Buy Pop up Gazebo with Side Panels for New Year Party

2015 is fading away to make room for the coming 2016 to shine the world with brand-new atmosphere. Naturally, a fantastic reveling party is essential to welcome the New Year. Of course, at this time in every year, weather would never smile to you if you intend to have a party outdoors. Then why don’t you purchase a pop up gazebo with side panels in your garden to enjoy your gathering regardless of the drizzle?

It is quite easy to set up a temporary gazebo shelter in your garden. Since you’ve got complete kits for the instant gazebo, then the only thing you need to do is to push up the steel frame until it reaches the particular place to maintain its stability and make it lock the canopy appropriately. Once you have a pop up gazebo, your guests and you are perfectly protected by its “Pop up” safeguard. Now that the instant structure is set up outdoors, why not ornament it with decoration lighting and some lovely accessories that are full of party spirit? What’s more, you can also put tables, chairs and sheets in it to build up a resting hub with real meaning.

For a perfect garden party, a fire pit plays a dispensable role to keep your warmth and relaxing phenomenon. The fire heater can warm up not only your body but also your heart when you are enjoying in tasty beverages and delicious snacks. Here please make sure that your fire pit must be set up outside your canopy in case burnt material ruins your wonderful party even if your pop up gazebo canopy is fire-resistant.

Once the party is over, just take down your gazebo and put away. Flexible foldable design allows you take away the temporary shelter in only few minutes, so you even don’t need to spend time trying to take notes of instruction. Your pop up garden gazebo is capable of storing in almost any possible places such as your garage or down stairs cupboard. It lies peacefully there waiting for your next party or event. Don’t waste time for hesitation before it is not too late for your New Year party. Buy it now!

Buy Adjustable Pop up Gazebos with Side Panels

It comes to winter season that gives us a tip that Christmas and New Year are approaching. Naturally, a number of promotion sales and gathering parties are followed which are in need of an essential element called pop up gazebo tent. And Quictent is born to meet all your demands in this case.

Recent days, some customers are asking about what if the easy up tent is not high enough to allow their stuffs in while others are concerning what should they do when they intend to order a pop up canopy but are afraid of the limited place with a raised step in the way. Here, we reply to all of our dearest that our pop up gazebo is adjustable to fulfill your requirements.


For example, as you can see from the attached picture of a pole from our 3×6 pop up gazebo with side, it has three different heights including 1.8m, 1.9m and 2m. In other words, the maximum height you can walk in might be 2m while the minimum is 1.8m. Definitely, they are just the heights to side and the heights to top are respectively 2.45m, 2.55m and 2.65m. All these details are showed in specification on our product page for your convenience. So you can check the information of our other item in the same way. And now all you need to do is put the hook into the small hole in the leg to realize your different needs. Also, please make sure the stability of your tent when you are changing the heights. If you still have any other questions about items please feel free to let us know, which is much appreciated.


Maybe it is a little difficult to get one before Christmas but never too late for New Year. Don’t hesitate to tap order with your finger to get commercial pop up gazebos right now for realizing your delighted festivals.

December Feedback: Pop up Gazebo with Great Discounts

Hi there. As Christmas is around the corner, most sellers are involved in bargaining activity to feedback buyers. Similarly, we also never hesitate to show our gratitude to dear and respected customers. So we present a great feedback for all of you with sincere. We get All Pop up Gazebo in Red, Green and White with great discounts from 2m x 2m ez up tent to 6 x 3 pop up gazebo with sides.


Pop up Tents are a quick option for generous shade. Pop up Tents require very little effort as they rise, expand and align properly as you pull outward. Simply hold one of the tent’s legs and pull away from the others for sturdy yet simplified shelter.

Whiter pop up gazebo is made of 200g polyester with PA coating, providing simple but elegant beauty for you. The material is 100% waterproof. That is to say, you finally can say goodbye to the old slack one which always annoyed you when you meet unpredictable bad weather and other incidents.


Pop up tents in red and green are manufactured with Silvox fabric. Many customers are wondering about what kind material of it. Actually, Silvox®, owned and registered by Quictent is adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance. What’s more, two type tents offer you selections for different preference. Easy up tent with pyramid roofing style is contemporary and avoid water stagnation while flat roof canopy demonstrate much stronger structure to be a good shelter. As our symbolic products, items of Silvox series really win a number of good reputations. This also indicates the truth that our items function well in deed.

The discount is already on. Please don’t refuse us and take action now. Warerproof pop up gazebo with sides are here to welcome your presence.

Why to Choose a Pop Up Gazebo With Sides

Do you own a pop up gazebo in your garden? If yes, is it a pop up gazebo with sides or no sides? From the sale performation of a tent site, it shows that Americans prefer pop up canopies with no sides and the European prefer pop up gazebos with sides.

The great thing with a pop up gazebo with sides is that it is easy to assemble. You only need a short to get it erected. Even with out its side panels, you can still assemble it. This kind of canopies are fixed to main body frame by zips. It’s quite easy to assemble the sides to its main body. And you can do all these things even by yourself. Besides, another quite important reason is that pop up gazebo with sides can prevent the heavy wind and rain from you.

Furthermore, because they’re all portable gazebos with sides, the portability is guaranteed. You can set it up in the place as you like in your garden.

Many human beings use the gazebo so they can be outside when it is raining. For this reason, you should make sure the tent top is waterproof. Examine the material to see how thick it is, as flimsy fabric could rip or tear easily. For instance, high quality 420D Oxford Fabric Silver Cloth is waterproof and UV resistant. The majority of Quictent tents are waterproof and UV resistant, even more, some’re fire resistant.

As to the tent sizes, think about what you want to use a pop up gazebo for. This can help you decide what size you might need. A small might be around three feet (0.92 m) long and wide. Larger ones can be approximately three feet (0.92 m) wide and six feet (1.83 m) long. Smaller gazebos are ideal for people to sit under, while bigger ones work well for picnicking. A 2.5 gazebo is a nice alternative. For large gazebos, there’re 3m x 4.5m gazebos and 3m x 6m gazebos.

More pop up gazebo with various colours, welcome to

A Shelter From The Sun, Pop Up Gazebo

In order to have the best time either relaxing or partying, you don’t want to be too over exposed to the elements. To make sure you stay safe whilst outdoors on hot, sunny days you’ll need a shade of some kind to protect yourself from the suns harmful UV rays. It’s always disappointing when you see clouds appearing on the horizon and you have to interrupt the fun to hide inside from the rain. Most people readily opt for a patio umbrella to protect themselves from the fickleness of the weather, but there’s an even more convenient and practical way to spend more time in your garden. A pop up gazebo is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for your back yard which can be put up and taken down in a flash and can also be taken with you when going camping or picnicking.

The main advantages of these garden structures are their affordable price, easy and fast setup and their mobility. You can fold pop up gazebo with sides and remove it somewhere when it is unnecessary.

There is also one point that is very unpleasant, pop up gazebo with sides cannot save you from strong wind. So if it is windy day these gazebos are not very comfortable and reliable.

Pop up gazebos are usually available in many colors so besides all the advantages they can be a nice decoration in your garden. Green gazebos will be natural and correlate with a grass on the lawn. White pop up gazebos are marvelous and they will suit perfect for weddings for example. Red, blue, gray and others colors are beautiful as well.

Waterproof gazebos are made from polyester or PVC. Both materials are durable and must be waterproof. Nevertheless buying a gazebo ask seller to demonstrate you if the gazebo is totally waterproof.