Buying Guide for Portable Garage Shoppers(II)

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

2.5m x 3m x 2.3m Portable Garage

We talked about the size of portable garage in last post, we will talk about other aspects we should consider when we are shopping for garage.

Secondly, we have to consider what it made from, including, frames, covers, etc.

As known to all, the materials of garage tent concerns its durability, weight and cost, so it is essential that you should pay attention to them and choose the proper one.

1) Frames

Because portable carports are created with an emphasis on light-weight durability, most of garages are fitted with steel structure because of its remarkable resilience. When facing with portable garages in different brands and prices, the best way to figure out those better ones by comparing the diameter of steel made use of to construct the framework. Generally speaking, the bigger the diameter of steel tubes, the stronger and sturdier the garage tent will be.

2)  Covers

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

2.7m x 5.1m x 2.3m Portable Garage for Car

Normally, the covers of temporary garages are made from polyester or polyethylene, while polyethylene is the favoured material, just like portable garages from GardenMore are made from polyethylene, know more, you can visit: If you have some special requirement, for example, you also want to get a fire-resistant portable garage just like shopping a fire-resistant gazebo, you also should take it into consideration.

Thirdly, we have to take the budget into consideration.

We have talked about size and materials, we have to think about budget. I know many people think we should consider budget firstly, I don’t agree with it, because once you know much about their sizes, materials and the differences among them, you will know how much money you should spend on this temporary garage and get the one with high quality and can meet your needs.

Generally speaking, the prices of portable carports rang from brands, materials and sizes, take GardenMore as an example, the prices are range from £180 to £380, in different size, shapes, weights, diameter of steel tubes, etc, you just need to choose the one suit for you.

Anyway, with these instructions about portable garages and how to choose, may you get a perfect one for your vehicles.

Buying Guide for Portable Garage Shoppers(I)

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

You probably knew about the popularity of portable garage when you determined to buy one, buy you might not have understood what you should purchase. If you have some trouble figuring out which model is the appropriate one for you, you can read this buying guide quickly and know more about your options, then make a wide purchase.

First at all, consider the size

Choose the temporary garage with proper size, it sounds a little bit daunting, while it isn’t really not that complicated if you take the three things mentioned below into consideration.

1) How many automobiles do you want to protect?

There is no doubt that you should know how many cars, boats, or ATVs you have to secure and also take the space each one needs into consideration, moreover, if you plan to store more than one auto in the portable garage canopy, you have to ensure that there are enough space to steer. Absolutely, there is no regulation regulating how much space you should set aside for each and every automobile, but the space you should leave should vary from the size and sort of the automobile, for example, a watercraft attached to a trailer will need more space than an automobile or vehicle. In addition, your individual preferences also should be considered.

2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC Portable Garage

2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC Portable Garage from GardenMore

2) What the size of the vehicle(s) you want to store?

 No matter how many cars you want to store, one or five, but you need to understand that the size of the cars should be below your garage gazebo. Although you needn’t know these cars’ precise dimensions, at least, you know more or less what they are, and leave enough space among them to steer. Besides, you also need to consider the height of the tallest vehicle you plan to store so that you can get a portable carport with sufficient clearance.

3) Where do you want to place the portable garage? What is its size?  

It is essential that you should choose a place for your portable carport before you starting your shopping. By choosing space for garage, you will know how much space you have for place carport and also take the logistical issues you’ll have to operate into consideration. Ensure your garage can match conveniently into the region you’ve decided on for it, not merely virtually have the ability to press in to it.

Today, we just talked about size of portable garages, we will talk about other aspects you should consider when shopping for a garage in following posts. By the way, there are many fantastic portable garage for sale in GardenMore, you can check here, maybe you will find the one for you.