Three Rooms Family Camping Tents from Quitent

For family camping or group camping, the 3 rooms large family camping tent is the commonest and most useful tent than other pop up tents. It is available to separate it into three rooms for independent use. For a family trip, one foe girls, one for boys and one for parents. For a group camping, it can be used for storage of camping gear, sleeping and other uses. The common capacity is available for 3-10 people and the removable sleeping areas enables you to change the use of the space as you want such as save more space for other camping gears.

1Clear the area where the three room tent will be setup from rocks, sticks and hard or sharp debris. Lay the tent on the ground with the nylon portion facing up. Turn the tent so the doors are facing the desired directions.

2 Fix the camping tents sturdily using the stakes. All the stakes should be pushed into the stake loops and hammered into the ground on an angle. Before you hammering the stakes, make sure the marquee for sale or tent are taut as possible to avoid the wrinkling.

3 Make the poles of those pop up tents in the way they should be. Firstly you have to snap together all of the poles as they support all the weight of the camping tent, then Slide the poles into the nylon sleeves built into the tent’s fabric. There will be a little difficult to set up to compare to the other normal dome tents, there are more poles to create other rooms.

4 Make full use of the poles in the right way. Push the end of one pole into the pole pocket designed to hold it, or onto the pin that goes into the bottom of the pole. Do the same to the other poles to fix the large family dome tent.

5 Lay the rainfly over the top of the three room tent. Attach the rainfly with hooks, clips, snaps, ties or hook and loop closures. If your rainfly has poles that must go into the rainfly before it is put on the tent, unfold the poles, push them together and slide them into the rainfly before laying the rainfly over the camping tent.

6 Using the guylines to the nylon loops to settle your camping tents as sturdy as you can to make sure the full use of the space and the safety when using them. You have to connecting the inside fabric walls in order to make sure all the inside tents are completely extended.




What to Bring for a Winter Camping

Winter camping be more peaceful and exciting than you thought to be although most campers won’t prefer to camp in winter. Of course, there are more chalenge than camping on the warmer month, staying warm is biggest chanllenging among thoese such as the weather is harder to predict and avoidable in man case. Therefore you have to prepare more well before you staeting off and find the right camping gear such as camping tents.

 Warm Winter Clothes

Some waterproof cloth are preferable for a winter camping as cloth in other materials will be easy to get wet no matter couse the snow,rain or your sweat and will take a long time to dry them. Therefore,no matter for the camping tent or wearings, wool or synthetic materials will be good choice. What’s more, the have to make sure the clothes you wear are easy to put off to accommdate with the changing weather or the difference in and out of the marquee. Besides the cloth you wear, the socks, Gaiters and sturdy, well-insulated boots will make you journey easier.

 .Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

A well-insulated, cold-weather sleeping bag is an essential winter camping item. Most sleeping bags note on the label or somewhere on the exterior the minimum temperature they can withstand before losing heat. Bring a winter sleeping bag that will keep you warm in temperatures well below those you expect to encounter. Placing a water bottle filled with hot water will help heat up your bag as well. Always sleep on top of some kind of sleeping pad to prevent losing heat to the cold ground. Choose a mummy-style sleeping bag with a hood so that you stay covered throughout the night.

 High-Caloric Balanced Foods

Caloric requirements are higher in winter because you need more energy to stay warm. Bring about 50 percent simple sugars and complex carbohydrates such as rice, bread, dried fruit, candy and cereal. About 20 percent of your food supply should be proteins like meat, fish, eggs and nuts. Thirty percent should be fats like cheese, butter, pepperoni and salami. Depending on your daily activities, you’ll need to consume between 1,500 (basal metabolism) and 4,500 calories (winter backpacking). Be sure to bring ingredients for hot drinks like tea, cider or hot cocoa.

 Snow-Proof Winter Tent

The choice of camping tents in the winter camping is the most important thing you have to consider as it will be the teporary shelter for you. For a winter camping,  pop up tents you choose must be snow avoidable and be sturdy to surpport the dropping snow. Make you sure that the marquee tent is big enough to handle all the bulky you bring as they are much more than camping in warm weather, especilly for family camping tents. Just check all the essentials you need for camping and recheck the camping gears before start off.

Marquee for Strengthening Your Company Branding

When hosting your outdoor event for some business purpose, you need to marquee for it as it can provide you good outdoor shelter as well as promoting your company band. For those marquees you will be able to print the logo and slogan on the canvas, if they are in house pop up tents, there will be more space for your advertising, such as the carpet flooring and other sections. For a business event, your logo can also be printed on the décors of that elegant marquee such as marquee ceiling, or balloons.

The advantage of having your corporate event within your own premises, whilst still having the appearance of holding it within a marquee, is clearly a clever and unique marketing tool. Particularly when making sure your clients’ first impressions of your business are good ones. Showing your business as being innovative and creatively minded when it comes to organizing corporate events in some frame outdoor marquee  and presenting your company, is vital in securing future business.

Promoting New Business

As your present and, your prospective clients are attending an event on or near your premises, you can use this opportunity to promote new business by those 4m x 8m Heavy Duty Marquee. Not only can you generate business via the actual corporate event, but you have the perfect opportunity to show potential clients around your plant. Being able to show the processes involved in the manufacture of your goods and your workforce at work may be instrumental in encouraging more business.

Marquee foe sale seems to play such an important role for those who will often need to promote their products or need to explode their products more. For those companies, to purchase marquees is a wise choice as they are so versatile. if you want to buy one , check where will offer you quality marquees and outdoor gazebos, professional suggestion as well.



Pole tents: a Traditional Style for You

Compared with frame tents, pole marquee tents are more suitable for some traditional style gatherings such as a fairytale wedding. These marquees are various in types and price.

1. Tension tents which have high sculpted roofs. This is good if you want to impress people.

2. Clean pole tents. Cheap, though it’s simple but looks beautiful.

3. Big tops – a large tent which has a high central pole and this tent is always used in circuses. These tents are good to use but they are not always available.

Ethnic tents: this is widely used in unconventional events. This kind of tent has an ethnic design which is suited for outdoor events. These pop up tents have:

1. Mongolian yurts – a structure which have a homely atmosphere inside.

2. Indian tents – this have a highly decorative art designs in the inside. This has the Eastern art style  party tent and it has metal lanterns as well.

3. Moroccan tents – this tent is similar to Indian tents but it has the Middle Eastern decorative style. It has bright curtains and low Moroccan style all over.

4. Tipi – this is available at Scandinavian and American styles. You can use this kind of tent for unconventional parties.

These marquees are always in various sizes. You have to figure out the exact size of the pop up tent you need for your events in order to make sure the one you buy from Quictent is available for use. If your guests are within 100, a tipi and yurts are enough to accommodate them. If not, you need to get some heavy duty marquee which can accommodate more.

If you come to the local marquee hire store, they will provide you useful information, even help you set it up, but you will have to rent one again if you have any other events. The wisest option for you is to get one, no matter online or off line. Quictent is always here for your marquee buying.




Find Your Quality Outdoor Equipment at Quictents

Where do you generally get your outdoor equipment, a local sports store or online shops? How often do you do online shopping? Actually, the common necessities are available online, for example, you can get your pop up gazebos or marquee at Quivtents- a professional outdoor living equipment supplier. All the products there are in high quality and reasonable price which you can get a quality marquee with only $200 which contributes it the best seller in the online store.


Before you purchase one, you have lot preparations to do, such as making comparisons for the products, viewing their enlarge pictures on the Internet. Then choose the one meet your standards and needs best. Even you think it’s no need to buy such thing, but you will be grateful to had it purchase this in advance.

Better yet, a marquee will be able to satisfy your outdoor party needs. This type of tent is also practical for picnics, birthday parties, and small wedding occasions. It can also be use to some small gatherings and outdoor camping. The marquee garden party tents have a removal door, front and back for easy accessibility and movements of the users and visitors.

These doors also give ventilation to keep the heat out for the comfort of the persons inside the pop up  tent. Because of its high quality, the tent is rust and corrosion resistant. The silver coated frames give the assurance to the purchaser the long life of this tent.

The marquee for sale is also at perfect quality. It is a waterproof, ultra violet protected with polyethylene materials. It has rust and corrosion –resistant frames. For easy transporting, one will not have to worry for its light weight materials, and it is compact and portable. The tent is easy to set up and disassemble. It got two zippered front and back doors for easy mobility of the persons inside. When purchasing it online or in hardware, it comes with ropes and stakes for the additional stability of the structure. You will be assured that the manufacturer is providing you their best quality products.

What a party tent can provide you, of course, not only a structurally decoration to your backyard, the most important thing is that it provide you a lot of pleasure you can enjoy a quite better life, such as a good venue for your all kinds of gatherings and outdoor activity. The gazebos mentioned above are in high quality and at reasonable price. They are easy to erect and very durable. Find the best one for your outdoor activities.









How to choose the suitable marquee for you?

A romantic and wonderful wedding celebration is everyone’s dream when you are planning such event. A wonderfully designed marquee or tent may be the most suitable choice for you than any other things. They can perfectly achieve your purpose whatever you want your wedding party to be. I will introduce some types of marquee for your choice in the following article

1.Clear Span Marquees

Generally, the most common used marquee is the clear span marquee as it can be designed as what you like as it doesn’t have any internal or external obstructions. The general construction of a clear span marquee is an aluminum frame, with white PVC walls and roofs, no internal poles or external guy ropes’

It is available for you to accommodate different kinds of decorations in many colors to create separate areas if constructed using a highly regarded company they come with solid wooden floors included in the structure. These features contribute to the popularity of the clear span marquee for sale.

2. Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Traditional canvass pole marquees are mostly made in the same way as circus marquees. They are built with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes, and so are manufactured from canvas.

This type of marquee is universally used before the appearance of the clear span marquee. However, they are not commonly used in wedding events as they are easy to suffer mildew which is not easy to clean after use. It is quite hard to keep it in good state. For above reason, they are avoided by most marquee rental companies. And just use at large agricultural and horticultural shows in where the quality maters tiny.

3. American Style Marquees

The American Style Marquee which is constructed of PVC, with aluminum poles is kind of a hybrid of the traditional canvas pole marquee. It is their multi or twin-peaked roofs what distinguish the two kind of marquees.

As they are generally manufactured and imported from the USA, so they get the name- American Style Marquee. That is why you may fine party tent more expensive to hire for the shipping and import duties. ou will enjoy a wonderful celebration full of romance if you choose the right and decorate them perfectly.




Styled Gazebo Tent in Quictents

It is the best choice for you to purchase a pop up gazebo to keep your family away from the heat of the sun on a family trip in the beachfront, Such as keeps the little child from the hurt of sun high temperature of the sun. You can get various gazebos f in the lowest price at any market booth, exhibition or sports stores. It is better to find one that can be easily assemble and disassembled.

On a marquee type gazebo, the best seller size is the m folding marquee pop.  It is very affordable for a kind of gazebo that is superb for any outdoor activities.  The m folding marquee gazebo party can be so impressive for a medium sized party or a family gatherings. With outstanding material quality, the buyers will be guaranteed for a long lasting use.  Various shapes, colors and sizes are always in stock.  They can be finding in a reputable hardware or supplier’s store in nearby mall.

All the gazebos can be purchased online which could make it easier to get all the information regarding the size (width and length), and other details are given. It is common that the party gazebos are used in multi-purposed ways. It is almost a once for all purchase, like wedding party, business party.

Many ingredients should be taken into consideration, such as the budget, shape of the place where you are going to install, and your needs. For most online will provide detail information on the products and present tips on how to manage them such as Quictents. So go to get the best styled gazebo tent.