Quictent teahing for choosing a Wedding Tent

According to different functions and occasions, the wedding tent could be divided into different sorts, such as elegant wedding tent, simply wedding tent, wedding tent in the open air.

How to choose a wedding tent? That sounds like easy but hard to handle actually. Well, Quictent will recommend some wedding tents and teach you how to choose a wedding tent. No matter outdoor or indoor wedding party, you need some tents, but you do not know how to choose a tent,  though you have buzzed with various of ideas on what types or styles wedding tents you need; how to decorate your wedding tents and where you should put the tents. I am sure, when you are thinking about these questions, you are in mess.

There are 3 types wedding tents we recommend to you according to different situations.

1. Peak top Marquee Tent: It is excellent for small-scale weddings. So if you just wannan have a tent put in your yard, this is your wonderful choice. There are 3 dimensions of 10’x10′, 15’x10′ & 20’x10′ marquee for sale to choose. Meanwhile, they have freestanding construction without inner support poles. The unique structure of these marquee tents allows them to stand in a class of their own, the same time, provide more beauty elements for your wedding party.

2. Traditional Pop up Gazebo Tent: The pop up gazebo for wedding party are popular, besides, it also used for various kinds of yard events. Pop up gazebo with the feature of freestanding structure without any interior poles, which provides enough space for your wedding party. On the other hand, you can adjust the height of the pop up gazebo with sides for your different needs. In some extent, if you have a pop up gazebo tent, there is no need for you to have another tent.

3. High Peaktop Camping Tents: Do not think that those camping tents are just for travel, in fact, they are also good equipments for various event parties, not along the wedding party. For wedding, you can choose the family camping tents, which are most preferable canopies for weddings parties.

At last, Quictent want to tell you: choose a wedding tent by your custom.

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