Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse(II)

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse

Have a Couple Camping With Your Spouse

We talked about those tasks for single or couple in last post, today, we will offer some instructions and tips for your couple camping. There are several questions followed, you can ask yourself when you are planning a camping trip with your lover, you can easily answer those questions, naturally, you have make full preparation for your camping.

1. How many days do your camping last?

When you are planning a couple camping, the first question you have to consider is how many days your camping will last. This is an important question, because food and clothes you should take should be depended on the days of your camping. Tell your family and friends your camping plan and when you start your camping and when you will come back so that your family can send people to find you if you don’t get home on time.

2. Where is your camping site?

I don’t recommend that you choose a totally new camping site. In my view, you should choose a location which is catering for both of your needs, or some place which is special to both of you also is an ideal choice, or a place near rive or waterfall. Once you have several choices, then do some search on those locations, such as, are there snakes, bugs, mosquitoes or poisonous plants? If there are, you can change your destination or take some equipment to keep them out.

3. What should you take with you?

This is a long story, because what you should take contain too many things, including, camping tent, food, groceries, utensils, clothing, sleeping bag and padding, etc.

  • Camping tent: There is no doubt that you should take a 2 man pop up camping tent, which is perfect for couple camping and small family camping trip. Are you hammock lovers? If you are, you also can have a hammock camping or just take a hammock for leisure time, a portable hammock with pillow for two adult is fantastic for your couple camping.

    Camping Tent for Couple Camping

    Camping Tent for Couple Camping

  • Food: If you plan to have a several-day’s couple camping, I think you should take utensils to cook food instead of ready-to-eat foods, while ready-to-eat food is perfect for one-day-camping. Anyway, according to your situations, make the best choice.
  • Groceries and utensils: If you plan to cook yourselves, there are necessities you should take, such as, portable camping stove, utensils, charcoal BBQ, etc. About portable camping stove, classic portable outdoor frontier is perfect, you can use it to boil water or cook food, while for car camping trip, a portable gas cooker stove also is wonderful. Are you avid barbecuer? If you are, you can take a portable charcoal BBQ to roast those foods you like, just like this Landmann piccolino portable charcoal barbecue, which is perfect for your couple and can offer enough food for you.
  • Clothing: We should prepare for all type of weather by bring along warm and waterproof clothing, after all, we can’t predict weather.
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping padding: Take them with you to make you sleep comfortably
  • Portable garage for your car: In my view, a car camping trip can make you take more camping equipment and make your trip perfect, while don’t forget to take a portable garage for your lover car.
  • Others: In order to make your leisure time more interesting, you can take some books, cards, or other things. Camera also is an essential digital product you should take with you. Want to have make it more romantic, you need to take time to make prepare for it and give your love a surprise. About surprise, I have no professional advice, you can do it as you want.

4. What can you do when you’re camping? 

Couple Camping Instructions

Couple Camping Instructions

There are some things you can do with you lover for preference, they are as followed:

  • Have a walk at midnight (choose a sunny, you may watch stars with your spouse)
  • Pick beautiful flowers for your lover
  • Constantly give your partner compliments
  • Find quiet place to watch stars
  • Vow your everlasting lover under the stars
  • Go no romantic picnic together
  • Fall sleep with your lover in your tightly arms

With these instructions, may you have a fantastic couple camping with your lover.