Why to Choose a Pop Up Gazebo With Sides

Do you own a pop up gazebo in your garden? If yes, is it a pop up gazebo with sides or no sides? From the sale performation of a tent site, it shows that Americans prefer pop up canopies with no sides and the European prefer pop up gazebos with sides.

The great thing with a pop up gazebo with sides is that it is easy to assemble. You only need a short to get it erected. Even with out its side panels, you can still assemble it. This kind of canopies are fixed to main body frame by zips. It’s quite easy to assemble the sides to its main body. And you can do all these things even by yourself. Besides, another quite important reason is that pop up gazebo with sides can prevent the heavy wind and rain from you.

Furthermore, because they’re all portable gazebos with sides, the portability is guaranteed. You can set it up in the place as you like in your garden.

Many human beings use the gazebo so they can be outside when it is raining. For this reason, you should make sure the tent top is waterproof. Examine the material to see how thick it is, as flimsy fabric could rip or tear easily. For instance, high quality 420D Oxford Fabric Silver Cloth is waterproof and UV resistant. The majority of Quictent tents are waterproof and UV resistant, even more, some’re fire resistant.

As to the tent sizes, think about what you want to use a pop up gazebo for. This can help you decide what size you might need. A small might be around three feet (0.92 m) long and wide. Larger ones can be approximately three feet (0.92 m) wide and six feet (1.83 m) long. Smaller gazebos are ideal for people to sit under, while bigger ones work well for picnicking. A 2.5 gazebo is a nice alternative. For large gazebos, there’re 3m x 4.5m gazebos and 3m x 6m gazebos.

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Quictent Tops Tips for Portable Garage Shoppers

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

Portable Garage for Storing Vehicle

As known to all, portable garages offer our vehicle a full range protection and keep our cars far away from falling leaves, bird droppings and snow or frost in the cold winter days. No matter whether you already have a permanent garage for your cars or not, it is necessary to get a portable garage, because it is perfect for camping trip, storing other equipment, anyway, a jack of all trades. Therefore, Quictent offers its professional tops tips for portable garage shoppers.

It comes to purchase a portable carport, the first thing you need to consider is the style. Generally speaking, there are two common styles in the market, they are house style and round style, and both of them are designed to withstand destructive elements. There isn’t really any apparent difference between the two styles garages aside from their appearance. About the two styles of garage, you can freely choose one you like.

Then we have to consider the budget, how much money you want to spend on the temporary garage. It is recommendable to set up a particular budget plan before you buy a garage. This won’t make you overspend, because people find themselves often spending on something that they don’t really need. While if you find some high quality portable but cost a little higher than your estimated budget, you should be flexible and make the necessary arrangement. Remember essential truth” you get what you pay for” and don’t get those that are too cheap.

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m PVC from Quictent

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m PVC from Quictent

We also have to take the color into consideration when choosing a garage. There are a large range of car shelters in various colors available in Quictent, such as, white, silver, green, etc. The color also depends on your likes as well as styles. By the way, among Quictent garages, 3m x 6m classic marquee and 3m x 6m marquees with windows, both of them are jack of all trades, they can be used to store cars, also can be used as marquees or party tents for garden party, except they are white, so they may be easily get dirty. What’s suitable is the best, choose one you like and suit for you.

The last thing we need to consider the size, which depends on the size of your cars or equipment you plan to store, or how many animals you have( we mentioned that portable garage also can be used as shelters for animals or pets in previous post). 3m x 6m, 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m garage, 2.4m x 6.0m x 2.4m and 2.7 m x 5.1m x 2.3m car shelter, these sizes can be chosen in Quictent. You can get a large garage for two or three cars, this means that not only your car will be sheltered but also your wife and daughter or son’s if it is necessary.

With these professional tips from Quictent, may you get a perfect garage for your cars or those you want to store.

Top Tips for Pop Up Gazebo Buyers

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo - Green

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

Do you plan to hold some garden activities in your garden or backyard? If the answer is “Yes”, you should get a garden gazebo for your garden party/gathering no question. Therefore, there are professional advices from Quictent for pop up gazebo buyers so that you can make wise purchase.

1. What do you want to do with this pop up gazebo?

The answer to this question is important and what kind of gazebo you should buy depends on this answer. For example, if you want to get a shelter for your outdoor living space, there are too many choices, such as, sail shades, garden marquees, pop up gazebos, etc, you just need to choose one according to the size of your living space. If you want to get gazebo for your garden activities, party tents and pop up gazebos are the perfect choices, at this moment, a large party tent or pop up gazebo would be nice, a wide range of large gazebos for sale in Quictent, such as, 3m x 4.5m and 3m x 6m, and the 3m x 4.5m waterproof gazebos are the best sellers. A large number of marquees suit for your garden activities in Quictent, even grass wedding. If you would like to get a shelter for your outdoor activities, maybe a bbq trip or camping trip, camping tents and pop up gazebo are ideal.

2. What is your budget?

There are a large range of pop up gazebos with different prices available in Quictent, their prices range from dozens of pounds to several hundred pound, you can easily get one suit for your needs and budget.

3. How do you feel like the quality of pop up gazebo you plan to buy?

We should pay attention to the material of pop up gazebo what you plan to purchase, especially you want to use it outdoors. Such as, is it made from waterproof material? Is its structure and poles enough sturdy and strong? How long does its warrantee offer? etc. You have to take these questions into consideration and choose one with high-quality. Quictent pop up gazebos are made from high quality 420D silver backed oxford cloth, it is waterproof and uv resistant, and also fitted with strong steal powder coated frame, moreover, Quictent offer 15 month warrantee.

With these advices from Quictent, you will make a wise purchase.

Get a Quictent Pop Up Gazebo, Get an All-purpose Tent(II)

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

We have talked about some functions of Quictent pop up gazebos in last post, we will continue to talk about this topic and tell you why they are called all-purpose tent.

I think you have noticed some people use pop up gazebos as their shelters in some trade and market stalls across city. These pop up gazebos are often massive in size and cover a wide area, all of them do well in protecting people’s items or goods that are being put for sale or demonstrations.

Outdoor wedding becomes increasing popular, more and more people like to exchange vows in an open area. If you also want to have an outdoor wedding, a waterproof gazebo from Quictent can totally meet your needs except that you need some time to decorate it. Absolutely, it is perfect for birthday party, too. By the way, in the case of wedding, white gazebos will be better, while there is no requirements about color of metal gazebos, therefore, in my view, white pop up gazebos are perfect and they are really all-purpose tent.

We also have noticed some pop up gazebos at school sports meeting, they are used as shelter to protect from sunlight and rain, because no matter what the weather condition is, they still can ensure their pamphlets and brochures under the proof of those pop up gazebos.

With so many functions, Quictent pop up gazebos are the undisputed all-purpose tent, if you haven’t have one, why not get one now?

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Get a Quictent Pop Up Gazebo, Get an All-purpose Tent (I)

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Although we talk about pop up gazebo in some posts about camping trip, in fact, they not only can be used as family camping tents, there are too many roles they can be qualified. Today we will pay attention to this topic and let you know more about the functions of your pop up gazebos.

1. We have mentioned above, pop up gazebos can be used as family camping tents. No matter you want to have a camping trip with your family or friends, no matter how many people will attend your organization, Quictent pop up gazebo can meet your needs. About the size, you just freely choose 2m x 2m gazebo, 3m x 3m pop up gazebo or 3m x 6m pop up gazebo according to the number of people will attend your camping trip.

2. Do you like beaches? If you say “Yes”, your pop up gazebo also can be used as an ideal shelter on the beach.A pop up gazebo can be a perfect shelter when you are enjoying the sea breeze in the summer, it can protect you from harmful sunrays and offer you a good shade to relax and feel at ease.

3. Want to have a bbq gathering or hold a party in your garden or backyard? A pop up gazebo can be your party tent or marquee. A Quictent pop up gazebo also can be used as party tent. It can easily accommodate tables and other small event equipment because of its size and shape so that you can carefree enjoying serving your guests under their proof.

Today we just list some of Quictent pop up gazebos’ functions in this post, we will continue to discuss this issue in next post.

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Top 7 Best Sellers in Quictent

Few days ago, I read an article written by an individual related to a topic that the top 6 considerations he is approached with and 6 powerful ways in which one of his pop up gazebos that fulfil those needs. Following points are his considerations.

1. I need a gazebo that is quick to erect and easy to use.
2. I need to be able to work in inclement weather.
3. I need to have confidence in the security of my stand.
4. I need to look smart and professional.
5. I need to make my stand advertise my products and services.
6. I need a gazebo that is easy to repair.

All of pop up gazebos from Quictent fulfill these six considerations. And here, I make a summary about top 7 Best Sellers in Quictent, in the meanwhile, they are also meet the six considerations above.

Top 1
3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo

Top 2
3m x 6m Pyramid Pop Up Gazebo

Top 3
3m x 6m Marquee Party Tent

Top 4
2m x 2m Large Grow Tent

Top 5
4m x 8m Heavy Duty Marquee

Top 6
9m x 6.5m Large Wedding Party Tent

Top 7
3m x 6m Portable Garage

Quictent Product Carnival For 2nd Anniversary

Passing of night, time flies, and green leaves start again to droop, blown by autumn wind. The experience of entrepreneurship has a long history and initially proves to be another story. In addition, Quictent has been set up for nearly 2 years and will usher in our second birthday on the 24th of this month, and we will celebrate Quictent’s 2nd anniversary in many surprising ways to express our sincerest appreciation to all of our customers.  A galaxy of talents have been working in Quictent to make concerted efforts and create brilliant together. Since the establishment of Quictent, through thousands of turns and twists and just a few years, Quictent has gathered all kinds of talents from all sides. With the advance and retreat, sharing happiness and sorrow together, just for “one dream, one Quictent”. This is our Quictent, we are a big family.

Of course, the development of Quictent can hardly do without customers’ trusts and supports, in order to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our customer, therefore, we created a new page which we called The Products Carnival.  We have prepared some popular products which are much cheaper than their original cost, such as fan heater, USB card reader kit, rolling marchine and so on, even many products of their prices are less than £10 now,customers can choose their favorite from the Carnival and enjoy the preferential activities. There will be a three days celebration in Quictent from July 23 to July 25, just because of our 2nd anniversary and give our customers thanksgiving feedback.

Quictent always stick to the conception of being of faith, the spirit of innovation, pragmatism and dedication, the common development. More importantly, Quictent always keep persistent seriously, selfless dedication, challenging and forging ahead in unity, and serving sincerely for our customers.  Last but not the least, Quictent will provide customers with most preferential treatment, no matter you were already our customer or soon to be, we have something for you.  We are looking forward to the Carnival, and you?

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