For DIY Enthusiasts:How to Sew a Tent or Marquee?

DIY Marquee for Outdoor Living Space

DIY Marquee for Outdoor Living Space

It comes to marquees for garden party or outdoor living space, most people will like to spend some time comparing different party tents then choose a perfect one suit for their need and budget, while for DIY enthusiasts, they like to do it themselves. Therefore, today’s post is written for DIYer, offer some instructions and tips about how to sew a tent for marquee.

At first, you have to think why you want to sew a marquee and what you plan to do with it, for example, if you want to make a garden shelter for your outdoor living space, you should measure the area of your yard where you want to create outdoor living space, you have to ensure you get the exact measurements and your marquee should be a little bigger than the size of your outdoor living space. While if you plan to DIY a party tent for your garden gathering or BBQ party, you should take the number of how many people attend your party at most time, just like you decide the size of your tent when you are shopping for a garden marquee.

Then you have to purchase those materials. You can go to a hardware store and purchase the necessary PVC pipes to form your desired shape, if you want to have a higher roof, you can purchase additional pipes.

Next, you begin to construct your PVC skeleton for the tent and measure the distance for the roof, don’t forget to leave more 6 inches for all edges to sew sliding pockets.

DIY Marquee or Party Tent

DIY Marquee or Party Tent

And then purchase the necessary fabric from a fabric store, or better yet, from a fabric clearance house. Remember to pay attention to the quality and features of the fabric, such as, waterproof, fireproof, tearproof, etc.

Press the edges around the tent in by 1/4-inch and sew all the way around.

Press the edges again, folding 3 inches in ward, then sew along the ends, staying as close as possible to the inside edges of the fabric.

After sewing, you have to feed the PVC pipes through the fabric and place the joints on the ends, then add the legs to your marquees.

We always find that those pop up gazebos look ugly, but some people have gorgeous garden gazebo, I think maybe they spend more time to find a perfect one or they handmade a unique marquee. Are you DIY enthusiasts? Do you want to have a perfect and unique party tent? If you are and you want to have, why not try to make a fantastic marquee?