Buy or Rent Party Tent for Your Family’s Special Days

Buy or Rent Marquees for Family's Special Days

Buy or Rent Marquees for Family’s Special Days

Whether should we buy a party tent for family special days? Or rent one? I think question has plagued many people, so today we will discuss this issue and offer their advantages so that you can make a wise decision.

If you plan to buy your own garden marquees, its advantages are as followed:

  • The marquees you bought will never be booked out, always available, you can use them as you want. You needn’t spend any time to consider which rental company you should choose, just focus on making your party memorable, then take your marquees out of box and set them up.
  • If you are party-lovers, I believe you must know buying your own party tents saves lot of money. It will cost you much more if you use them frequently and you always hiring tents.
  • Besides saving money, you can even make money with your own party tents. For instance, you can your party tents out to friends or colleagues when they are out of use. If you charge them less than the party tents rental companies, it will be a good deal for both of you.


Octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee from Quictent

Octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee from Quictent 

There are a large number of marquess for sale in Quictent, in different sizes, styles, of course, their prices range from dozens of pounds to several hundred pound, you can easily get one suit for your needs and your budget.

If you plan to rent party tents for your garden activities, its advantages are as followed:  

  • The party tents you rent will always be in excellent condition and you needn’t take it into consideration. If there is something wrong with your party tents, the rental company will offer you another one.
  • You needn’t learn how to maintain, clean or repair pop up marquees, it’s the rental company’s duty to ensure the party tents are kept in good condition.
  • Sometimes, marquees Rental Company will give you a hand about decorating marquees, tables or desks if you offer more details about your party, no matter it is a grass wedding, engagement party, or a big get-together.

We have list their advantages above, you can freely make a choice according to your situation. In short, buy marquee party tents if you need to use them frequently; rent marquees if you just use them occasionally.