Shelters for Your Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Shelters for Garden Party/Gathering

Such fine weather is just right for outdoor activities, do you have some camping plans, barbecue ideas, or just hold some party/gathering in your garden. Although it is neither cold nor hot now, we still take the garden shelters into consideration if we wanna hold a garden party. Therefore, we offer some ideal choices for you so that you can make wise purchase and offer your guests the good shade.

Wooden gazebos are always the best choice. If you already have a wooden gazebo in the garden or backyard, generally speaking, you needn’t consider garden shelters any more except that many people will attend your party and your gazebo can’t hold all the people. In my view, if possible, you should ask a carpenter to build one for you. If really many people will attend your garden party/gathering, you can consider those options will be mentioned.

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails - Square

5m x 5m High Density Woven Garden Shade Sails – Square

Sail shades also are nice choice. In fact, they are similar to garden gazebo, both of them are used to create outdoor living space, but they are cheap and needn’t any building, just get a sail shade suit for the size of your garden/backyard. There are square and triangle sail shade in various sizes in GardenMore, such as, 5m x 5m high density square woven garden shade sails and 4m x 4m x 4m triangle sail shade, etc. According to the size of your garden or backyard, it is easy to choose one suit for you. Then, place some garden furniture set under its proof, it would be perfect. By the way, if you are barbecue enthusiasts, the 4 seater BBQ fire bowl table, you shouldn’t miss it.

Party tents and garden marquees are designed for garden party/gathering all the time, without any wooden gazebo, there is no doubt that you should consider party tents for your garden party/gathering, absolutely, you should make sure the style of marquees fits the theme of your party, for example, get a luxurious marquee for your kids’ birthday party or light blue pop up gazebo for engagement or wedding party.

10' x 10' Pop Up Canopy with No Sides - Silvery

10′ x 10′ Pop Up Canopy with No Sides – Silvery

Pop up gazebos also are ideal choices if your garden party is informal and just ask friends or family to spend hours together and have a nice day. There are two kinds of gazebos can be chosen in Quictent US, pop up canopieswith sidesand pop up with canopies no sides, both of them are perfect and a jack of all trades, suit for any garden party or outdoor party/gathering, the key is which one you like better.

Get a perfect garden shelter for your garden party/gathering and have a nice day!

Why to Choose the Outdoor Garden Shelter

How about lying on a chair in a sunny warm afternoon after having lunch? Take a nap when you’re tired under a garden pop up canopy. These’re wonderful things.

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo 

However, with the unpredictable nature of the weather, it’s always best to have a backup plan. What is the backup plan? They are garden shelters. Marquees and gazebos are ideal for protection from both the wind and rain, and heat of the day. With an outdoor portable pop up canopy, you can guarantee that you’re going to get the most from your special occasion or event, no matter what you have in mind. And the most important thing that a canopy bring us is that it create a brand new different atmosphere wherever they are erected.

Moreover, if you’re a family that loves barbecues and entertaining guests frequently, a garden marquee or gazebo can add much-needed hours to an evening on the lawn. Whether you’re entertaining at your own home, a friend’s or a nearby park, this easy and hassle-free setup is ideal. Set up a table underneath for dinner, take a BBQ with garden fire pit with grill and create a central focal point outside the home.

Except for these advantages, shelters are also useful if you have little kids and children in the house, and wish to give them some outside time in the garden, but want to keep them away from direct sunlight and heat. You can create a small play centre in an external area and let them have the time of their lives in your garden.

In a word, if you’re looking for a little extra defense against the elements or the perfect addition to an outdoor event, you’re looking for a portable shelter.

Decorate a Tent in Various Occassions

Tents are used for a wide range of purposes, from parties to recreational camping, from shelter to military uses. Among tents, there are marquees or party tents which are very common for festivals, birthday parties, public speeches fairs, revivals, large weddings and gatherings in the garden. Party tent is the best equipment to organize a socializing flow.

Imagine that, in a hot summer afternoon, you’re sitting under a shaded tent, what a wonderful, cool thing. Therefore, party tent is a perfect alternative whatever conditions you’re. As party tents will help you keep guests dry during wet weather or shaded when the sun is directly above, and other weather condition. After you have a tent to provide shade, your guests can freely enjoy your parties without worrying the weather.

Many individuals will choose party tents to hold their festivals, birthday parties, etc. After buying tents, many people would like to decorate it according to different occasions. You can decorate a tent for a party using many themes and in scores of colors and designs.

For birthday parties, there are various themed tent decoration ideas. You can choose a beach birthday, traditional party, or Tuscan-themed party and so on. However, for a young girl’s birthday party, you can consider using a ballerina theme. When decorating the tent, blow up some light pink and white balloons with helium and let them fill up the extra space at the top of the tent. And you also can attach white or pink ribbon to some of them. When guests leave, especially for young kids, tie each one to their wrists. And you can also decorate the four poles of your 3m x 6m garden marquee with colorful tulle.

If it is a graduation party, you can try to aim some spotlights on key focal points in the tent, such as floral centerpieces, a graduation cake or a table displaying the graduate’s diploma. Moreover, stretch a “Class of (year)” banner above the buffet table, gift table, cake or other focal point in the tent.

In addition, you can also cover any tables with a pink or white tablecloth and get matching skirting to put around the table, etc. From lighting and balloons to colorful decorations, a tent can change an ordinary space into a fantastic place.

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How to Choose Multi-Room Camping Tents

Have you ever camped with a grout camping tent which is divided into several different rooms for various uses? If you are planning a family or group camping trio, or expecting another luxury trip, then you must try a gorgeous multi-room camping tents. Those pop up tents will enable you to enjoy a comfortable nature time even you are in the open air.

What are multi-room camping tent?

No matter how large a tent is, if there is nothing dividing up the space, it is still considered a single-room tent. Multi-room tents have partitions that section off individual rooms that can then be put to various uses besides sleeping. These partitions can be nylon screens, plastic sheets or simple insect netting.

What are the options?

These pop up tents are always larger than the single room tents as they affords more space for separate use. The two common types are cabin-style tent with veridical walls and dome tents which are supported by some slant poles.Those tents such as 3 Rooms Large Family Camping Tent are always categorized in other ways such as season.  The four season camping tents are able to withstand extreme weather compared with three season camping tents which are cooler in summer.

What to consider when buying?

When buying a multi-room tent, there are several important questions to answer. What materials are the tents composed of? What weather and temperatures are the tents able to withstand? How many people will be using the tent, and how many rooms will you need? How heavy is the tent when it is packed up and being carried? How easy is it to setup and disassemble? Determining these answers will give you a better idea whether a particular multi-room tent is appropriate for your camping needs.

How to choose quality camping tents?

After you find the camping ten you wish to buy, you have several channels to get it, buy it online or go the local department. You have to take the following aspects into consideration such as weight, sturdiness, resistance to wear and tear, space and pricing. There are many online shops selling quality camping tent which are directly from the manufactures. visit Quictent to find your ideal tent.




Quitent’s Tent for Your Winter Camping

How to choose a camping tent in the winter as there are not common suppliers for those types.

In the winter, there is always east to accumulate too much snow on it. A joyful journey is a refreshment of your life, try a new camping in the winter, you will find many surprises. If you want to enjoy a good winter camping, then follow these tips to get the suitable camping tents

Choose a freestanding or dome tent that needs few or no ropes or tent stakes for support. Tent stakes are easily lost, and staking out a tent in the snow can be difficult. A freestanding tent allows you to be flexible with location while still feeling secure in the tent’s structure. Keep in mind, however, that a freestanding tent is easily tossed in windy conditions but can be weighted down with gear on the inside or rocks on the outside.


Four-season tents are designed with snow load in mind and have sturdy, strong support poles. However, if you opt to use a three-season tent in a pinch during mild winter weather, be sure to check for good cross supports. Avoid tents with large, unsupported, low-angled areas that can accumulate snow and possibly cause the pop up tent to collapse.


Figure out the suitable size for then tents if there is more than one to join the journey. Besides the needed personal space, some additional space shout be set aside in order the keep other appliances, such as cold-weather sleeping bags and extra winter gear. For a winter camping, the campers will spend more time in the marquee rather than playing outside, there more space will make it more comfortable. you can get more detail information about the camping tents at the blogs of Quictent.





Best Way to Roll a Tent Up

When camping around, it will be more suitable to transport the camping tent if you roll it up into a compact unit. It is better for your camping tent and very practical to store the equipment for backpacking trips. But how to make it more efficient and save more space, some technique are needed to manage it. Compression bags will help you to save more space for your camping marquee. In the right way, the tents will be easy to set up when needed.

1 Remove the tent poles and stakes. Open the tent doors and turn the tent upside down to shake out dirt accumulated while camping. Lay the tent with the floor flat on the ground.

2 Place the stuff sack on one end of the tent. Align the sack in the middle of the tent and use it as a measuring tool as you make several folds. Fold one end of the tent to the middle and fold the other end to the opposite end. This is similar to folding a letter and should match the length of the stuff sack. Make adjustments to the width of the folds if it is wider than the stuff sack.

3 The process of rolling seems to be very important. Tucking one end into a tight roll and paying attention to maintain the pressure for the advancing roll. some small adjustments on then width will be needed in the process of rolling the pop up tent.

4 Maintain pressure on the rolled tent and either use a strap to prevent it from unraveling or place the tent directly into the stuff sack. Place the stakes and poles into the sack simultaneously to prevent the tent from expanding and occupying all of the space.

5 Tight the camping tents up in order to reduce the size. The stuff sack and use compression straps are what we often use when pack up the gazebo tent.




Campsites in Britain

It will never let you down to spend your holiday in Britain. There are plenty of caravan sites and camping area where you will enjoy an unforgettable experience for you to choose. Camping in Britain is truly memorable experience especially with your family or friends. In the following article, we will present you the famous caravan sites in Britain.

East Sussex

it would be a memorable journey with your pop up tents as Uckfield so many interesting events such as superhero football which will keep people full of energy, some wilderness activity like courses for fire craft and knife craft, demos for archery and workshops for yurt-building you will be able to develop your survival skills. Additionally, it is a place full of music where you can spend your entire holiday with acoustic shows in the barn on Fridays, and give yourself a rocking time; otherwise, it only costs you 10 pounds a night.

North Yorkshire

If you are kind of person who camping for natural joy with your camping tent, the Rosedale Abbey is the best choice for you. It is a place where is endorsed with mystic moorland, dam building, rope swinging, winding river and good outdoor weather. You can see many family camping tents there as well to reduce the eeriness factor a bit.


Eweleaze farm is campsites where share a 1km stretch of the Jurassic Coast beach which always attract many campers who are into the blue sea. Fossil hunting and swimming are another two attractions for those marquee tent campers. An even better reason is a huge camping field where large groups can build campfires and have fun until early in the morning on a gentle autumn night. There is an organic farm shop close by along with a pizza van and an organic kebab barn, if you ran low on your food supplies. You can also take an 8-mile hike to the Lulworth Cove. The only real issue could be timing as this farm is open only in the month of August.


Broad Meadow House in Charlestown is another fantastic choice for you during May to September-the best season to camp in UK .Deluxe tents are very close to the blue seas and the harbor. If you miss your breakfast there, it is such a pity. They have the freshly made smoothie and the most delicate breakfast.





Ads on Gazebo Tent and Marquees

It is well known to all business guys, nothing matters more than advertising when running their business to ensure their growth on sales volumes. Of course, there are various channels to mange the ads in the market, TV, radio, Internet, newspaper etc. but have you ever valued the other methods. Print your logo or name of your company on the pop up gazebos or marquees at some business events, even do some sponsorship for some outdoor business or charity events. They will be able to get the most exposure for the money can be a daunting task.

These are appropriate for a wide range of users and come in many sizes and colors. They provide flexibility for business owners who find themselves in various venues and often need to discover ways to “be seen” both during outdoor activities as well as indoors events. Regardless of where an event is held, this form of advertising pays for itself quickly. The biggest advantage is that it can be customized, which not only allows potential customers to become familiar with the business’s name, but can also be seen from a distance.

It is obvious that many manufactures have grasped these selling points, so different kinds of this products spring out in the market. The quality and durability is vital for those marquees and party tent meet the needs of individual businesses, there come many accessories such as backdrops and netting. We need some quality products with low prices; you can get them on Quictents.

These gazebos for sale serve as temporary buildings that are easy to set up and take down. They can be used repeatedly at corporate events, fairs, banquets, performances, and even on corner lots. Traditionally, corporations prefer larger garden gazebo that can run 150 feet wide and 400 feet long. However, smaller businesses or events that have limited space find those that are 10X10 sufficient.

The marquee for sale is very popular right now. This model has a smaller frame and is often made from aluminum which makes it lighter and ensures it remains rust-free. These are especially popular on Australian beaches, but are not limited to that setting. This version is also perfect at school and sporting clubs as well as with those outside the industry such as for family outings.

it is vital for all the corporations to find better ways to stand out and expand their exposure to consumers. The adoption of expanding ads with marquee tents and gazebos is obviously the win-win method to accomplish this goal. Your logo and even photos of products and services will be available to your potential customers for the gathering will always be crowds of people. It has turned into one of the best marketing options available today, so don’t miss it!

How to Repair A Hole in Your Tent

 When you use your marquee for sale or marquee again after a camping or outdoor party, have you ever noticed that small tears or pin holes appear in your tent? If you do not think you have any, or haven’t noticed yet, then you may be gotten caught by those small damages. They are lurking. Maybe you are thinking about buying a new, no! You can save the money by repairing the holes in your tent instead of purchasing a new one. Here are some tips to teach your repair your camping tents.

1. Check your tent clearly before you use it again. Set up your tent or marquee in a good weather, get inside and look for if there is sunlight leaking through the tent. You can see those little damages clearly through the sunshine when you are in the tent.

2. Prepare the material you will need to do the repairing. Cut two equal patches of tent tape or sail tape that will completely cover the tear/hole by at least ½” on all sides. Remember there are no sharp corners in your tent, so if the patch is not round, then make it do. You can buy all colors of sail tape which is a kind of polymeric material as it is essential for you to mend your tent. The sail tape is always with an adhesive back and you can get from all outdoor supplies shops.

 3 Be careful when clean the marked area. Clean the marked area with an alcohol wipe or cotton dipped in alcohol. Clean both sides of the peaktop camping tent. You can keep them exactly what they liked before.

 4 Place the patch on the tent. You should firstly peel off the adhesive backing and carefully place the patch on the tent. Do the same on the other side of the tent directly opposite the first patch.

 5 Do something to keep the patch from peeling. After you place your patches well, dab the edges of the patch on both sides. You can get some replacements if you don’t have any repair adhesive, such as seam sealer.

 6 Dry your tent thoroughly. Keep them direct in the sun for about half an hour, then pack it and store it in someplace dry and clear. Your tent is perfect for your another outdoor adventure.


How to Stay Cool Tent Camping

When you’re marquee for sale camping,the condition of weather may always call your attention. You may wonder whether the thin nylon walls of your portable tent are able to withstand the heavy rain, the strong sunshine, wind and cold. But people are always easy to neglect the element of temperature. How to stay comfortable—even without air conditioning unit around which can cool your tent? With the right preparation, you can deal with even the stickiest, most sweltering camping conditions.

1 Fined the best spot to settle your tent. It is very necessary for you to choose a spot that will be shaded during the hottest part of the day, from late morning to late afternoon

2 Wear clothes in cool, loose-fitting materials will make you feel better

3Water is the necessity when camping. Make sure you have enough water to drink to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4 Stay in someplace cool nearby your campsite during the hottest part of the day and do something that cools you off. Therefore when you search for the campsite, a lake nearby will help you a lot.

5 Prepare the most suitable tents or marquees. Bring a light a light blanket handy in case the temperature drops significantly during the night.

6 If permitted, set up a battery-powered fan to keep air circulating.  During the hot time, even a light breeze will make you comfortable enough to sleep.