5 Most Important Criteria for a Camping Tent

Many kinds of camping tents are sold in the market, such as eureka rents, ridge tents, dome tents, frame tents. So when you choose one camping tent, what should be taken into consideration? How to make your decisions? Take eureka rents as example, which is known for their stylish. Before you make you final decision, check out whether the one you are gong to buy scores high in the following 5 basic important criteria:

1. Will it be comfortable?

You will expect comfort most when accommodate in the camping tent or marquee. Is it roomy and comfortable? Don’t be confused with the various ads posted by tent makers as they are meant for sardines. Go with a higher number. Look for tents with almost-vertical walls and not sloping walls that cave in on you. Tent height – you should be able to stand up straight in it. Sense of space – large, airy windows, moon roofs and awnings can add a perception of space

2. Will it keep you warm?

You can’t just weigh light-packing, but ignore the warm the marquee for sale must provide you. Summer tents are lightweight and have mesh walls that allow breeze to flow through. But we are not only camping in the summers, we remember some chilly dawns especially when we are at high elevation such as Acadia National Park. So to be safe, get a 3-season tent even if you are mostly a summer camper. 4-season tents are for winter camping which most families stay away from until they become more experienced.

3. Will it waterproof?
A camping tent must keep dry. Major seams should be reinforced to prevent water leaks. Tent floor should have bathtub corners to keep rain floods out. Beginner campers don’t realize that rain is not the only threat to dryness. So a good camping tent should keep dry space for campers and the walls of it should also be waterproof.

4. Is it easy to erect?

As you are not always camp with many people, the camping tent should be quick and easy to set up? The best way to overcome this problem is to
set up the actual tent. Some stores are happy to demo the tent setup in the store. If not, try setting it up at home. If it’s not quick or easy, look for another tent.

5. Is it durable?

Find a camping tent which can last for a long time if you don’t wan it be a disposable one. It is because kids and busy parents are constantly walking in and out and it won’t be used only once. You want a durable tent which must have these features: breathable nylon wall, tougher polyester rain flies, inspects seams for extra reinforcement, fiberglass poles and a footprint is a special tarp.

Does your camping tent scores high in these 5 basic important criteria? If not, find a better one for your camping!

How to Buy a Party Tent

Party tents or “marquees”are common for public speeches, birthday parties, fairs and large weeding and gatherings. They usually are of a variety of colors but white is the most popular choice. Knowledge about how to purchase the perfect party tent is essential and can save time and money.

1. Decide how big your party tent should be. This decision should be based on the number of people attending the party and the space available for the party. The general rule of thumb is that each party guest needs about 8 square feet of tent space to move around comfortably. For a sit-down party banquet, the optimum amount of space per person should be about 12 square feet.

2. Decide how much you are willing to spend for the party tent.

3. Use the phone directory or the web to look up shops that sell party tents. Go to the business so that you can see what the party tent looks like.

4. Buy Frame Marquees if you want something cheap and practical and if you want to conserve space. Cheap pop up gazebo are always your priority choice. These are ideal for speeches and simple parties. Because there are no posts inside the tent, the audience can have a full view of the speaker, the host or the event. Join these party tents together in U or L shapes if you want to increase space. You can choose aluminum marquees for sale if you prefer something more stable and durable.

5. Buy Pole Tents if you want to accommodate a large number of people, especially for weddings. Choose from the dramatic tension tents or the cheaper and less impressive simple cheap pop up gazebo.
6. Buy Ethnic Tents for unconventional gatherings and events and if you want a variety of design and color. Choose from the sturdy and comfortable Mongolian yurts, the elaborate Indian tents or the brightly colored Moroccan tents.

7. Ask the seller for more advice about the party tent, especially how many people it can accommodate, how long it will last and if it is ideal for the season or the event. marquees for sale can often satisfy your desire when taking seasons into consideration.

8. Check for a fire certificate sewn on the tent. If you cannot find any fire certificate, then it is not safe and you should not purchase it.

When you buy a party tent or pop up gazebo, all those tips will help you a lot.