Ideal Celebration with Marquees

Celebration season comes. When you are still tortured by luxurious rental of ballrooms and function halls for your celebration, actually, why don’t you take instant event shelters, which present a much cheaper and more economic way and provide you  with fresher air and greener grass, into consideration . Alright, I’m talking of marquees.

For birthday parties

Garden-themed birthday celebrations could be more delightful with the use of party tents. It doesn’t matter if you have a small gathering or a big one. These tents come in different dimensions which can fit in any size of your posse perfectly. You can actually enjoy sunshine while shading yourself and your guests from the scorching heat. Not to mention everyone can enjoy the lush green surroundings as well.

For food fairs

In the course of these bazaars, things could get pretty heated, literally, very quickly. You can give fair goers a little something extra with the use of party tents. They can get away from the heat and crowded path. Aside from that, your area for food preparation can be much wider than usual.

For religious gatherings

Every now and then, religious gatherings within a community are held outside the comforts of the church or temple. Although such gatherings are far from being categorized as a party, it is undeniable that party tents are the best option to act as community gathering places. Decorating these tents is out of the question since religious assemblies are generally not big on ornaments. The only concern that needs to be addressed is the bulk of attendees. Surely, once the headcount is in, there is an ideal party tent that can accommodate the number of attendees you want to host.

Besides, marquees can also be used for family reunion, charity events, wedding ceremony and so on. They are born with multifunctional and flexible characteristic for you to revel the celebration and gathering.

Choose a Marquee for Your Wedding

wedding marquee

Ever growing in popularity are Marquee weddings. Whether the Marquee is in your back garden or a farmers field more and more couples are going with the informality of this option. A marquee reception is one important step to ensure your wedding a day to remember. And why to choose a marquee for the wedding?

Wedding marquee features free standing frame structures without centre poles or guy ropes and are supplied with elegant walls and roofs. Usually, it’s white elegant marquee tents, which is an ideal complementary colour to the bride and groom’s attire.

Moreover, garden marquees are flexible enough to feature personalised design features and can be made available for more than one day if you fancy extending your wedding celebrations across a weekend for example. And it is also suitable for partiesand other outdoors events besides the wedding ceremony. As the snow’s gone, the weather’s getting warmer and it’s time for a party. And if your house isn’t big enough to hold a party. Not a problem. Gardenmore can help you createthat much needed extra space.

And wedding marquees for sale from have a large collections of marquees for wedding. You can choose the size according to the number of your guests. There’s at least one marquee that will meet your needs. One of gardenmore’s features of marquee is its large external pole which covers curtains hide frame poles and keep wind out.

Outdoor Marquees, Which One Suits You

Marquees are portable outdoor shelter. They are much easier to carry along and also set up. It’s like an outdoor fun combined with home comfort as it acts as a protector of unpredictable weather.

And marquee tents are usually constructed of parts that can easily be used to attach many marquees together, making them more ideal for music festivals and large corporate events. There’re pop up marquee, garden marquee, wedding marquee, folding Marquees, traditional pole marquee, aluminium frame marquees, high peak marquees.

If you are not hosting any big event but only want to camp with your friends, pole marquees is the most suitable. They are for the most part made from canvas, frame marquees are made from a PVC or PE (polythene) material, which is much stronger, easier to maintain and clean, and much simpler to assemble.

If you want to hold some little events, like a bake sale or an advertising stall, pop up marquee is what you need. These are small canopies and highly portable. They are widely used in small scale outdoor events.

Garden marquees are most suitable for mid-size events like birthdays or a casual BBQ. Why to let your guests burn in the sun or get wet in the rain. Rent a garden marquee to have a weather proof party in your garden. They are made from durable fabric supported by rods on all corners for support. Easily erectable in the garden area, you can choose from many patterns and prints available!

If you are a frequent organizer of small stalls and events, folding party marquee is the best option and also the most budget friendly way to go about it. They are small and very convenient to store.

In Quictent, we have decagonal wedding marquee, Octagonal wedding tent. You can find at least one you like.

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