Five Reasons Not To Hire Marquee for Wedding

Quictent Wedding Marquee

Have you ever attended a marquee wedding? Most of my friends who had such experience told me that they are more likely to hold a marquee wedding of their own! As someone who survived from a whole mess of marquee stuffs, I’d like to tell everyone do NOT hire a marquee for wedding.

1. Brand New VS. Used

This is the most obvious reason not to hire a marquee. Most marquee of the rental company is used more than once, unless you are lucky enough to get a less-used or a new one. This means the marquee you get may looks crumpled, and it may have food stain on the sides, what’s more, it may have little holes or even scratches.

2. D.I.Y. Free

When hire a marquee, you are not completely free to DIY, especially when you want to do some unrecoverable changes to the marquee. Put on linings and add decorations is just too normal these days. I attend one of my friend’s wedding last month, the fiance was so creative that he drew their self-portrait in cartoon on the marquee sides with mark pen.

3. Cost

Most of people have the wrong idea on the cost of hiring a maruqee comparing to buying one. They believed that hire a marquee  is much cheaper than buying one. But when I surfing the internet, it’s clear that there’re marquees for sale at a cheaper price than hiring one.

4.  Responsibility for Damage and Stain

Like I said in the first point, the disadvantages are just generated by the hirer themselves. And it’s hard to avoid. The rental company may ask you for extra cleaning fee or unreasonable compensation for damage. I heard lots of stories in various version…

 5. Future Convenience

Why not having a marquee rather than hiring one at the same price! Keep the marquee for future use, it’s not likely you just have one party in your whole life, right? And for some small marquee like 4m x 6m or 4m x 8m, why not use as a garage tent while it not in use for party?

Quictent has a wide selection of marquees from 3m x 3m to 6m x 12m at a very reasonable price. All comes with 15 months warranty. Save up to 40% this summer and use this Quictent coupon code: Happy8uy in the checkout process to enjoy more 5% dicount!

Choose a Marquee for Your Wedding

wedding marquee

Ever growing in popularity are Marquee weddings. Whether the Marquee is in your back garden or a farmers field more and more couples are going with the informality of this option. A marquee reception is one important step to ensure your wedding a day to remember. And why to choose a marquee for the wedding?

Wedding marquee features free standing frame structures without centre poles or guy ropes and are supplied with elegant walls and roofs. Usually, it’s white elegant marquee tents, which is an ideal complementary colour to the bride and groom’s attire.

Moreover, garden marquees are flexible enough to feature personalised design features and can be made available for more than one day if you fancy extending your wedding celebrations across a weekend for example. And it is also suitable for partiesand other outdoors events besides the wedding ceremony. As the snow’s gone, the weather’s getting warmer and it’s time for a party. And if your house isn’t big enough to hold a party. Not a problem. Gardenmore can help you createthat much needed extra space.

And wedding marquees for sale from have a large collections of marquees for wedding. You can choose the size according to the number of your guests. There’s at least one marquee that will meet your needs. One of gardenmore’s features of marquee is its large external pole which covers curtains hide frame poles and keep wind out.

Quictent Marquees on Large Sale – Save Up to 40%

Quictent Marquee

The Spring is coming. It’s time to get out and enjoy the Spring sunshine and fresh air after a long,cold, inanimate winter.

Rush up! Quictent offers a large type of marquees for sale for you. Numerous amazing marquee tents available in a variety of sizes, from 3m x 6m small marquees, and 6m x 10m large marquees.

Moreover, whatever marquees you need, an elegant wedding marquee, a party marquee, or a pop up marquee, you can find the one that best suits you at much reasonable range. Visit us to get more marquees details!

Top 7 Best Sellers in Quictent

Few days ago, I read an article written by an individual related to a topic that the top 6 considerations he is approached with and 6 powerful ways in which one of his pop up gazebos that fulfil those needs. Following points are his considerations.

1. I need a gazebo that is quick to erect and easy to use.
2. I need to be able to work in inclement weather.
3. I need to have confidence in the security of my stand.
4. I need to look smart and professional.
5. I need to make my stand advertise my products and services.
6. I need a gazebo that is easy to repair.

All of pop up gazebos from Quictent fulfill these six considerations. And here, I make a summary about top 7 Best Sellers in Quictent, in the meanwhile, they are also meet the six considerations above.

Top 1
3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo

Top 2
3m x 6m Pyramid Pop Up Gazebo

Top 3
3m x 6m Marquee Party Tent

Top 4
2m x 2m Large Grow Tent

Top 5
4m x 8m Heavy Duty Marquee

Top 6
9m x 6.5m Large Wedding Party Tent

Top 7
3m x 6m Portable Garage

Pop Up Gazebos Decoration

Pop up gazebos are great for any garden. They provide your family and friends with protection against the sun. However, do you know why they’re called pop up gazebo? Where did they get their name from? They got their name through pop up gazebo’s ease of use. They literally are pop up tents. The majority of common gazebos come with numerous different parts that need to be connected together, whereas pop up gazebos don’t.

Pop Up Gazebos can offer Beauty and functionality. You can add some elements to the gazebo, like that of hanging plants to make it look all the more inviting. To provide yourself with protection from garden bugs you can even have side panels or netting. Night or day, these serve as a great place to relax as well as entertain. Placing it close to a pond or stream will really help enhance its appeal.

3m x 6m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo

Furthermore, you can include a cozy seating area in the gazebo for your romantic evenings at home when the kids are away and the house is empty. You can also enhance the space, by tying up a hammock or swing under the gazebo. If you are considering holding a wedding ceremony or birthday parties or else, you can also ribbons around the rim of gazebo(Of course, you can choose the wedding marquee or the large 3m x 6m pop up gazebo). Tie the balloons. Hang the confetti balloons under the cover, directly above where the bride and groom will be standing. Fill other balloons with helium and hang them around the canopy, and on the support posts. The next opinion is to add accents. Wrap ribbons around the support posts of the gazebo in a spiral design that resembles a barber’s pole.

Before decoration on gazebo, you need to choose a suitable gazebo for your activities. Also determine the number of people on average are likely to make use of it. This will also help you decide on the dimensions.

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Buy Your Wedding Marquee

Many choices are available for you to choose when you select the place where to get the knot tied. When you are getting married, you can either hire a wedding hall in a hotel for the matrimonial purposes, or in a marriage lawn.  For the indoor marriage lawn, they will provide you appropriate shelter for the guests and the space to cooperate the married couple. However, if you want an open lawn, a wedding marquee is significant to the whole ceremony and essential for both the married couple and the wedding planning team.

A wedding marquee is a properly designed large tent, which has open sides and properly installed outdoors that provide a makeshift, temporary environment for people to gather inside for marriage. A wedding marquee is designed with appropriate colors and is quite large with a bigger roof. It can be designed in a variety of different ways in order to ensure that the inner atmosphere of the wedding all looks good.

A properly designed wedding marquee for sale is one which has appropriate lighting from the roof as well as on the sides, with an adequately set up speaker system for announcements. Inside the wedding marquees, a proper color theme needs to be carried out, in order to ensure that the theme of the wedding becomes prominent.

The type of the wedding marquee is very important when planning your wedding event to meet the need of the functional requirement you want.You should also consider the color of your pop up tent as well as the design as well because they play an important role in the overall design and outlook of the inside environment of your function hall.

If you are planning out your wedding with the help of an event organizer or a management company, the best thing that you can do is to choose a properly designed party tent for your wedding. Event organizers offer a variety of different types of wedding planning options to their clients, so you can easily choose from various different options that are available.

Generally, it is available for you to hire your wedding tent from some catalogues which will offer you’re the information of the marquee hire company. It is strongly recommend buying your own marquee as you may need it in the future as it can be used in almost every outdoor gathering such as birthday party, family gathering, and your anniversary as well.

Quictent teahing for choosing a Wedding Tent

According to different functions and occasions, the wedding tent could be divided into different sorts, such as elegant wedding tent, simply wedding tent, wedding tent in the open air.

How to choose a wedding tent? That sounds like easy but hard to handle actually. Well, Quictent will recommend some wedding tents and teach you how to choose a wedding tent. No matter outdoor or indoor wedding party, you need some tents, but you do not know how to choose a tent,  though you have buzzed with various of ideas on what types or styles wedding tents you need; how to decorate your wedding tents and where you should put the tents. I am sure, when you are thinking about these questions, you are in mess.

There are 3 types wedding tents we recommend to you according to different situations.

1. Peak top Marquee Tent: It is excellent for small-scale weddings. So if you just wannan have a tent put in your yard, this is your wonderful choice. There are 3 dimensions of 10’x10′, 15’x10′ & 20’x10′ marquee for sale to choose. Meanwhile, they have freestanding construction without inner support poles. The unique structure of these marquee tents allows them to stand in a class of their own, the same time, provide more beauty elements for your wedding party.

2. Traditional Pop up Gazebo Tent: The pop up gazebo for wedding party are popular, besides, it also used for various kinds of yard events. Pop up gazebo with the feature of freestanding structure without any interior poles, which provides enough space for your wedding party. On the other hand, you can adjust the height of the pop up gazebo with sides for your different needs. In some extent, if you have a pop up gazebo tent, there is no need for you to have another tent.

3. High Peaktop Camping Tents: Do not think that those camping tents are just for travel, in fact, they are also good equipments for various event parties, not along the wedding party. For wedding, you can choose the family camping tents, which are most preferable canopies for weddings parties.

At last, Quictent want to tell you: choose a wedding tent by your custom.

Maybe you will be interested in tips to repair tent, store tent and so on.