Benefits of Marquees


Investing in a marquee is always a clever decision for your family activities and corporate events. There is no doubt that they provide you a huge number of advantages.

Marquees are suitable in many garden activities, such as, birthday parties, graduation parties which can help you to enhance the size of your venue. And a sense of degree is felt by the people attending the event if you invite them to an occasion where party tents are used. They get attracted by the way the party is decorated and also the large roof interior is a center of attraction for the people. Party tents make your party grand and this is highly desired by the people attending the party.
The majority of marquee tent are waterproof. If there is rain, there is no worries.

They’re quite safe.

They can be folded easily and thus they are called as folding marquee.

They can be installed easily and reinstalled easily.

Most marquees are elegant. The overall beauty of the outdoor party location increased up to a great extent.

Marquee are huge in number. You can choose the small marquees, like 3m x 6m marquee, medium marquees, like 4m x 8m marquee, large marquee for sale in the market. You can choose the marquee you need and in your budget. Furthermore, you’d better prepare a larger marquee than your planed one in order to provide the enough space to your guests.

Except for these advantages, marquees have other advantages. That is why investing a marquee is a wise choice. If you plan to complement the type of events you are planning, except for the marquee tents, you can’t be lack of tables and chairs. At the meanwhile, consider two factors, comfort and space. When it comes to tables, choose depend on the purpose of the event. If you have enough time, you can make some decorations. As table decorations make a huge difference.

Quictetns’ Marquee for Your Special Day

Have you ever considered what to say about your wedding several years later? Would you want to make it extra-ordinary? Would you want the memories moment last your entire life? Every one will say “yes” loudly and unswervingly as it is the most precious day in your life-you are going to be united with the love of your life for ever. An elegant and marquee wedding can satisfy all your requirements for an amazing wedding! You will cherish about the marvelous moment a marquee offers you and your distinguished guests.

The best part about marquee wedding in Ireland is that you can choose to have your marquee tent reception at some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in Ireland. You can hire a wedding marquee and get it installed on a beach side, or on a private farm, or a large country home. You may also choose an aesthetically appealing garden or public lawn for your wedding party. There is no need to choose a dull and boring conventional party hall or a hotel banquet.

You have endless possibilities to decorate your wedding marquee as they are available in various designs and styles. Most people may choose the classic pavilion style wedding marquee as it available for most marquee or other events. There is other choice for you such as r Chinese pagoda style marquee for sale or clear span framed marquee.

Choose the size of the wedding party marquee hire depending on the number of your guests and how you want your floor plan to be. If you want the floor plan to be large and spacious, go for larger wedding marquee. The large wedding marquee can accommodate your other wedding venue needs as well, like bar arrangement, dance floor, stage for singing choir or wedding magicians, and so on.

A personal style to your wedding decoration is necessary for you when preparing your wedding if you want it be unique. Flowing silk drapes, chandeliers, candles or lights, beautiful flower arrangements, and starry effects are what you need for your wedding marquee in order to make it extraordinary. For more happiness, a dance floor or a band area can provide the additional beauty for your events.

The choose of marquee seems important for your wedding. Comparing with hiring a marquee for a wedding, it is better to buy one as you will use it in the future such as family gathering or a birthday party. Quitents offers you the wedding marquees at attractive rates. So fore more information, please visit




How to Enjoy a Fall Camping Trip


You may camp in spring, in summer, but have you ever plan a camping in autumn? If you haven’t, just do it, you may have a lot of fun from it! The day is cool enough to wear hiking gear, but warm enough to still enjoy. The evenings are cooler in your camping tent, so you can enjoy the evening full of pleasure with delicious food in the gentle moonlight. You can walk on the beautiful roads with the leaves on it. An autumn camping trip may be the best one you have.

1 Be well prepared. Take everything you need for the trip. the so-called “Essentials”should be always taken with you, such as marquee for sale for your shade, basic toiletries, food and other things. Bring some medications beside you incase some emergence.

2 Pack light for your trip. Just bring what you really need in order not to overload your pack. The extra weight will make the way to your camping spot harder as you have to move from place to place with all of your gear.

3 Find the place you really want to be. If you have entertainment out of your marquee for sale such as fishing, you have to find somewhere near a lake or a good sized stream. If you plan to go hunting, check to see what game is in season to be hunted, such as ducks, bears or quail. The most important thing is that all these activities should be legal.

4. Enjoy the beauty created by the nature. Bring your camera and take some photos because you can’t help to remembering the fall foliage in the woods. Every step you walk, you’ll be astonished by the colorful leaves, red, green or yellow.

5 make your marquee waterproof. Although rain in that season won’t be heavy or often, it better for you to get a waterproof marquee and other waterproof gears. If you want to fully experience a more amazing and quiet trip, bring less electronic gadgets.

8 choose the most suitable time not only for your own schedule, also for the local weather.

6 clean up all the leftovers you made and never try to ruin the nature. This is what you can do for the environment.