Party Tents Instruction for Your Perfect Party

There are plenty of things need to be taken into consideration if you intent to have an outdoor party. What really matters are your budge and location for your party. So we list this activity instruction regarding outdoor party tents to help you reach your goal.


Right location

It is important to choose a location for an outdoor gathering. You can occupy your backyard, find a local park or even consider the beach. The key is to select appropriate party tent to accommodate all your party stuff and your guests. Fortunately, Quictent has a range of marquees in different dimensions for your selection. Therefore, it is not that difficult to pick up one from

Proper budge

You should think about the budge when you invest on marquees. At the same time, you are supposed to take other things into account, such as chairs, tables and decoration kits. Furthermore, you’d better calculate how many people are involved and the scale of your party, which is beneficial to your determination of the party tents’ number you need purchase from us. Of course, combination of party tents in distinct size is brilliant.


Color and style

Once you make sure the size of your part tent, you need to get move on to see if you want some color or style. We provide a series of options for you to meet your different subjects. Also, you can choose from traditional quadrilateral tents like a 10 x 30 marquee, to hexagonal tents and decagonal tents. So it is out of question to find one for you particular demands.

Comfort for your guests

Quictent are born for customers’ comfort and happiness and we protect you from UV, sunshine, breeze and raindrops. This allows your guests and you can enjoy yourselves regardless of the weather elements. When you are making up your decision, please ensure you are investing one product that you are really in need of. If any questions bother you, please feel free to contact us. We can be helpful to give you some practical suggestions.

Recording Happy Moment with Pop up gazebo and Marquee

Happy time always passes quickly, so it is really precious. Black Friday bids us an abrupt Farewell while Cyber Monday says goodbye to us. But don’t worry, there are a series of other festivals are on their way to us. No matter what your event is, if you want it to stand out from the rest there is no better way to do this than with the use of some portable shade canopy  which can snap all our good memories. Pop up gazebos allow you to put your creativity skills to use because they allow a variety of ways to decorate them. You can choose the colors you want as well as the lighting so that it fits the mood you’d like to create. If you want to create an intimate setting, using low lights or Christmas lights and lanterns is a great way to do this.

Draping fabrics and using flowers and balloons are other great ways to decorate your tent. The arrangement of tables and chairs will also be up to you. You can add or subtract as needed depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Even the type and amount of pop up gazebos you use is in your hands. You can choose from canopy tents, marquees or even small pop up festival tents if you’re having a small event. You can use more than one canopy or have small canopies with one big canopy in the center as your event’s focal point. This allows your guests to go from one small tent to the next if they want to mingle with other guests. No matter what the environment or mood is that you want to create, the possibilities of using tents are endless. But one thing you’ll have for sure is an extraordinary event that your guests will remember. So pop up gazebo and marquee are our best buddies that witness our every joyful moment.

Garden Spring Activities or Games

Spring is green grass, various colorful flowers blossom, warm sunshine, chirping birds, fresh air and muddy little footprints all over the house. How do you plan to celebrate it? The garden BBQ idea is the best choice. Take with a BBQ grill and begin your spring barbecue trip. If you’re planning to buy one, here’s a recommendation for you, 5% Discount on All Fire Pits and Chimineas in Astove, you can visit, to choose what you like. There’s a large collections of fire pits/fire bowls and BBQ chiminea.

However, except for the grill, if you want to make an unforgettable spring and enjoy the spring fully, you can’t lack of a garden shelter. Celebrate the spring with great outdoor garden ideas not only the barbecue. There’re other outdoor games with your friens or kids. Build a play center for them so that they can play under a cool garden gazebo or party tent  in the backyard.

Moreover, blowing bubbles never seems to lose its charm for little kids. You can do like this, to start, stir 2 tablespoons of tempera paint or 15 drops of food coloring into a 1/2-cup of bubble solution. Then tape a large piece of paper to a fence or between two trees and have your child blow the bubbles against it. The end result will likely be more about the process than the final product, however, your kids’ll like to watchthe bubbles hit the paper and burst into vibrant circles and splatters. Do you feel it sound interesting? Teach your kids right now.

And have you every play the elbow tag game, which the quirky rules for this fast-moving version of tag add to much fun. Shoe-pile scramble, make a splash especially in a hot afternoon, hose head, mom (or dad) calling, etc.


Should you have a fantastic distributed involving turf, then you certainly really should have a great group of camping tents that is going to appear wonderful out in the backyard. Deciding on the best form of party tent on your back garden based on the the main yard is important since you should utilize the space from the yard from the best possible way. Using a party tent will be a terrific choice simply because it offers a chance to keep events outside in the backyard while not having to stress about the next wind storm situations.


There are numerous varieties of party tents that one could pick according to the style of camping tents you’d probably need. You will discover partytents, by using section wall surfaces, round camp tents, major camp tents for any more substantial backyard garden place. There are many web pages on the web that supply you actually with all the better of back garden quictents and partytent you can to be presented at your house. All these tents can be utilized not merely on your yard meeting, however, you also can push the button in your outdoor camping websites when you want to.


Your garden furniture is a valuable part of the lawn party. Choosing the right kind of furniture in your backyard garden is critical. Patio furniture could include kitchen tables, chairs, umbrellas, gazebos and partytent. Typically furniture for your garden is just not a simple invest in since you have to take into account loads of external factors like weather, mainly the rain which could pamper the furniture quickly. So you ought to choose a product that is going to serve you for a greater timespan come weather or perhaps sparkle. There may be teak household furniture that might seem definitely amazing inside your yard; metal could be the next smartest choice involving patio furniture. Sturdiness is vital when selecting patio and garden furniture.


Your partytent is usually of numerous forms. You will find a structure outdoor tent with a material conduit design by using a cover draped on top of it. Your rod covering is definitely the one that contains a core rod in which props up covering. The tension outdoor tents, the almost all employed kind of covering nowadays together with lower by using posts. A selection of outdoor tent relies about the style of social gathering as well as the division of garden. There’ll be a good amount of choices that you could select when scouting for outdoor furniture, although always make sure that you continue sturdiness planned and not merely the design. The particular camping tents can also always be decorated in line with final decision plus inclinations hence ensure that you have got ones resourceful section introduced when you seek out re-decorating your current covering for the celebration plus utilizing patio furniture.


And naturally, because you want a celebration in a garden, which you buy the camping tents too. You can enhance the particular outdoor tents along with blooms, balloons and occasion the canopy, and also have an excellent celebration or perhaps a wedding dinner. Large has a huge role also, hence just remember to pick a basic colouring that can be used ones creativeness towards maximum though designing the particular camping tent.

How to plan a family reunion

Careers, business, household tasks, and extra activities are playing contributing factors in the busy and hectic lives of the contemperary families. And now more and more family time together has a tendency of landing on the back burner in all of the chaos and disarray. So that lots of human beings are finding activities that can make for family fun, and help bring your family closer and closer? Here is a nice idea, you might as well have a try, family party or reunion.

Family reunions are parties held to celebrate a family history and encourage learning about a family’s roots and branches. Reunions encourage and strengthen relationships with extended family. For young adults and children, they can hear firsthand stories from older generations, giving them a personal sense of history. Family reunions can be enjoyable events with many happy memories, but they can also be overwhelming for those involved in the planning.

When planning a family reunion party, it’s vital to choose a right theme. Knowing your budget and number of guests will help you choose a theme. And here’re some steps you can follow when choosing the party theme.

-Assess the family.
-Involve the family.
-Get inspired.
-Stay creative.
-Stick to the budget.

Of course, celebrate a festive occasion with the use of a party tent or garden marquee for entertaining your guests. A party tent provides enough and additional space for gathering and for food or entertainment as an extension of your home in the outdoors.

Furthermore, you can’t forget about the games. One common problem amongst families, particularly those who struggle with the distance between them, is a lack of communication. So talking is the main method of communication in families, and although it is not a fun activity, it is something that can most definitely bring your family closer. Test your family’s vocabulary when you give them a pre-printed sheet of paper with either family names or home towns on it. Get your family moving and plan active, outdoors games for your next family get together. Play musical chairs by setting up a circle of chairs with one less than the number of guests playing.

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Card Games Appropriate for Gatherings in the Marquee

Hire the Suitable Marquee for Your Event

Marquees hire is very much beneficial of the weather such as rain, heat of sun, cool of snow and many more natural calamities. You can achieve some good experience, as you celebrate your event in the tent, without feeling any embarrassing moment. Here are the top five points in the aspect of the marquee hires for any event that is usually included.

1. Celebrate your event in outdoor whenever you want: By marquee  for sale hire you can also get modern equipment, which controls the temperature of the marquee, which can improve comfort for your event or the party attendees. You are also able to decorate and modify the inner side of the tent according to your desire and can also have the charming and spectacular view from the outside at any time.

2. Advertise your brand: Marquee Hire is the other most effective advantages to you that the marquee comes in different sizes and shapes, and after completing the installation of the tent you can advertise your company product more comfortably. Make sure that, the tent rental prices are also sure promises to decorate and modify.

3. Variety Event Location: If you have an important function as the upcoming wedding, you can also select a location of your desire and your choice of location will be unlimited, tent rental will provides you the freedom to travel tent a special place, that you would like your home garden or near the beach.

4. Supplier selection: A great event or occasion, you cannot be closed only for certain desires of some small things.

5. Suitable for different events: If you organize the birthday celebration party tent,  party of wedding or corporate event tent hire then, it will be suitable for everyone. Renting a tent is unlimit to an occasion and you may also ask the supplier to fit in your rental price of capital, if you use their tent hires services. In according to the above benefits, as well as advantages, you may now determine if this option works eligible for your event or not. Many other companies are also available there and in the online marquee hires market or service, offering marquee  tent hires affordable and so cheap rates for new customers.

Quictetns’ Marquee for Your Special Day

Have you ever considered what to say about your wedding several years later? Would you want to make it extra-ordinary? Would you want the memories moment last your entire life? Every one will say “yes” loudly and unswervingly as it is the most precious day in your life-you are going to be united with the love of your life for ever. An elegant and marquee wedding can satisfy all your requirements for an amazing wedding! You will cherish about the marvelous moment a marquee offers you and your distinguished guests.

The best part about marquee wedding in Ireland is that you can choose to have your marquee tent reception at some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in Ireland. You can hire a wedding marquee and get it installed on a beach side, or on a private farm, or a large country home. You may also choose an aesthetically appealing garden or public lawn for your wedding party. There is no need to choose a dull and boring conventional party hall or a hotel banquet.

You have endless possibilities to decorate your wedding marquee as they are available in various designs and styles. Most people may choose the classic pavilion style wedding marquee as it available for most marquee or other events. There is other choice for you such as r Chinese pagoda style marquee for sale or clear span framed marquee.

Choose the size of the wedding party marquee hire depending on the number of your guests and how you want your floor plan to be. If you want the floor plan to be large and spacious, go for larger wedding marquee. The large wedding marquee can accommodate your other wedding venue needs as well, like bar arrangement, dance floor, stage for singing choir or wedding magicians, and so on.

A personal style to your wedding decoration is necessary for you when preparing your wedding if you want it be unique. Flowing silk drapes, chandeliers, candles or lights, beautiful flower arrangements, and starry effects are what you need for your wedding marquee in order to make it extraordinary. For more happiness, a dance floor or a band area can provide the additional beauty for your events.

The choose of marquee seems important for your wedding. Comparing with hiring a marquee for a wedding, it is better to buy one as you will use it in the future such as family gathering or a birthday party. Quitents offers you the wedding marquees at attractive rates. So fore more information, please visit




Types of Marquee

It would be quite tedious to organize a party as there are so many odds and ends, such as you have to send invitations, arrange catering etc. but the most important thing is to choose the venue for the party as it determines the style of your party. Marquee outdoor parties have become more and more popular nowadays. It is available for most occasions like weddings, anniversaries, engagement parties, graduation parties and birthday celebrations.

Outdoor parties give a different feel altogether. You can just book an outdoor area near to your home. Trust us when we say there is nothing like it! What beautifies the whole thing more is a utilization of marquees for sale marquees are shades, to be more apt, these are large tents wonderful to look at.

There is no need for you to worry about the bad weather and the strong sunshine as it can keep you away from that. Party tent is the best shade for you. If you haven’t used a marquee before or if you love throwing parties, a thoroughly understanding of marquee tent is a must have skill for you. Okay, so here are the type of marquees that you can choose from:

1.Yurt Marquees

You may have checked out that Yurts are basically small homes in Central Asia which look like igloos. They come in various shape and interesting appearances. The Yurt  marquees provide guest accommodation and can be used as camp sites. What’s more, it is able to keep warm with lighting fire in cold weather. Is it a good choice, if not, keep reading, you will find the right one for you.

2. High Peak Marquees

These marquees are the most traditional ones and would remind you of the old English country side. These are really high with a tall pole in the center to hold the marquee up. High peak marquees are spacious and are often used for wedding ceremonies.

3. Canopy Style Marquees:

This type is also popular, especially in summer or wine tasting parties. A canopy style marquee somehow likes a pop up gazebo which just has the top part covered, and the sides are open. the advantage of this type is that it makes the area brighter and more airy and the guests without feeling suffocated.

The mentioned ones are the most common ones among all marquees. If you are looking for marquees, the above article would surely be helpful to you. You can get more information in this blog if you keep reading.


Tips on Setting up An Outdoor Tent Party

As the outdoor entertaining becomes more and more popular and that trend is going on, marquee for sale parties will be adopted by more people on many situations which widely ranges from weddings and graduation parties to simple spring and summer gatherings with friends. On a tent or marquee wedding, there must be some entertaining items, such as a DJ area and dance floor or a grill. The venue of your party tent should better be nearby your house incase the change of the weather and for the convenience of your activities.

1. The ground where you set up your marquee should be flat and always far away from any hills or sloping areas in case of rain. Make sure the ground is available for you to install your stakes and weigh the party tents. You should also take the day’s weather into consideration incase the sudden change of weather.

2. Set up your marquee in the center of the area you wish to use. Follow the right steps to settle the party tent. Insert the tent poles into their corresponding holes within the tent fabric, starting at the top of the tent and working your way down to the ground. Insert the tent stakes into their corresponding holes in the tent fabric and hammer into the ground.

3. Decorate your party tent including the tent area and the background. The decorations can be whatever you like, but remember to get the suitable ones which match the theme of your party. Tape or fasten decorations if it is a windy day.

4. Get the basic equipment ready. Rent or purchase outdoor light fixtures if the party is at night. In order to minimize work during the actual party, all food should be prepared well before the party; layout of the party should be arranged well before.

5. Set up all the tools you may use at the party such as he grill or outdoor fireplace if you think it is necessary for the party. Pay attention to the food! You’d better place them a little earlier when they are actual needed to keep them far away from the insects or other animals.