Marquee Story

With the huge development of modern world, more and more people tend to living a relaxing life, in terms of it, I think of something indispensable, such as Travel, Camping, BBQ, Party, even Wedding.  Many young people and fashion people like the life style and choose one of them in their spare time.  Wedding seems like a tendency in the modern life. Of course, a pole marquee or pole tent is indispensable. We need to understand them.

A pole marquee or pole tent is a variety of  large tent often used to shelter summer events, such as shows, festivals, and weddings. They are particularly associated with typical English country garden weddings.

The simple design has changed little in hundreds of years. A pole marquee consists of a roof canopy supported by tall center poles (“king poles”) tensioned using side lines connected to ground pins (or stakes) and smaller supporting poles (“side poles”). The king poles support the bulk of the weight, while the side poles give the fabric shape.

Originally,they were manufactured from cotton canvas covers, wooden poles, and hessian rope hut they have been largely replaced with more modern materials. The introduction of modern fabrics extends the shelf life of the marquees, as they are far more easily maintained. Canvas marquees are still available. Canvas is more breathable, allowing for lower temperature and humidity inside the marquee; such as marquee is more comfortable in hot summer weather while remaining water in the event of rain.