Ideal Celebration with Marquees

Celebration season comes. When you are still tortured by luxurious rental of ballrooms and function halls for your celebration, actually, why don’t you take instant event shelters, which present a much cheaper and more economic way and provide you  with fresher air and greener grass, into consideration . Alright, I’m talking of marquees.

For birthday parties

Garden-themed birthday celebrations could be more delightful with the use of party tents. It doesn’t matter if you have a small gathering or a big one. These tents come in different dimensions which can fit in any size of your posse perfectly. You can actually enjoy sunshine while shading yourself and your guests from the scorching heat. Not to mention everyone can enjoy the lush green surroundings as well.

For food fairs

In the course of these bazaars, things could get pretty heated, literally, very quickly. You can give fair goers a little something extra with the use of party tents. They can get away from the heat and crowded path. Aside from that, your area for food preparation can be much wider than usual.

For religious gatherings

Every now and then, religious gatherings within a community are held outside the comforts of the church or temple. Although such gatherings are far from being categorized as a party, it is undeniable that party tents are the best option to act as community gathering places. Decorating these tents is out of the question since religious assemblies are generally not big on ornaments. The only concern that needs to be addressed is the bulk of attendees. Surely, once the headcount is in, there is an ideal party tent that can accommodate the number of attendees you want to host.

Besides, marquees can also be used for family reunion, charity events, wedding ceremony and so on. They are born with multifunctional and flexible characteristic for you to revel the celebration and gathering.

Shelters for Your Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Such fine weather is just right for outdoor activities, do you have some camping plans, barbecue ideas, or just hold some party/gathering in your garden. Although it is neither cold nor hot now, we still take the garden shelters into consideration if we wanna hold a garden party. Therefore, we offer some ideal choices for you so that you can make wise purchase and offer your guests the good shade.

Wooden gazebos are always the best choice. If you already have a wooden gazebo in the garden or backyard, generally speaking, you needn’t consider garden shelters any more except that many people will attend your party and your gazebo can’t hold all the people. In my view, if possible, you should ask a carpenter to build one for you. If really many people will attend your garden party/gathering, you can consider those options will be mentioned.

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails - Square

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails – Square

Sail shades also are nice choice. In fact, they are similar to garden gazebo, both of them are used to create outdoor living space, but they are cheap and needn’t any building, just get a sail shade suit for the size of your garden/backyard. There are square and triangle sail shade in various sizes in GardenMore, such as, 5m x 5m high density square woven garden shade sails and 4m x 4m x 4m triangle sail shade, etc. According to the size of your garden or backyard, it is easy to choose one suit for you. Then, place some garden furniture set under its proof, it would be perfect. By the way, if you are barbecue enthusiasts, the 4 seater BBQ fire bowl table, you shouldn’t miss it.

Party tents and garden marquees are designed for garden party/gathering all the time, without any wooden gazebo, there is no doubt that you should consider party tents for your garden party/gathering, absolutely, you should make sure the style of marquees fits the theme of your party, for example, get a luxurious marquee for your kids’ birthday party or light blue pop up gazebo for engagement or wedding party.

10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy with No Sides - Silvery

10′ x 10′ Pop Up Canopy with No Sides – Silvery

Pop up gazebos also are ideal choices if your garden party is informal and just ask friends or family to spend hours together and have a nice day. There are two kinds of gazebos can be chosen in Quictent US, pop up canopieswith sidesand pop up with canopies no sides, both of them are perfect and a jack of all trades, suit for any garden party or outdoor party/gathering, the key is which one you like better.

Get a perfect garden shelter for your garden party/gathering and have a nice day!

Get a Quictent Marquee for Your Garden Gathering

X-Large Marquee from Quictent

X-Large Marquee from Quictent

After the long cold winter, it becomes warmer and warmer, many people are planning a garden gathering in their garden or backyard. It comes to garden gathering, the first is that we have to consider the marquees. So we will offer some ideal choices of Quictent marquees or party tents so that you can make wise purchase.

First at all, we have to take the size into consideration.

If you want to get a small marquee for party, many party tents in sizes are available, such as, 2m x 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m and 4m x 8m. These party tents are perfect for any party or garden gathering; if you are considering making an outdoor space, they are ideal shelters for your outdoor space.

Marquees for Garden Gathering

Marquees for Garden Gathering

If you want a larger one, Quictent stocks a wide range of large marquees to meet your need, for instance, 4m x 10m, 5m x 10m, 5m x 6.8m, 6.5m x 9m, 6m x 8m and 6m x 10m, among them, the decagonal 6.5m x 9m elegant marquee is one of our best sellers, it is also the x-large one, perfect for party, wedding or other garden activity. If you have a big family, maybe you need a large outdoor living space for summer leisure time, this octagonal 6.8m x 5m Elegant Marquee is an ideal choice. You can place chairs, tables, even some garden furniture under its proof, such as, rattan table and chair set, concord 7 pce furniture set, etc.

Next, we have to consider our budget.

Price of Quictent marquees range from £74 to £499, you can easily choose one suit for your budget, your need, even your garden.

The last but not the least, get marquee or party tent from Quictent, you can enjoy 40% discount.

If you are considering getting a garden marquee for your garden activities, now is the time to buy one from Quictent, high quality, but low price, anyway, it is a good deal.

No matter what you are looking for, wedding tent, garden marquee, party tent, or a shelter for outdoor living space, you can get a perfect one from Quictent with 40% discount.

Get a Quictent Marquee for Your Garden Activities

Marquee for Garden Activities

Marquee for Garden Activities

The spring is around the corner and it becomes increasing warm. For many people, it is time to hold a party or other activities in the garden. Therefore, you have to consider getting a marquee or party tent for your garden activities

If just for a party, Quictent offers you more choices, such as, pop up gazebos in many sizes and colors, a large range of marquees. If you have many friends to attend your party, you should get a bigger party tent, no question. If so, Quictent large marquees are ideal choice, on the contrary, small party tents is designed for family party, you can easily choose one from so many different sizes, such as, 2m x 2m x 2m, 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m, 4m x 8m, and get one suit for you according to the number of your family.

Except party, you also want to have a barbeque gathering in your garden or backyard. Quictent garden marquees also can offer you a shelter and you can carefree enjoying serving your guest under their proof. If you don’t mind the color of tent, in other words, you prefer to tents with bright colors instead of white, pop up gazebos are another wonderful alternative, similarly, more choices, different colors, sizes and styles. Anyway, some of them will steal your heart.

If you just sometimes hold party or bbq gathering in your garden, so you needn’t specially get a party tent for these garden activities, but I don’t think you will refuse to get a pop up canopy and place it in your garden so that you can kill time here. Just a garden gazebo, an air wing hanging hammock, a favorite novel, or just have a nap here, you will have carefree and wonderful afternoon.

The spring is around the corner and your garden activities will begin, too. It is time to get a Quictent marquee for them.

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Buy Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

There are thousands of means to enjoy the outdoors. Do you find that, the outdoor ambience in your garden or lawn is much different from the rooms inside the house which is why many of us would prefer to spend their time to relax and unwind in the garden or outside instead.

A gazebo could bring more outdoor comfort and convenience. Providing the shade and protection needed from any weather, gazebos are great for many activities like family parties, celebrations, anniversaries, wedding and reunions and barbecue parties. Moreover, outdoor garden gazebos can make your garden look exotic. Usually, family members or friends can be conveniently got together when there are gazebos installed. In addition, family dinners can be done at the gazebos and family members or your friends, classmates can expect to have a lot of fun sharing stories and experiences that happened in the office or in the school. Everybody has a lot of good things to look forward to when they come home – thanks to outdoor gazebos. In a word, gazebo can bring fun and joy beyond what you expect.

Why to choose Quictent pop up gazebo. With high quality and various colors, whether you’re planning a wedding, barbecue, birthday party or summer fete, the Quictent pop up gazebo is the first place to look for a Quality Solution that won’t break the budget. Quictent pop up gazebos – portable, waterproof and flexible.

Since early 21st century, Quictent has been doing tents business. There are various types of tents products in Quictent, such as high quality pop up gazebo, Peaktop® camping tents, party tents or marquee, various gazebo tents, greenhouse, grow tent, portable garage etc.Carrying on distinguished customers-satisfaction policy, this is Quictent’s pursuit.

Quicent will continue to extend our products range and make every efforts to offer our customers the most competitive price and best products and services.

Decorate a Tent in Various Occassions

Tents are used for a wide range of purposes, from parties to recreational camping, from shelter to military uses. Among tents, there are marquees or party tents which are very common for festivals, birthday parties, public speeches fairs, revivals, large weddings and gatherings in the garden. Party tent is the best equipment to organize a socializing flow.

Imagine that, in a hot summer afternoon, you’re sitting under a shaded tent, what a wonderful, cool thing. Therefore, party tent is a perfect alternative whatever conditions you’re. As party tents will help you keep guests dry during wet weather or shaded when the sun is directly above, and other weather condition. After you have a tent to provide shade, your guests can freely enjoy your parties without worrying the weather.

Many individuals will choose party tents to hold their festivals, birthday parties, etc. After buying tents, many people would like to decorate it according to different occasions. You can decorate a tent for a party using many themes and in scores of colors and designs.

For birthday parties, there are various themed tent decoration ideas. You can choose a beach birthday, traditional party, or Tuscan-themed party and so on. However, for a young girl’s birthday party, you can consider using a ballerina theme. When decorating the tent, blow up some light pink and white balloons with helium and let them fill up the extra space at the top of the tent. And you also can attach white or pink ribbon to some of them. When guests leave, especially for young kids, tie each one to their wrists. And you can also decorate the four poles of your 3m x 6m garden marquee with colorful tulle.

If it is a graduation party, you can try to aim some spotlights on key focal points in the tent, such as floral centerpieces, a graduation cake or a table displaying the graduate’s diploma. Moreover, stretch a “Class of (year)” banner above the buffet table, gift table, cake or other focal point in the tent.

In addition, you can also cover any tables with a pink or white tablecloth and get matching skirting to put around the table, etc. From lighting and balloons to colorful decorations, a tent can change an ordinary space into a fantastic place.

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Important Points About Party Tents

Party tents make social events, both large and small, portable and fun. Various style of tents are available for different kinds of celebrations. Before purchasing a tent, consider what options will fit your needs.

To many people who live in urbanized areas, a trip to the great outdoors is always a welcome experience in order to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of working life. As much, many westerners will typically choose to go on a camping trip up to the wilderness or the mountains. One of the most important, if not the most important piece of equipment that a camper has to have with him of her would be a canopy tent since it will most likely be camper’s outdoor home for the duration of the likely be camper’s outdoor home for the duration of the journey. Such as, the remaining portion of this article will be focusing on the important points about party shade canopy tent and how one way go about purchasing an appropriate model for himself or herself.

Another good use for these party tents would be to help lighten up the mood or atmosphere during a party or a gathering since they are not only extremely heavy duty but also stylish in design. In particular, striped part tents are able to provide the joyous and carefree atmospheres that are required to jazz up a party. One company that specialized in such types of tests would be ace canopy.

For more long-lasting covers of high-quality, it would be important for one to obtain a structure that has the ability to protect him or her from the harsh ultra-violet rays of the sun. Another good advantage of these tents would be their ability to carefully disperse water as well as snow from its rooftops. At ace canopy all the outdoor canopies are constructed using only the highest grades of polyethylene top covers. This type of material has a particularly high mesh count as well as an extremely thick poly coating as protection from the sun, which gives it great resistance to various forms of wear and tear. By understanding the important points about party shade canopy tent, one has the ability to make better choices in the future.


Instant Outdoor Shelter

Have you ever found that, outdoor shelters can be erected in a very short amount of time. Most of them are usually in light-weight construction and need very few basic instructions. Their ability to be popped up instantly makes them a great choice in climates where the weather can get unpleasant very quickly. Most models take up very little space once they are completely folded. This makes it even easier to transport them. These portable shelters, such as garden marquees, large family tents come in very handy at outdoor events, like camping, parties, concerts, rallies, etc. Of course, you can make it as an emergency shelter, especially if you are a recreational enthusiast or avid outdoor sportsman.

As knowing how to construct an emergency shelter can help you be prepared for any weather condition and is a tool of necessity. Assuming you do not have a marquee or pop up tent, you can build a shelter out of any waterproof material like a tarp, plastic garbage bags or pine boughs.

However, it is very likely to find a canopy or shelter of any size, for almost every occasion; from giant party tents to small sheds. Many models offer the customer the choice to expand or collapse the size of the shelter, based on requirement and available space. Sometimes, a customer may require a size or design that it is unavailable on store-shelves. Most manufacturers are happy to accommodate custom orders. The growing number of manufacturers ensures that there is always a competitive price available for a customized shelter or canopy.

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How To Be A Well-mannered Camper

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How To Be A Well-mannered Camper

camping etiquette

Whether you are an experienced camper or planning your first camping trip, be sure to pay attention to your manners at the campsite and in your party tents. Here are a few tips and suggestions from some outdoor enthusiasts to teach you to be a well-mannered camper. You’d better not have this point that you can treat your campsite as if no one will ever use it again. Maybe, you’ll come again with your family.

Of couse, besides, being a good neighbor is a big part of staying at campgrounds. You need to be considerate of other campers, and you have the right to consideration from others. Here, I make a brief summary about camping etiquettes.

1. Don’t litter. Moreover, before leaving the campsite, clean your campsite make it as clean as you would want it if you were arriving that day. The next camper will appreciate it.

2. Don’t be too loud. Quiet Hours are typically from 10 p.m. until 6 a.m.. Voices carry far at night. Moderation is essential. And control your noise and your pets.

3. Don’t infringe on the campsites of others. If you want more room then you should move to a vacated space to do so, not into the space of fellow campers.

4. Don’t intimidate wildlife.

5. Don’t build fires around your camping tents outside designated areas.

6. Take everything you bring. Ideally your campsite should be cleaner than it was when you got there; others do not want to deal with your left-behinds. However, for me, my family usually arrives near or after dark at our campsite. One thing I always look forward to is the campfire but it’s hard to find wood in the dark. Therefore, I’d like to leave a few logs and some kindling for the next campers so that they can have a fire the night they arrive.

7. Be respectful of the natural environment — keep the trees and shrubs alive and growing. Don’t cut living trees down.

8. Stick to the signposted tracks and trails. Going off the trail can damage the environment and the homes of the wildlife that lives there. It could also be risky to wander off where there might be dangerous animals.

9. Assign responsibilities within your group.

If you can follow these rules and be respectful in general, then everyone can have a good time and you could even make some new friends out of your neighbours. What a wonderful thing?

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