other is full-coverage rainfly. The former is designed to cover mesh roof, while relying on the tent’s waterproof walls to block rain. The latter offers far more dependable rain protection, but slightly reduces ventilation.


In order to enhance the ventilation of the camping tent, mesh panels are often used in the ceiling, doors and windows. This also allows you to enjoy the outside views in the tent.


Some camping tent is designed with this shelter which attaches to the tent for the purpose of storing your dusty boots or a keeping your daypack out of the rain while some tents are not designed with this. If you want have a vestibule, you can buy this add-on item separately.

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