How to estimate the size of your party tent?

Party Tent

With it become warmer and warmer, more and more people want to hold an outdoor party. So it is necessary to choose a party tent for your party. When you decide to buy a marquee, a pop up tent or gazebo, the size is the most important element except price. So today we offer some tips about estimate the size of the party tent you need, they are as followed:

1. Estimate the number of your guests will take part in your party and you’d better allow a margin of error for guests who maybe can’t get there.

2. Because different type of seating needs different room, so determine the type of seating. Generally, we think each gust needs about 8 square feet of tent space to move around comfortably, if it is a sit-down party banquet, it will be 12 square feet.

3. If you choose a party tent for wedding ceremony, so allow enough room for a head table.

4. When you are estimating the size, please take the dance floor into consideration, generally, every guest need 3 square feet of dancing space. Although not all the guests will utilize the dance floor, make sure there is enough room if all of them choose to use the dance floor.

Party Tent

5. If you also want to set a disc jokey table, equipment, band or stage, so also leave some room for it. A 10-by-10-foot space is enough for most disc jockeys, but the room for bands totally depends on the number of the band’s members and instruments, so they need more.

6. What service you will provide to your guests, a plated meal or buffet service? Because you need a table for the food and room to form a line, buffets need more space under the main tent. While you need a second marquee to accommodate the equipment and food if you choose to offer plated service.

7. You also can set a gift table or open bar at your party, just need to leave about 100 square feet for a gift table and more square for the bar.

 Make sure your gazebo is big enough to accommodate the party guests and the other party items you want to have at your party. If you take all the things mentioned above into consideration, you will make it. May you have a successful and wonderful party.