How to Choose Multi-Room Camping Tents

Have you ever camped with a grout camping tent which is divided into several different rooms for various uses? If you are planning a family or group camping trio, or expecting another luxury trip, then you must try a gorgeous multi-room camping tents. Those pop up tents will enable you to enjoy a comfortable nature time even you are in the open air.

What are multi-room camping tent?

No matter how large a tent is, if there is nothing dividing up the space, it is still considered a single-room tent. Multi-room tents have partitions that section off individual rooms that can then be put to various uses besides sleeping. These partitions can be nylon screens, plastic sheets or simple insect netting.

What are the options?

These pop up tents are always larger than the single room tents as they affords more space for separate use. The two common types are cabin-style tent with veridical walls and dome tents which are supported by some slant poles.Those tents such as 3 Rooms Large Family Camping Tent are always categorized in other ways such as season.  The four season camping tents are able to withstand extreme weather compared with three season camping tents which are cooler in summer.

What to consider when buying?

When buying a multi-room tent, there are several important questions to answer. What materials are the tents composed of? What weather and temperatures are the tents able to withstand? How many people will be using the tent, and how many rooms will you need? How heavy is the tent when it is packed up and being carried? How easy is it to setup and disassemble? Determining these answers will give you a better idea whether a particular multi-room tent is appropriate for your camping needs.

How to choose quality camping tents?

After you find the camping ten you wish to buy, you have several channels to get it, buy it online or go the local department. You have to take the following aspects into consideration such as weight, sturdiness, resistance to wear and tear, space and pricing. There are many online shops selling quality camping tent which are directly from the manufactures. visit Quictent to find your ideal tent.




Three Rooms Family Camping Tents from Quitent

For family camping or group camping, the 3 rooms large family camping tent is the commonest and most useful tent than other pop up tents. It is available to separate it into three rooms for independent use. For a family trip, one foe girls, one for boys and one for parents. For a group camping, it can be used for storage of camping gear, sleeping and other uses. The common capacity is available for 3-10 people and the removable sleeping areas enables you to change the use of the space as you want such as save more space for other camping gears.

1Clear the area where the three room tent will be setup from rocks, sticks and hard or sharp debris. Lay the tent on the ground with the nylon portion facing up. Turn the tent so the doors are facing the desired directions.

2 Fix the camping tents sturdily using the stakes. All the stakes should be pushed into the stake loops and hammered into the ground on an angle. Before you hammering the stakes, make sure the marquee for sale or tent are taut as possible to avoid the wrinkling.

3 Make the poles of those pop up tents in the way they should be. Firstly you have to snap together all of the poles as they support all the weight of the camping tent, then Slide the poles into the nylon sleeves built into the tent’s fabric. There will be a little difficult to set up to compare to the other normal dome tents, there are more poles to create other rooms.

4 Make full use of the poles in the right way. Push the end of one pole into the pole pocket designed to hold it, or onto the pin that goes into the bottom of the pole. Do the same to the other poles to fix the large family dome tent.

5 Lay the rainfly over the top of the three room tent. Attach the rainfly with hooks, clips, snaps, ties or hook and loop closures. If your rainfly has poles that must go into the rainfly before it is put on the tent, unfold the poles, push them together and slide them into the rainfly before laying the rainfly over the camping tent.

6 Using the guylines to the nylon loops to settle your camping tents as sturdy as you can to make sure the full use of the space and the safety when using them. You have to connecting the inside fabric walls in order to make sure all the inside tents are completely extended.




Uses of Party Tents

There are lot of things need to be considered for you to prepare an outdoorparty tent. Before the invitations are even sent out, you have to figure out the guests you will invite and the venue you where you will hold the gathering. If the party comes out to be an outdoor party, some party tents are needed. Check this article to fine more information about the marquee  for sale and how to use them.

These tents come in a variety of different sizes. Those who have smaller set yards or are having more intimate party should choose the smaller tents. This is going to help to create the right mood for the guests and allow them to enjoy the back yard, even when the weather is not looking so great.

As outdoor equipment, those 4x8m heavy duty party tents have another advantage that it is more time-saving than others which can be set up within an hour. Of course, this progress can be various depending on the size of those elegant  party tents and the amount of people you are working together with.

There are a number of different uses for party tents. People who are having birthday parties or even weddings can really benefit from having one of them set up. Be sure to plan ahead and figure out how many people will be attending so that the right size is purchased as well as the right number of tents.

There is no need to buy a brand new party tent when it can be rented. Those who only plan on getting married one time will only need the party tent for a day or two to celebrate the big day. However, those who like to have a number of different parties throughout the year are going to benefit more from owning. It all comes down to what the item is needed for as well as how often.

Those pop up tents are versatile for any occasion and you can buy one or rent one for personal use or business purpose. Therefore, it is really a good buy for your backyards or other outdoor events. you can check to get your ideal party tents or camping tents.







Information about Your Ideal Party Tent

Party tents appear in abounding sizes and are acclimated for an array of alfresco functions as they accommodate an acceptable apartment for guests. Mostly they are acclimated for graduation parties, ceremonies and wedding receptions. They are calmly acquired from bounded party- or tool-rental companies. The rental aggregation will usually as well accept accessible any all-important decorations, seating, and confined equipment.


Pop up tents accommodate apartment from the sun, rain and wind. Marquee swell accommodate a breadth to adorn outdoors. They are absolute for hosting alfresco marriage receptions and added parties.


The two primary types of heavy duty marquee accessible are pole tents and anatomy tents. Pole tents wait on ambit poles as able-bodied as autogenously poles to abutment the roof of the tent. This blazon of covering is added carriage able and requires beneath bureaucracy again the anatomy tent. Anatomy tents use an ambit anatomy to annihilate the charge for centermost poles. It allows for an advanced accessible space. However, the anatomy covering requires specialized accouterments as able-bodied as added labor.


Elegant marquee can be begin in abounding sizes alignment from as baby as 10’x10′ to as ample as 100’x200′. Tents can swell be aggregate calm to accomplish abstracted rooms. The admeasurements are affected by bulk of guests and blazon of tables acclimated for seating. Covering rental companies will appraisal an admeasurements for you based on your specific information. It is consistently best to get a beyond covering than you anticipate is all-important as you will be clumsy to aggrandize the covering afterwards setup.



Setup affair covering requires specialized accoutrement and a few humans depending on the size. Most rental companies will deliver bureaucracy and breach down the covering for no added cost. This is absolutely acceptable if planning an outdoor event. It is best to argue an able afore aggravating to install a covering yourself. In some locations admittance ability be appropriate by the bounded government.





What Are In-house Marquees?

Those who intend to prepare an outdoor party will be bothered by the venue if they do not want hire a hotel hall or hire land for setting marquee up. An in-house marquee will benefit you for its versatility. An unused warehouse or barn will be good space for a pop up gazebo, but less expensive than other spaces. Therefore in-house marquees are the best choice for you to hold cooperate events.

An in-house gazebo is basically an indoor version of a traditional marquee. Pop up gazebo hire companies that offer them, basically use the material from the walls and roofing of the marquee to cleverly decorate your indoor space. Once they have finished setting up the in-house party tent , arranged flowers and positioned the furniture and decorations, it’s difficult to see the difference. Particularly once the carpeting and lighting effects have been installed.

What Venues Are Suitable for In-house Marquees?Virtually any indoor space, providing it is big enough, can feasibly be transformed into a professional event venue with in-house marquees.

a sports hall, large office space, an indoor car park, industrial unit or a large garage which are ideal place for a pop up tent but less expensive if you have any access to them. After you deiced where to operate it, then what you have to do now is to buy or rent a marquee for the event. Purchasing an elegant marquee at Quictent is highly recommended.



Quitent’s Tent for Your Winter Camping

How to choose a camping tent in the winter as there are not common suppliers for those types.

In the winter, there is always east to accumulate too much snow on it. A joyful journey is a refreshment of your life, try a new camping in the winter, you will find many surprises. If you want to enjoy a good winter camping, then follow these tips to get the suitable camping tents

Choose a freestanding or dome tent that needs few or no ropes or tent stakes for support. Tent stakes are easily lost, and staking out a tent in the snow can be difficult. A freestanding tent allows you to be flexible with location while still feeling secure in the tent’s structure. Keep in mind, however, that a freestanding tent is easily tossed in windy conditions but can be weighted down with gear on the inside or rocks on the outside.


Four-season tents are designed with snow load in mind and have sturdy, strong support poles. However, if you opt to use a three-season tent in a pinch during mild winter weather, be sure to check for good cross supports. Avoid tents with large, unsupported, low-angled areas that can accumulate snow and possibly cause the pop up tent to collapse.


Figure out the suitable size for then tents if there is more than one to join the journey. Besides the needed personal space, some additional space shout be set aside in order the keep other appliances, such as cold-weather sleeping bags and extra winter gear. For a winter camping, the campers will spend more time in the marquee rather than playing outside, there more space will make it more comfortable. you can get more detail information about the camping tents at the blogs of Quictent.





How to choose the suitable marquee for you?

A romantic and wonderful wedding celebration is everyone’s dream when you are planning such event. A wonderfully designed marquee or tent may be the most suitable choice for you than any other things. They can perfectly achieve your purpose whatever you want your wedding party to be. I will introduce some types of marquee for your choice in the following article

1.Clear Span Marquees

Generally, the most common used marquee is the clear span marquee as it can be designed as what you like as it doesn’t have any internal or external obstructions. The general construction of a clear span marquee is an aluminum frame, with white PVC walls and roofs, no internal poles or external guy ropes’

It is available for you to accommodate different kinds of decorations in many colors to create separate areas if constructed using a highly regarded company they come with solid wooden floors included in the structure. These features contribute to the popularity of the clear span marquee for sale.

2. Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Traditional canvass pole marquees are mostly made in the same way as circus marquees. They are built with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes, and so are manufactured from canvas.

This type of marquee is universally used before the appearance of the clear span marquee. However, they are not commonly used in wedding events as they are easy to suffer mildew which is not easy to clean after use. It is quite hard to keep it in good state. For above reason, they are avoided by most marquee rental companies. And just use at large agricultural and horticultural shows in where the quality maters tiny.

3. American Style Marquees

The American Style Marquee which is constructed of PVC, with aluminum poles is kind of a hybrid of the traditional canvas pole marquee. It is their multi or twin-peaked roofs what distinguish the two kind of marquees.

As they are generally manufactured and imported from the USA, so they get the name- American Style Marquee. That is why you may fine party tent more expensive to hire for the shipping and import duties. ou will enjoy a wonderful celebration full of romance if you choose the right and decorate them perfectly.