Recording Happy Moment with Pop up gazebo and Marquee

Happy time always passes quickly, so it is really precious. Black Friday bids us an abrupt Farewell while Cyber Monday says goodbye to us. But don’t worry, there are a series of other festivals are on their way to us. No matter what your event is, if you want it to stand out from the rest there is no better way to do this than with the use of some portable shade canopy  which can snap all our good memories. Pop up gazebos allow you to put your creativity skills to use because they allow a variety of ways to decorate them. You can choose the colors you want as well as the lighting so that it fits the mood you’d like to create. If you want to create an intimate setting, using low lights or Christmas lights and lanterns is a great way to do this.

Draping fabrics and using flowers and balloons are other great ways to decorate your tent. The arrangement of tables and chairs will also be up to you. You can add or subtract as needed depending on how many guests you are expecting.

Even the type and amount of pop up gazebos you use is in your hands. You can choose from canopy tents, marquees or even small pop up festival tents if you’re having a small event. You can use more than one canopy or have small canopies with one big canopy in the center as your event’s focal point. This allows your guests to go from one small tent to the next if they want to mingle with other guests. No matter what the environment or mood is that you want to create, the possibilities of using tents are endless. But one thing you’ll have for sure is an extraordinary event that your guests will remember. So pop up gazebo and marquee are our best buddies that witness our every joyful moment.

Buy Quictent Pop Up Gazebo

There are thousands of means to enjoy the outdoors. Do you find that, the outdoor ambience in your garden or lawn is much different from the rooms inside the house which is why many of us would prefer to spend their time to relax and unwind in the garden or outside instead.

A gazebo could bring more outdoor comfort and convenience. Providing the shade and protection needed from any weather, gazebos are great for many activities like family parties, celebrations, anniversaries, wedding and reunions and barbecue parties. Moreover, outdoor garden gazebos can make your garden look exotic. Usually, family members or friends can be conveniently got together when there are gazebos installed. In addition, family dinners can be done at the gazebos and family members or your friends, classmates can expect to have a lot of fun sharing stories and experiences that happened in the office or in the school. Everybody has a lot of good things to look forward to when they come home – thanks to outdoor gazebos. In a word, gazebo can bring fun and joy beyond what you expect.

Why to choose Quictent pop up gazebo. With high quality and various colors, whether you’re planning a wedding, barbecue, birthday party or summer fete, the Quictent pop up gazebo is the first place to look for a Quality Solution that won’t break the budget. Quictent pop up gazebos – portable, waterproof and flexible.

Since early 21st century, Quictent has been doing tents business. There are various types of tents products in Quictent, such as high quality pop up gazebo, Peaktop® camping tents, party tents or marquee, various gazebo tents, greenhouse, grow tent, portable garage etc.Carrying on distinguished customers-satisfaction policy, this is Quictent’s pursuit.

Quicent will continue to extend our products range and make every efforts to offer our customers the most competitive price and best products and services.

Advice for pop up gazebo purchasing (1)

Should your serious about acquiring a pop up gazebo but aren’t rather guaranteed where to get started. Here’s a summary of capabilities you could possibly help you to select the correct one for you.


You’d like your gazebo to withstand no matter what will probably be thrown at it, be it red wine or maybe a unexpected downpour. Hunt for materials that could wipe clear and ensure that every one the seams are well sealed. This will likely not merely secure versus spillages about the within but also defend you from sudden showers. Fabrics usually are coated in PVC or possibly a identical plastic for this intent.

It truly is very helpful if the gazebo is weighted on the base to safeguard through the wind. Should you be anticipating a lot of wind you will need a tie down kit, that can pin the gazebo in to the floor like a tent. On the other hand, these kits can only be made use of on comfortable floor while you will require to hammer pegs in the ground.


Safety must be a important consideration when obtaining any sort of gazebo or marquee

. Make sure that all components are fireplace rated, that is particularly crucial if you are planning to cook dinner inside of or around it.

The structure must be sound and materials light-weight enough to stop harm in the function of an accident. You could usually examine the gazebo has passed the applicable British or European requirements by getting in contact with the client providers department on the organization you wish to get from or by planning direct to investing standards.


Gardens are available in all distinctive shapes and sizes so that you need some versatility. The best kinds of gazebos have detachable panels on all sides making sure that you’ll be able to choose around the spot of entry points.

You could also choose to sit two or more gazebos future to each other to make a bigger lined house. If this is the situation, it is in all probability worth sticking for the conventional size (3m x 3m) so you will conveniently have the option to pair them up.



Card Games Appropriate for Gatherings in the Marquee

play cards in the camping tent

play cards in the camping tent

Sometimes, maybe you will feel bored if you choose to just chat and drink with your friends for a long time in the party. Card games are the popular activities among the friends to kill time, which can be one of your choices. In the hot summer days, ask some friends to play the card games in the marquee, not only you can enjoy the cool, but also spend the interesting day. Or if you and your friends decide to go camping, you and your friends can also choose to play cards in the camping tent to kill time.
Just because of this, I would like to introduce some interesting card games for you; they are popular in the America or other country, and also easy to learn. If you are interested in it, you can read its rules from the Internet; maybe it can bring you much happiness for your journey and gatherings.
Magic: The Gathering (MTG; also known as Magic) is the first collectable card game, created by Richard Garfield and introduced in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Magic continues to thrive, with approximately twelve million players as of 2011. Magic can be played by two or more players each using a deck of printed cards or a deck of virtual cards through the Internet-based Magic: The Gathering Online or third-party programs.
Uno is an American card game who is played with a specially printed deck (see Mau Mau for an almost identical game played with normal playing cards). The game was originally developed in 1971 by Merle Robbins in Reading, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. It has been a Mattel product since 1992. The game’s general principles put it into the Crazy Eights family of card games.
Texas hold ’em (also known as hold ’em or holdem) is a variation of the standard card game of poker. The game consists of two cards being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face-up by the dealer—a series of three (“the flop”) then two additional single cards (“the turn” and “the river” or “fourth and fifth street” respectively), with players having the option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal; i.e., betting may occur prior to the flop, “on the flop”, “on the turn”, and “on the river”. Texas Hold ’em is the “H” game featured in H.O.R.S.E and in H.O.S.E.
The Killers of the Three Kingdoms known as San-Guo-Sha in Chinese, is the most popular card game in China. Based on the classic Chinese novel, “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, the game was invented by Yoka Studio in 2008, and it is similar to the popular American card game, Magic: the Gathering.
These introductions of card games come from Wikipedia, so if you want to find more, click Wikipedia. There you will see more information about these card games.
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Marquee Story

With the huge development of modern world, more and more people tend to living a relaxing life, in terms of it, I think of something indispensable, such as Travel, Camping, BBQ, Party, even Wedding.  Many young people and fashion people like the life style and choose one of them in their spare time.  Wedding seems like a tendency in the modern life. Of course, a pole marquee or pole tent is indispensable. We need to understand them.

A pole marquee or pole tent is a variety of  large tent often used to shelter summer events, such as shows, festivals, and weddings. They are particularly associated with typical English country garden weddings.

The simple design has changed little in hundreds of years. A pole marquee consists of a roof canopy supported by tall center poles (“king poles”) tensioned using side lines connected to ground pins (or stakes) and smaller supporting poles (“side poles”). The king poles support the bulk of the weight, while the side poles give the fabric shape.

Originally,they were manufactured from cotton canvas covers, wooden poles, and hessian rope hut they have been largely replaced with more modern materials. The introduction of modern fabrics extends the shelf life of the marquees, as they are far more easily maintained. Canvas marquees are still available. Canvas is more breathable, allowing for lower temperature and humidity inside the marquee; such as marquee is more comfortable in hot summer weather while remaining water in the event of rain.

Instant Outdoor Shelter

Have you ever found that, outdoor shelters can be erected in a very short amount of time. Most of them are usually in light-weight construction and need very few basic instructions. Their ability to be popped up instantly makes them a great choice in climates where the weather can get unpleasant very quickly. Most models take up very little space once they are completely folded. This makes it even easier to transport them. These portable shelters, such as garden marquees, large family tents come in very handy at outdoor events, like camping, parties, concerts, rallies, etc. Of course, you can make it as an emergency shelter, especially if you are a recreational enthusiast or avid outdoor sportsman.

As knowing how to construct an emergency shelter can help you be prepared for any weather condition and is a tool of necessity. Assuming you do not have a marquee or pop up tent, you can build a shelter out of any waterproof material like a tarp, plastic garbage bags or pine boughs.

However, it is very likely to find a canopy or shelter of any size, for almost every occasion; from giant party tents to small sheds. Many models offer the customer the choice to expand or collapse the size of the shelter, based on requirement and available space. Sometimes, a customer may require a size or design that it is unavailable on store-shelves. Most manufacturers are happy to accommodate custom orders. The growing number of manufacturers ensures that there is always a competitive price available for a customized shelter or canopy.

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How to Fix Camping Tent Poles by Yourself

Pole tents: a Traditional Style for You

Compared with frame tents, pole marquee tents are more suitable for some traditional style gatherings such as a fairytale wedding. These marquees are various in types and price.

1. Tension tents which have high sculpted roofs. This is good if you want to impress people.

2. Clean pole tents. Cheap, though it’s simple but looks beautiful.

3. Big tops – a large tent which has a high central pole and this tent is always used in circuses. These tents are good to use but they are not always available.

Ethnic tents: this is widely used in unconventional events. This kind of tent has an ethnic design which is suited for outdoor events. These pop up tents have:

1. Mongolian yurts – a structure which have a homely atmosphere inside.

2. Indian tents – this have a highly decorative art designs in the inside. This has the Eastern art style  party tent and it has metal lanterns as well.

3. Moroccan tents – this tent is similar to Indian tents but it has the Middle Eastern decorative style. It has bright curtains and low Moroccan style all over.

4. Tipi – this is available at Scandinavian and American styles. You can use this kind of tent for unconventional parties.

These marquees are always in various sizes. You have to figure out the exact size of the pop up tent you need for your events in order to make sure the one you buy from Quictent is available for use. If your guests are within 100, a tipi and yurts are enough to accommodate them. If not, you need to get some heavy duty marquee which can accommodate more.

If you come to the local marquee hire store, they will provide you useful information, even help you set it up, but you will have to rent one again if you have any other events. The wisest option for you is to get one, no matter online or off line. Quictent is always here for your marquee buying.




The Components of Camping Tents

If you want the best camping tent for your each trip, then you need to have a good understanding to the camping tents. Of course, you may doubt that the salesmen will show you the details when you are checking one in a store, but how to figure out whether there are exaggerate information about what they said, you have to get well known to the various which compose the camping tent.


With time, there has been a break-through in camping equipments. So, being well-informed about the recent developments would also help in taking proper care of the various parts of the camping tents.

Main Parts of Camping Tents
The camping tents, as our human body, are made up of a range of small and big parts. Among them, the most valuable and the most basic parts are:

• The Inner Tent: This refers to the main body of the camping tents, which are used as living compartments. It is made water-proof and well ventilated if single walled but are not water-proof if double walled.

• The Poles: These offer the structural support to the camping tents.


To help in the storing and transportation, poles are made collapsible.

• The Flysheet: The flysheet is for rain fly functions. It makes the pop up tents water-proof and ensures smooth condensation.

• The Ground Sheets: The foot prints, also called ground sheets, in camping tents prevent the seepage of water from underneath.

Other Parts of Camping Tents
miscellaneous parts of camping tents comprise of the vestibule, the stakes and the air vents.

• Vestibule: It is the floorless enclosed section outside the camping tents, used for storing camping and out-of-doors equipments.

• Stakes: These are used to fasten the camping tents to the ground. They also provide shape and extra stability to the camping tents.

Air Vents: The air vents assist in continuing proper ventilation and lessen the effects of condensation due to breathing.
Some Fine Details

Besides what we have listed above about the parts of family camping tents, there are still more you have to know about them. The pole sleeves, regulating pole pensioners, variable peg attachments, ground straps, reflectors etc. are all needed to be taken into consideration.  If you want it your outdoor marquee perfect, you can not neglect theses factors which contribute to the completeness of a camping tent.




Quitent’s Tent for Your Winter Camping

How to choose a camping tent in the winter as there are not common suppliers for those types.

In the winter, there is always east to accumulate too much snow on it. A joyful journey is a refreshment of your life, try a new camping in the winter, you will find many surprises. If you want to enjoy a good winter camping, then follow these tips to get the suitable camping tents

Choose a freestanding or dome tent that needs few or no ropes or tent stakes for support. Tent stakes are easily lost, and staking out a tent in the snow can be difficult. A freestanding tent allows you to be flexible with location while still feeling secure in the tent’s structure. Keep in mind, however, that a freestanding tent is easily tossed in windy conditions but can be weighted down with gear on the inside or rocks on the outside.


Four-season tents are designed with snow load in mind and have sturdy, strong support poles. However, if you opt to use a three-season tent in a pinch during mild winter weather, be sure to check for good cross supports. Avoid tents with large, unsupported, low-angled areas that can accumulate snow and possibly cause the pop up tent to collapse.


Figure out the suitable size for then tents if there is more than one to join the journey. Besides the needed personal space, some additional space shout be set aside in order the keep other appliances, such as cold-weather sleeping bags and extra winter gear. For a winter camping, the campers will spend more time in the marquee rather than playing outside, there more space will make it more comfortable. you can get more detail information about the camping tents at the blogs of Quictent.





Make Your Own Canvas Tent

When you are participating outdoor activities, a marquee is a good shelter to keep you from the rain and heavy sun. This article will share some technical on making a canvas tent.


1 Purchases the suitable canvas at the local fabric store or online shop which should be washed. As for the width of the canvas you can check the following rules:

Be the same wide as the camping tent

Length should be 2-1/2″ as the side poles

2Keep the edges tight as well as possible. When placing the grommets, you should strictly following the instruction by using the grommet setting tools. Use the most suitable methods to manage it in order to keep more options for the further work.

3 Adjust the length of the top pole of the camping tents which could keep abreast with the pop up tent pole. The side poles should be cut either, about 3’may be suitable. The size of the gazebos can be resettled according to the canvas. After managing all the above work, place the canvas on the frame and fix them well. You will get your new canvas tent.