Difference Between Garage and Carport

Most people know that how important garden carports and garage are for the safety and security of the cars. Howeer, many people mistake carports for garages and vice versa. Do you know they’re different? You must know that there is a difference between the two carport and garage.

Although both are for the spend of vehicle parking, the structure of each differs. A carport is a temporary carport. It is a semi covered structure that is designed to park cars and to provide limited protection to them. They are mostly open from two sides. A carport is a cost effective way to provide protection to one’s car from the elements such as rain, wind and scorching heat from the sun. It is much easier to build a carport, and it is much cheaper too. It may be collapsible. You can go it around in any position you glance fit. For example, a portable carport, just as its name implies, is portable. No matter you go camping or be in the garden, you can set up your carport anytime and it won’t take you much time.

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 6m x 2.4m PVC

While, a garage is a permanent structure. It is usually permanently built with brick and mortar and is a part of the house. It cannot be broken down into pieces for storage. It has walls on three sides, and a shutter or a gate on the front side to allow for entry and exit. It has proper lighting conditions and electrical wiring. One can lock the doors of his garage and rest assured about the safety of his cars when he goes out. Hence, a garage is much safter, is an integral share of your house as a whole. Renovating it will add value to your property while renovating or fixing up your carport will not.

Generally speaking, a carport provides shelter to a car just like a garage, but in terms of safety and security, a garage is far more superior. A garage tent is a room built with mortar and concrete having three walls and a door, and it is a part of the house whereas a carport is like an awning and is open from two sides. A garage is more expensive than a carport that can also be erected easily and in a fast manner.