Marquee for Strengthening Your Company Branding

When hosting your outdoor event for some business purpose, you need to marquee for it as it can provide you good outdoor shelter as well as promoting your company band. For those marquees you will be able to print the logo and slogan on the canvas, if they are in house pop up tents, there will be more space for your advertising, such as the carpet flooring and other sections. For a business event, your logo can also be printed on the décors of that elegant marquee such as marquee ceiling, or balloons.

The advantage of having your corporate event within your own premises, whilst still having the appearance of holding it within a marquee, is clearly a clever and unique marketing tool. Particularly when making sure your clients’ first impressions of your business are good ones. Showing your business as being innovative and creatively minded when it comes to organizing corporate events in some frame outdoor marquee  and presenting your company, is vital in securing future business.

Promoting New Business

As your present and, your prospective clients are attending an event on or near your premises, you can use this opportunity to promote new business by those 4m x 8m Heavy Duty Marquee. Not only can you generate business via the actual corporate event, but you have the perfect opportunity to show potential clients around your plant. Being able to show the processes involved in the manufacture of your goods and your workforce at work may be instrumental in encouraging more business.

Marquee foe sale seems to play such an important role for those who will often need to promote their products or need to explode their products more. For those companies, to purchase marquees is a wise choice as they are so versatile. if you want to buy one , check where will offer you quality marquees and outdoor gazebos, professional suggestion as well.



Pole tents: a Traditional Style for You

Compared with frame tents, pole marquee tents are more suitable for some traditional style gatherings such as a fairytale wedding. These marquees are various in types and price.

1. Tension tents which have high sculpted roofs. This is good if you want to impress people.

2. Clean pole tents. Cheap, though it’s simple but looks beautiful.

3. Big tops – a large tent which has a high central pole and this tent is always used in circuses. These tents are good to use but they are not always available.

Ethnic tents: this is widely used in unconventional events. This kind of tent has an ethnic design which is suited for outdoor events. These pop up tents have:

1. Mongolian yurts – a structure which have a homely atmosphere inside.

2. Indian tents – this have a highly decorative art designs in the inside. This has the Eastern art style  party tent and it has metal lanterns as well.

3. Moroccan tents – this tent is similar to Indian tents but it has the Middle Eastern decorative style. It has bright curtains and low Moroccan style all over.

4. Tipi – this is available at Scandinavian and American styles. You can use this kind of tent for unconventional parties.

These marquees are always in various sizes. You have to figure out the exact size of the pop up tent you need for your events in order to make sure the one you buy from Quictent is available for use. If your guests are within 100, a tipi and yurts are enough to accommodate them. If not, you need to get some heavy duty marquee which can accommodate more.

If you come to the local marquee hire store, they will provide you useful information, even help you set it up, but you will have to rent one again if you have any other events. The wisest option for you is to get one, no matter online or off line. Quictent is always here for your marquee buying.




Styled Gazebo Tent in Quictents

It is the best choice for you to purchase a pop up gazebo to keep your family away from the heat of the sun on a family trip in the beachfront, Such as keeps the little child from the hurt of sun high temperature of the sun. You can get various gazebos f in the lowest price at any market booth, exhibition or sports stores. It is better to find one that can be easily assemble and disassembled.

On a marquee type gazebo, the best seller size is the m folding marquee pop.  It is very affordable for a kind of gazebo that is superb for any outdoor activities.  The m folding marquee gazebo party can be so impressive for a medium sized party or a family gatherings. With outstanding material quality, the buyers will be guaranteed for a long lasting use.  Various shapes, colors and sizes are always in stock.  They can be finding in a reputable hardware or supplier’s store in nearby mall.

All the gazebos can be purchased online which could make it easier to get all the information regarding the size (width and length), and other details are given. It is common that the party gazebos are used in multi-purposed ways. It is almost a once for all purchase, like wedding party, business party.

Many ingredients should be taken into consideration, such as the budget, shape of the place where you are going to install, and your needs. For most online will provide detail information on the products and present tips on how to manage them such as Quictents. So go to get the best styled gazebo tent.

Types of Marquee

It would be quite tedious to organize a party as there are so many odds and ends, such as you have to send invitations, arrange catering etc. but the most important thing is to choose the venue for the party as it determines the style of your party. Marquee outdoor parties have become more and more popular nowadays. It is available for most occasions like weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, graduation parties and birthday celebrations.

Outdoor parties give a different feel altogether. You can just book an outdoor area near to your home. Trust us when we say there is nothing like it! What beautifies the whole thing more is a utilization of marquees for sale marquees are shades, to be more apt, these are large tents wonderful to look at.

There is no need for you to worry about the bad weather and the strong sunshine as it can keep you away from that. Party tent is the best shade for you. If you haven’t used a marquee before or if you love throwing parties, a thoroughly understanding of marquee tent is a must have skill for you. Okay, so here are the type of marquees that you can choose from:

1.Yurt Marquees

You may have checked out that Yurts are basically small homes in Central Asia which look like igloos. They come in various shape and interesting appearances. The Yurt  marquees provide guest accommodation and can be used as camp sites. What’s more, it is able to keep warm with lighting fire in cold weather. Is it a good choice, if not, keep reading, you will find the right one for you.

2. High Peak Marquees

These marquees are the most traditional ones and would remind you of the old English country side. These are really high with a tall pole in the center to hold the marquee up. High peak marquees are spacious and are often used for wedding ceremonies.

3. Canopy Style Marquees:

This type is also popular, especially in summer or wine tasting parties. A canopy style marquee somehow likes a pop up gazebo which just has the top part covered, and the sides are open. the advantage of this type is that it makes the area brighter and more airy and the guests without feeling suffocated.

The mentioned ones are the most common ones among all marquees. If you are looking for marquees, the above article would surely be helpful to you. You can get more information in this blog if you keep reading.


Quictents’ Suggestion about Camping Gear for Your Camping Trip

Have you ever bothered by the packing for camping trip? Are you in the process of planning a camping adventure? Are you a virgin camper? If you are, you may be lucky to read this article, it will tell you what camping gear you have to bring for your next camping trip.

It is very funny and exciting to have a camping trip with friends or family, but it is a tough task to manage especially in the process of panning as well. When you begin to pack you bags, you will find it is such a complicated work as you have to bring multiple items.

Camping supplies and camping tents are what you must have when camping. In most cases, you will find that camping gear is used to describe pieces of equipment, whereas camping supplies are often used to describe food, health and beauty products, and so forth such as marquee.

For many experienced campers, they automatically know what they need to bring with on their excursion. However, for those begin camper, they have no idea what to bring for camping hiking equipment. A list of the many pieces of camping equipment gear are posted below, and hope that will do a little help to give you a better understanding of what you will nee

A tent is one of the most common pieces of camping gear that you will need to bring along on your camping vacation. You may even need to bring multiple camping tents with you, depending on how many people are going along for the trip. Make sure that you purchase a tent or marquee for sale that are strong, sturdy, dependable, and most importantly, waterproof.

A backpacking sleeping bag is another piece of camping gear that you will want to make sure that you bring along with you. If you are camping with your romantic partner, I suggest purchasing a 2 person sleeping bag. For families that have small children, you can purchase children’s sleeping bags. A heavy style sleeping bag is good to have in case the weather suddenly gets colder.

A sleeping pad or an air mattress will be the best addition for you camping trip. They can provide a better and more comfortable gear for you to sleep. None of them are expensive to purchase, but beneficial to you all the time.

These items are the important camping gear you must bring for you next camping trip. You are encouraged to search more information about camping trip in the Quictents official blog.


How to Enjoy a Fall Camping Trip


You may camp in spring, in summer, but have you ever plan a camping in autumn? If you haven’t, just do it, you may have a lot of fun from it! The day is cool enough to wear hiking gear, but warm enough to still enjoy. The evenings are cooler in your camping tent, so you can enjoy the evening full of pleasure with delicious food in the gentle moonlight. You can walk on the beautiful roads with the leaves on it. An autumn camping trip may be the best one you have.

1 Be well prepared. Take everything you need for the trip. the so-called “Essentials”should be always taken with you, such as marquee for sale for your shade, basic toiletries, food and other things. Bring some medications beside you incase some emergence.

2 Pack light for your trip. Just bring what you really need in order not to overload your pack. The extra weight will make the way to your camping spot harder as you have to move from place to place with all of your gear.

3 Find the place you really want to be. If you have entertainment out of your marquee for sale such as fishing, you have to find somewhere near a lake or a good sized stream. If you plan to go hunting, check to see what game is in season to be hunted, such as ducks, bears or quail. The most important thing is that all these activities should be legal.

4. Enjoy the beauty created by the nature. Bring your camera and take some photos because you can’t help to remembering the fall foliage in the woods. Every step you walk, you’ll be astonished by the colorful leaves, red, green or yellow.

5 make your marquee waterproof. Although rain in that season won’t be heavy or often, it better for you to get a waterproof marquee and other waterproof gears. If you want to fully experience a more amazing and quiet trip, bring less electronic gadgets.

8 choose the most suitable time not only for your own schedule, also for the local weather.

6 clean up all the leftovers you made and never try to ruin the nature. This is what you can do for the environment.





How to Repair A Hole in Your Tent

 When you use your marquee for sale or marquee again after a camping or outdoor party, have you ever noticed that small tears or pin holes appear in your tent? If you do not think you have any, or haven’t noticed yet, then you may be gotten caught by those small damages. They are lurking. Maybe you are thinking about buying a new, no! You can save the money by repairing the holes in your tent instead of purchasing a new one. Here are some tips to teach your repair your camping tents.

1. Check your tent clearly before you use it again. Set up your tent or marquee in a good weather, get inside and look for if there is sunlight leaking through the tent. You can see those little damages clearly through the sunshine when you are in the tent.

2. Prepare the material you will need to do the repairing. Cut two equal patches of tent tape or sail tape that will completely cover the tear/hole by at least ½” on all sides. Remember there are no sharp corners in your tent, so if the patch is not round, then make it do. You can buy all colors of sail tape which is a kind of polymeric material as it is essential for you to mend your tent. The sail tape is always with an adhesive back and you can get from all outdoor supplies shops.

 3 Be careful when clean the marked area. Clean the marked area with an alcohol wipe or cotton dipped in alcohol. Clean both sides of the peaktop camping tent. You can keep them exactly what they liked before.

 4 Place the patch on the tent. You should firstly peel off the adhesive backing and carefully place the patch on the tent. Do the same on the other side of the tent directly opposite the first patch.

 5 Do something to keep the patch from peeling. After you place your patches well, dab the edges of the patch on both sides. You can get some replacements if you don’t have any repair adhesive, such as seam sealer.

 6 Dry your tent thoroughly. Keep them direct in the sun for about half an hour, then pack it and store it in someplace dry and clear. Your tent is perfect for your another outdoor adventure.