Take Care of Your Camping Tent

The camping tent is the indispensable equipment when people camping outside. A nice camping tent not only can shelter us from the rain and wind, but also can protect us from the insects. Thus, we should take care of our camping tent for a comfortable camping experience.

After we use the camping tent, cleaning progress is very important which closely influence the lifespan of the tent and its service condition in the next use. Before packing up, we should clean the sand and dust of the fabric and wipe out the moisture from both sides. Put away your tent after it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will be very likely to become mildewed during storage. This point is very vital for protecting the tent’s fabric.

Besides, when you store the folded camping tent, you should mind not placing any heavy object it. The extra weight can cause permanent harm to the waterproof coating at the fold. Therefore, I suggest that people should use a carton to separately store the camping tent. In addition, you should air the tent at regular intervals. This way can prevent your tent from mildew and cohesion. Besides, when you clean your camping tent, it’s better to hand wash rather than using a machine. And the tent is not suitable to be washed in any detergent which may damage the waterproof coating.

Moreover, you must check the tent’s poles at regular intervals because the poles usually adopt metal materials. Thus, it is very easy rusty sometimes. So, if you want to avoid this trouble, you should wipe the poles and the cohesion in the dry towel. Meanwhile, don’t forget wipe your tent cloth.

Therefore, if you want your tent serves you well during camping, you must take care of it in daily life. So now it’s time for action.



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