Begin a Hammock Camping

Have you go for a camping with a hammock not a tent? Ever, I read an article that explains a point that a ligthweight camping hammock is better than a camping tent. Really? Can lightweight camping hammocks a good option when camping instead of using a tent?

Beautiful Color Stripes Fabric HammockHere are some reasons of choosing a hammock during your camping?

A quality lightweight camping hammock weighs a lot less than a small tent and if your hiking around from one campsite to another anything that takes a bit of weight off your back can only be a good thing.

No more trying to find level ground to make it easy to pitch a tent on.

Chief among them is mobility. you can pitch camp just about anywhere below treeline. Able to sleep on rocky ground and don’t have to spend time clearing away plant life to make a space for the tent. Just attaching the ends of the hammock to trees is a lot quicker than setting up a tent. It has very low impact when you pick a stealth camping site, since you won’t compress the forest duff in the same way that pitching a tent or tarp will.

If you have to move very quickly during the night just zip up the hammock with all you possessions inside, untie from the trees and sling over your shoulder as you walk away.

Sleeping in a hammock has some real advantages over sleeping in a tent once you get used to it. If you get a hammock, it should only take one or two nights for you to get comfortable to sleeping in it. That first night however can be a little disconcerting and you might want to take a Benedryl to help you get drowsy and settle down. However, with a little practice and experience, you will learn how to orient your hammock to take advantage of cooling breezes and avoid being hot at night.

Air Swing Hanging Hammock

Air Swing Hanging Hammock

Sleeping in a hammock can also be much more comfortable than sleeping on a sleeping pad. It can also be far more scenic since you can pitch it between two trees on steep slopes overlooking a fabulous sunset or beside a remote mountain lake in the Adirondacks (see above).

For the categories, there’re many various kinds of hammock for camping. There’s wooden hammock, canvas hammock, rope hammock, fabric hammock, and string mesh-webbing hammock.

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