A Shelter From The Sun, Pop Up Gazebo

In order to have the best time either relaxing or partying, you don’t want to be too over exposed to the elements. To make sure you stay safe whilst outdoors on hot, sunny days you’ll need a shade of some kind to protect yourself from the suns harmful UV rays. It’s always disappointing when you see clouds appearing on the horizon and you have to interrupt the fun to hide inside from the rain. Most people readily opt for a patio umbrella to protect themselves from the fickleness of the weather, but there’s an even more convenient and practical way to spend more time in your garden. A pop up gazebo is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for your back yard which can be put up and taken down in a flash and can also be taken with you when going camping or picnicking.

The main advantages of these garden structures are their affordable price, easy and fast setup and their mobility. You can fold pop up gazebo with sides and remove it somewhere when it is unnecessary.

There is also one point that is very unpleasant, pop up gazebo with sides cannot save you from strong wind. So if it is windy day these gazebos are not very comfortable and reliable.

Pop up gazebos are usually available in many colors so besides all the advantages they can be a nice decoration in your garden. Green gazebos will be natural and correlate with a grass on the lawn. White pop up gazebos are marvelous and they will suit perfect for weddings for example. Red, blue, gray and others colors are beautiful as well.

Waterproof gazebos are made from polyester or PVC. Both materials are durable and must be waterproof. Nevertheless buying a gazebo ask seller to demonstrate you if the gazebo is totally waterproof.



Everyone will have their own ideas of how to clean their pop up gazebo. We have found that pressure washers, etc.. are not as deep cleaning and perhaps harmful. Particularly to older pop up gazebos.

Following is how we would clean a pop up gazebo: For initial cleaning, spread pop up gazebo out on grass, get wide nylon bristle brooms, take your shoes off and spread non concentrated laundry detergent out and water and get to work. That will take most of the dirt off.

You can experiment with different spot cleaners for bad areas. Always test small area first. We like “Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner” available at Dollar General Stores. WD 40 will take off tar and other odd marks. For other tough areas you can use 3 parts water 1 part Clorox to scrub with. Do one panel at a time and then wash off immediately, otherwise it will take gloss off top of pop up gazebo. You can use this same mix of Clorox and water on underside, where seatbelts show, and actually let it dry without washing off. This will help fight mildew in the future.
Additional information:

Mystery stains: Use melamine “erasing foam” such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Good for cleaning resin chairs too.

Rust, leaf, hard-water and mineral stains: Use CLR (Calcium, lime, rust remover). It is an acid but is safe for vinyl. It dissolves any mineral deposits that are on the surface. If your clear wall or windows have hard water residue or look foggy, a weak dilution of the acid can remove those deposits as well.


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