How To Be A Well-mannered Camper

camping etiquette

Whether you are an experienced camper or planning your first camping trip, be sure to pay attention to your manners at the campsite and in your party tents. Here are a few tips and suggestions from some outdoor enthusiasts to teach you to be a well-mannered camper. You’d better not have this point that you can treat your campsite as if no one will ever use it again. Maybe, you’ll come again with your family.

Of couse, besides, being a good neighbor is a big part of staying at campgrounds. You need to be considerate of other campers, and you have the right to consideration from others. Here, I make a brief summary about camping etiquettes.

1. Don’t litter. Moreover, before leaving the campsite, clean your campsite make it as clean as you would want it if you were arriving that day. The next camper will appreciate it.

2. Don’t be too loud. Quiet Hours are typically from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.. Voices carry far at night. Moderation is essential. And control your noise and your pets.

3. Don’t infringe on the campsites of others. If you want more room then you should move to a vacated space to do so, not into the space of fellow campers.

4. Don’t intimidate wildlife.

5. Don’t build fires around your camping tents outside designated areas.

6. Take everything you bring. Ideally your campsite should be cleaner than it was when you got there; others do not want to deal with your left-behinds. However, for me, my family usually arrives near or after dark at our campsite. One thing I always look forward to is the campfire but it’s hard to find wood in the dark. Therefore, I’d like to leave a few logs and some kindling for the next campers so that they can have a fire the night they arrive.

7. Be respectful of the natural environment — keep the trees and shrubs alive and growing. Don’t cut living trees down.

8. Stick to the signposted tracks and trails. Going off the trail can damage the environment and the homes of the wildlife that lives there. It could also be risky to wander off where there might be dangerous animals.

9. Assign responsibilities within your group.

If you can follow these rules and be respectful in general, then everyone can have a good time and you could even make some new friends out of your neighbours. What a wonderful thing?

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