How to Decorate a Marquee for an Evening Garden Party?

Decorate Marquee for Evening Garden Party

Decorate Marquee for Evening Garden Party

With it becomes warmer and warmer, more and more people would like to hold some activity in their garden, evening garden party is an ideal choice. If you plan to hold an evening garden party, you have to decorate your marquee, decorating always is a tough thing. So today we will talk about how to decorate a party tent for an evening garden party and offer some instructions for party lovers.

At first, you need to hang flower swags on the inside of the tent’s ceiling and fasten them with floral wire here, then bring them out to each corner. If it is possible, you also can make your own swags, but you need to buy long silk vines and then attach fresh or silk flowers to them with floral wire.

Lighting for Evening Garden Party

Lighting for Evening Garden Party

Secondly, you need to consider the lighting. We know that proper lighting is not only important for ambiance, but also for safety reasons, since the tent is being used at an evening garden party. You can wrap white lights around the poles of the tent and hang lit paper lanterns (battery powered) from fishing line from the ceiling of the tent (in between the flower swags) so they seem to float over the guests. If you are a perfectionist, you also can cost some time on garden lighting, you can get some solar powered garden lights, which is beautiful but still practical after this party, and install them in proper places to make the ambiance better.

Thirdly, gather tulle over the tent poles and the white lights will shine through the tulle, creating a romantic look. Then fasten the tulle at the top, middle and bottom of the tent poles with silk flower bouquets and floral wire, letting the material bunch up in the middle.

Flowers for Evening Garden Party

Flowers for Evening Garden Party

Fourthly, you can fill the tent with flowers. There is no doubt that a garden party means a lot of flowers. At this moment, you have to consider creating a centerpiece for the inside of your tent. You can set floating flowers in a bird bath and surround it with potted flowering plants and a few more lit paper lanterns. Absolutely, you haven’t to place this centerpiece inside of the garden marquee, you also put this in the front of your tent, depending on how you are using the tent.

That’s all the instructions we offer for you, absolutely, you also can make some changes or add some ornaments according to your situation and personal preference. If you don’t have proper party tents for this evening garden party, there are many kinds of marquees for sale in Quictent, you can check if there is some marquee suit for you.

How to Decorate a Tent for an Evening Garden Party

High quality party tent comes from Quictent

Nowadays, more and more people like to hold parties in their garden. Meanwhile, beautiful party tents are popular in these situations. If you decorate party tents, your party would be more interesting.

That’s why we should know how to decorate party tents for the special occasions. Quictent( a professional supplier of camping tents, pop up gazebo and marquee) would like to share some ideas about how to decorate party tents.

Generally, there are some important elements for tents decorate: the flowers, the lights, the speaker, etc.

Decorating your party tents, you will know the importance of flowers. About garden party, you should decorate it with the feeling of spring, so the flowers are the main character. Hang the flowers on the inside of the party or garden tent, fasten them with floral wire in the center of the tent ceiling, and then bring them out to the four corners. Of course, you can also create a centerpiece for the inside for your family camping tents; of course, the pop up gazebo with sides is more convenient for you to deal with.

After you created the centerpieces for your tent, now you could choose to surround the tent with potted flowering plants. If you do like this, from the whole, your party tent or garden tent will be much more attractive.

Besides the important elements – flowers, the lights are also very important, which could let your tent be more brilliant. Maybe you will say that the importance of the lights depended on the tent is used in the night. That is the reason, while the lights can also make your tent be more and more beautiful. Generally, you can wrap the color lights round the poles of the tent and hang some of the lights on the top of the tent. Meanwhile, you can use your imagine to create some special and meaningful images, which can let your tent be more beautiful and attractive. Even it could be a splendid castle if you look down for the above.

About marquee party tent decorating, you just need to make a good use of the above two elements: flowers and lights. Use different flowers and lights with your imagination; you can really decorate a wonderful tent for your special occasions.