About Securing Your Pop up Gazebo in Bad Weather

It is obvious that pop up gazebo tents are continuously gaining its popularity around this country. They are often used at backyard barbecues, flea markets, farmers markets, and sometimes at larger gatherings, such as outdoor weddings. If you are planning to use a pop up gazebo at your function, it is important to follow some safety precautions to prevent accidents and injuries.

The most important safety consideration is making sure that your gazebo is properly weighed down. Even if we strongly refuse the action of using the pop up gazebos in bad weather such as rainy day, windy day and snowy day, however, nature is not under control in our hands. A sudden wind gust can lift an unsecured gazebo off the ground, which could cause injuries as well as damage to any items that might be underneath it or nearby. When it unfortunately happened, what should we do?

Some pop up gazebos are sold with anchors that can be driven into the ground to secure them and prevent them from blowing away. If your gazebo does not come with anchors included, you can make your own weights.

One effective way to weigh down your pop up gazebo is to fill buckets with cement and tie them to each corner of the gazebo with a rope or bungee cord. You can also fill a canvas or plastic bag with sand or cement. Sandbag weights are sold that are specifically made to be used with gazebos. You can cap PVC pipes, fill them with cement, and hang them from the inside of the poles, as long as there is no danger of people inside the gazebo walking into them. It is best to strap weights to the bottom of each leg and then use bungee cords to tether them to the top corner of the gazebo.

Gallon jugs of water are not heavy enough to withstand heavy winds. You should not tie your pop up gazebo to a table, cooler, or vehicle. This will not provide enough weight and could cause a tripping hazard. Only use sandbags if they are placed upright and securely tied to the gazebo. Do not use cement blocks because they are easy to trip over and can cause injuries. Never use outstretched cords and lines because people can trip over them.

Properly securing your pop up gazebo is essential for safety. If you take the indispensable precautions, and necessarily take some useful gazebo replacement parts, you and your guests can enjoy your party, farmers market, or flea market.