Recording Happy Moment with Pop up gazebo and Marquee

Happy time always passes quickly, so it is really precious. Black Friday bids us an abrupt Farewell while Cyber Monday says goodbye to us. But don’t worry, there are a series of other festivals are on their way to us. No matter what your event is, if you want it to stand out from the rest there is no better way to do this than with the use of some portable shade canopy  which can snap all our good memories. Pop up gazebos allow you to put your creativity skills to use because they allow a variety of ways to decorate them. You can choose the colors you want as well as the lighting so that it fits the mood you’d like to create. If you want to create an intimate setting, using low lights or Christmas lights and lanterns is a great way to do this.

Draping fabrics and using flowers and balloons are other great ways to decorate your tent. The arrangement of tables and chairs will also be up to you. You can add or subtract as needed depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Even the type and amount of pop up gazebos you use is in your hands. You can choose from canopy tents, marquees or even small pop up festival tents if you’re having a small event. You can use more than one canopy or have small canopies with one big canopy in the center as your event’s focal point. This allows your guests to go from one small tent to the next if they want to mingle with other guests. No matter what the environment or mood is that you want to create, the possibilities of using tents are endless. But one thing you’ll have for sure is an extraordinary event that your guests will remember. So pop up gazebo and marquee are our best buddies that witness our every joyful moment.

How to Set up A More Successful Exhibition Booth

Craft exhibitions, trade shows, arts and crafts festival and conventions are all fantastic places to meet your online clientele face to face. They give you the opportunity to grow your real-world retail presence while learning first-hand what your customer base wants and expects from your business.

Know Your Space

You’ll have a better idea how much merchandise to bring if you know your booth’s position on the display floor. For example, if you’re on the corner of an aisle you should plan to bring enough merchandise to “front” both the aisle and cross-aisle. If you’re in the middle of an aisle, you’ll want to bring only those items you can comfortably and attractively display along the booth’s front end.

The event’s organizers should be able to provide you with a map of the display space floor at least a day in advance. Contact them the week before the event to request your location, or failing that where your booth is assigned. Make sure there’s enough room to set up your pop up gazebo canopy or tent.

Keep Your Displays Simple and Tasteful

You’ve probably seen displays that seem to shove everything out in front, as if trying to draw customers through sheer force of numbers or gaudy display. This actually just drives customers away – if you were shopping in the real world, would you rather shop at a hip boutique or at a rummage sale?

Avoid the rummage sale appearance by using display stands, cases and tools that accent and complement your products. Your potential customers will likely see your displays first and then “hone in” on the products, so you need to make a good first impression. Craft show experts recommend making your displays different heights and shapes, to give your booth’s interior dimension and character. Don’t hesitate to add color and texture to the displays, too. The right amount of design elements makes your booth feel less perfunctory and more like an actual store.

Keep Your Logo Prominent

Pop up gazebos keeping your business’ name in full sight – even if it’s just your name – distinguishes you as an artisan and merchant who values professionalism; even the most die-hard libertine will appreciate that you’re putting a trustworthy foot forward.

A great way to advertise your business on the exhibition floor is to have your name or logo emblazoned on the top and eaves of your gazebo or table display tent. Customers will know where to find you, and you’ll stand out from similar portable shelters.

Make Your Display Space Inviting

The traditional booth setup with a table out front, which requests you behind it and ready to answer questions, doesn’t always serve your products’ needs. Organizing your booth so that people can come inside and browse creates a semi-private, more personal atmosphere in which your customers and your products can interact. You’ll also be able to more freely move around between customers, answering their questions and serving as “host or hostess” of your products’ exhibition.

A Buyers’ Guide for Pop up Gazebo

There is no doubt that you don’t want a pop up gazebo that’s too small, but you also perhaps don’t need one that’s too big or too heavy. Finding the proper gazebo for your own needs without surpassing your budget doesn’t have to be knotty. It’s important to ask yourself these questions before when you spend browsing various tents types and models.

How Will the Pop up Gazebo Be Used?

Honestly, not all pop up gazebos are created equal. Different types and models meet different specifications in weight, durability, weather and water resistance, and stability. If you’re planning to use yours in your backyard or patio, and to keep it standing for long periods of time, you should invest in a heavier frame that will provide greater stability. On the other hand, if you plan to bring your pop up gazebo to different places such as games, meetings and fairs, it’s probably best that you choose one with a more portable, lightweight frame.

Who Will Carry It And Set it Up?

Most pop up gazebo owners say that carrying convenience and portability are two of the most important elements when making a decision. If you’re uncomfortable carrying heavy weight or transporting the folded-down gazebo from place to place, look for the most lightweight pop up gazebo possible. One way to boost portability involves making sure your gazebo comes with a roller bag or carrying case. This will help you avoid laborious carrying chores and also help you to keep the gazebo’s several components together.

What Accessories Will I Need?

Sidewalls make great accessories especially for small business owners who plan to use their gazebo as display space for their products. Rain gutters that help channel water away from the tent’s roof and sides are also available. Other accessories include replacement parts, stake kits to help anchor the gazebo to soft sod and ground, and extra or upgraded sidewalls.  Weight bags and stake kits are recommended for teams and groups that include children to help keep the tent stabilized.

How Often Will I Use It?

A carrying bag will help to contain and protect the tent frame and tarp from damage while in use and transport. The bags can also protect from dampness and dust while the gazebo sits in storage. 4 season tent is a great choice for those expect frequent use. They should also take care to consider buying pop up gazebo models that feature quick, easy deployment. Owners should also remember to wash and dry their pop up gazebos frequently, using directions and tips found both in the pop up gazebo tent’s instructions and guides found online.

Garden Planting Season Begins

The spring starts. So here planting season has begun. It’s interesting to me because I’m crazy about garden. What are your habits in the spring? Are you a big plot gardener, lying under a garden pop up gazebo or be a camper with a camping tent, love BBQ with a BBQ grill?


For me, I usually seek planting and gardening advice from my friends and neighbors like their planting habits. At this time, a greenhouse will allow you to start seeds in grey skies and cold temperatures.

When buying the greenhouse, there’re some elements you need to consider. The selection of material is also a major concern. Because it is outside of space and time of day are always exposed to sunlight or rain water, the greenhouse which made of glass materials is not prone to expansion and contraction. Besides, there’re polycarbonate greenhouse, tunnel greenhouse, view more here,

However, there are plants that need a lower temperature, but otherwise there are other plants that actually need higher temperatures or humidity. The same thing happened to sunlight or lighting needs. So keep in mind that, when you choose the location to place your greenhouse, you can’t do it arbitrarily. Calculations about the direction of the sun and changes in the location when there is a change of time or the calculation must be made carefully and quite necessary. As it will play an enormous vital influence on the kinds of plants.


Last Month’s Top Sellers in Quictent – 4 March 2013


3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Silvery


3m x 6m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue


3m x 3m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Light Blue


2.5m x 2.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue


3m x 6m Pyramid Pop Up Gazebo – White


Decagonal 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee


5m x 10m Heavy Duty Marquee / Party Tent


3m x 6m Marquee / Garage – Classic


4 Tier Mini Greenhouse


2m x 2m x 2m Mylar Coated Hydroponics Grow Tent

Get a Quictent Pop Up Gazebo, Get an All-purpose Tent(II)

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

We have talked about some functions of Quictent pop up gazebos in last post, we will continue to talk about this topic and tell you why they are called all-purpose tent.

I think you have noticed some people use pop up gazebos as their shelters in some trade and market stalls across city. These pop up gazebos are often massive in size and cover a wide area, all of them do well in protecting people’s items or goods that are being put for sale or demonstrations.

Outdoor wedding becomes increasing popular, more and more people like to exchange vows in an open area. If you also want to have an outdoor wedding, a waterproof gazebo from Quictent can totally meet your needs except that you need some time to decorate it. Absolutely, it is perfect for birthday party, too. By the way, in the case of wedding, white gazebos will be better, while there is no requirements about color of metal gazebos, therefore, in my view, white pop up gazebos are perfect and they are really all-purpose tent.

We also have noticed some pop up gazebos at school sports meeting, they are used as shelter to protect from sunlight and rain, because no matter what the weather condition is, they still can ensure their pamphlets and brochures under the proof of those pop up gazebos.

With so many functions, Quictent pop up gazebos are the undisputed all-purpose tent, if you haven’t have one, why not get one now?

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Get a Quictent Pop Up Gazebo, Get an All-purpose Tent (I)

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

Although we talk about pop up gazebo in some posts about camping trip, in fact, they not only can be used as family camping tents, there are too many roles they can be qualified. Today we will pay attention to this topic and let you know more about the functions of your pop up gazebos.

1. We have mentioned above, pop up gazebos can be used as family camping tents. No matter you want to have a camping trip with your family or friends, no matter how many people will attend your organization, Quictent pop up gazebo can meet your needs. About the size, you just freely choose 2m x 2m gazebo, 3m x 3m pop up gazebo or 3m x 6m pop up gazebo according to the number of people will attend your camping trip.

2. Do you like beaches? If you say “Yes”, your pop up gazebo also can be used as an ideal shelter on the beach.A pop up gazebo can be a perfect shelter when you are enjoying the sea breeze in the summer, it can protect you from harmful sunrays and offer you a good shade to relax and feel at ease.

3. Want to have a bbq gathering or hold a party in your garden or backyard? A pop up gazebo can be your party tent or marquee. A Quictent pop up gazebo also can be used as party tent. It can easily accommodate tables and other small event equipment because of its size and shape so that you can carefree enjoying serving your guests under their proof.

Today we just list some of Quictent pop up gazebos’ functions in this post, we will continue to discuss this issue in next post.

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Pop Up Gazebo’s Usages

When I first heard of the pop up gazebo, I regard it a shelter, like a pop up tent which provide us a cool shade in hot summer and a shelter in windy or rainy days.

If I plan to buy a pop up gazebo, I need it can be worked in inclement weather. Because my clients will usually come to home to discuss the business. Therefore, if it’s pouring down with rain, I need to protect myself and my customers from getting wet. If it is a glorious sunny day, I may even need protection from the sun. This is the key to success of my business. So a pop up gazebo is a necessity for a business owner.

Besides, there’re other usages of pop up gazebos. If you plan for a barbecue party at your backyard, these canopies are a must for such occasions. You can carefree enjoy serving your guests under their roof, like in various trade shows and market stalls.

They are also useful for weddings or anniversaries.

If you love to go to beaches, don’t forget to carry along these easy up awnings. Gazebos will protect you from harmful sunray during hot summer days and give you a good shade to relax and feel at ease. That’s totally different experience compare with those have no gazebo be shelter. Furthermore, pop up gazebos are also essential for camping or trekking. At this time, it acts like a camping tent to offer you a sleeping place.

Among all pop up gazebos, 3m x 3m gazebos are quite popular among users, it covers an area less than 10 square feet and ideal for an average sized garden.

These are reasons that why pop up gazebo becomes so popular today. What are you hesitating?

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Pop Up Gazebos Decoration

Pop up gazebos are great for any garden. They provide your family and friends with protection against the sun. However, do you know why they’re called pop up gazebo? Where did they get their name from? They got their name through pop up gazebo’s ease of use. They literally are pop up tents. The majority of common gazebos come with numerous different parts that need to be connected together, whereas pop up gazebos don’t.

Pop Up Gazebos can offer Beauty and functionality. You can add some elements to the gazebo, like that of hanging plants to make it look all the more inviting. To provide yourself with protection from garden bugs you can even have side panels or netting. Night or day, these serve as a great place to relax as well as entertain. Placing it close to a pond or stream will really help enhance its appeal.

3m x 6m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo

Furthermore, you can include a cozy seating area in the gazebo for your romantic evenings at home when the kids are away and the house is empty. You can also enhance the space, by tying up a hammock or swing under the gazebo. If you are considering holding a wedding ceremony or birthday parties or else, you can also ribbons around the rim of gazebo(Of course, you can choose the wedding marquee or the large 3m x 6m pop up gazebo). Tie the balloons. Hang the confetti balloons under the cover, directly above where the bride and groom will be standing. Fill other balloons with helium and hang them around the canopy, and on the support posts. The next opinion is to add accents. Wrap ribbons around the support posts of the gazebo in a spiral design that resembles a barber’s pole.

Before decoration on gazebo, you need to choose a suitable gazebo for your activities. Also determine the number of people on average are likely to make use of it. This will also help you decide on the dimensions.

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Enjoy During Your Summer with Pop Up Gazebo

A super quality gazebo will protect you from harmful sunlight especially during summer months, as the fabric usually contains UV repellent. For instance, an Anti-UV garden gazebo is your perfect choice. Furthermore, a pop up gazebo is used to protect you from the rain and insects. Do you own a pop up gazebo? Once you own it, you can just use it when enjoying the great outdoors with the loved ones and your friends or family members. Let a pop up gazebo take backyard fun to a whole new level.

Besides, you can take the gazebo to the park, beaches and practically any other place you can think of. Pop up gazebo is portable and elegant. You can choose a tent size according to the people you plan to accommodate. Some gazebos are heavy duty while others are light duty. Heavy duty gazebo are made of heavy duty steel frame. Moreover, durability also varies from one product to another. For the styles, there’re flat roof and pyramid roof. And for the colors, it comes in wide range of colors, like the red, white, blue, green, slivery, etc.

2.5m x 2.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo

Summer is a shiny season. It feels that everything is full of passion and power. It always gives me a strong feeling that, something powerful and strong is going to break out. And the most especial thing is, there’s a summer vacation for your kids. You may know that, summer vacation is the season who kids extremely look forwards.

You can set up a 2.5m x 2.5m gazebo around the swimming pool of your garden and also you can take a barbecue with a large fire pit or a cast iron chiminea with grill. Take a BBQ in the summer vacation is also a wonderful cool thing no matter for parents or kids. In my personal opinion, summer is a season that people trend to get angry easily. So it’s a right alternative to buy a pop up gazebo providing your a shade and inner peace.

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