December Feedback: Pop up Gazebo with Great Discounts

Hi there. As Christmas is around the corner, most sellers are involved in bargaining activity to feedback buyers. Similarly, we also never hesitate to show our gratitude to dear and respected customers. So we present a great feedback for all of you with sincere. We get All Pop up Gazebo in Red, Green and White with great discounts from 2m x 2m ez up tent to 6 x 3 pop up gazebo with sides.


Pop up Tents are a quick option for generous shade. Pop up Tents require very little effort as they rise, expand and align properly as you pull outward. Simply hold one of the tent’s legs and pull away from the others for sturdy yet simplified shelter.

Whiter pop up gazebo is made of 200g polyester with PA coating, providing simple but elegant beauty for you. The material is 100% waterproof. That is to say, you finally can say goodbye to the old slack one which always annoyed you when you meet unpredictable bad weather and other incidents.


Pop up tents in red and green are manufactured with Silvox fabric. Many customers are wondering about what kind material of it. Actually, Silvox®, owned and registered by Quictent is adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance. What’s more, two type tents offer you selections for different preference. Easy up tent with pyramid roofing style is contemporary and avoid water stagnation while flat roof canopy demonstrate much stronger structure to be a good shelter. As our symbolic products, items of Silvox series really win a number of good reputations. This also indicates the truth that our items function well in deed.

The discount is already on. Please don’t refuse us and take action now. Warerproof pop up gazebo with sides are here to welcome your presence.

Money Saver – Quictent 3m x 6m Pop up Gazebo in November Promotion

Hi, I am Pakey from Quictent. I am here to remind you how you can save £15 instantly on the Quicent 3m x 6m pop up gazebo during our November Feedback. It is very simple, just add it to your cart and you can acquire two high quality weight bags for free which cost £15. You do not even have to go searching for a coupon to save on your order. What’s more, reviewing us after receiving the order can get £5 back. Therefore, technically speaking, you can save £20 when shopping on our website. Do not waste anytime to save now, this promotion is for a limited time and will be end in November 30th.


Beyond the savings this is a great shelter that is great for storage, parties, and more. No matter makes the perfect portable carport, use for making car repairs, during the winter to protect from snow or in the summer to protect from the harsh sun. It has a rust and corrosion resistant steel frame that is powder coated. Unique Silvox® fabric is waterproof, light-proof and UV resistant. With flexible installation and excellent portability, Quictent pop up gazebo is ideal for your four season use. So whether you are looking for shelter and shade for an upcoming event or you just need some additional storage you better jump on this deal!

The Quicent 3m x 6m Pop up Gazebo features:

Quictent unique Silvox® fabric

Elegant pillar support roof design

6-leg, all-steel-construction frame

Internal corners of the roof cover are reinforced with one more layer

All seams are tape sealed twice for waterproofing

Three level heights

Six removable sides including four with window and other two with full length zipper.

Fast, no-tool assembly

No question asked free frame replacements within 15 months

Pyramid roof design meets modern aesthetic needs

Flat roof design provide with stronger holding

See more about differences between Silvox® CT and Silvox® GM in our previous blog

This is the great promotion from Quictent, easy life, simple way.

Quictent Top 10 Best Sellers In May, until 12th, May

Top 1

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

Top 2

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Silvery

Top 3

Decagonal 9m x 6.5m X-Large Elegant Marquee

Top 4

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – White

Top 5

3m x 3m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Top 6

5m High Density Woven Shade Sails – Triangle

Top 7

3m x 3m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Top 8

8 Man 5 Room Large Family Tent for Camping

Top 9

3m x 6m Pyramid Pop Up Gazebo – White

Top 10

2.5m x 2.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

Quictent Best Sellers in March

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – White

Now only £18.19 (was £54.71)

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo - White

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – White

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

Now only £18.19 (was £54.71)

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo - Green

3m x 4.5m Pyramid Roof Pop Up Gazebo – Green

3m x 6m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Now only £189.00

3m x 6m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo – Navy Blue

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m – Silvery

Now only £217.99

Portable Garage PRO 2.4m x 3.6m x 2.4m – Silvery

0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m Mylar Coated Hydroponics Grow Tent

Now only £64.99

0.6m x 0.6m x 1.2m Mylar Coated Hydroponics Grow Tent


3 – 4 Person Outdoor Waterproof Green Camping Tent

Now only £89.99

3 - 4 Person Outdoor Waterproof Green Camping Tent

3 – 4 Person Outdoor Waterproof Green Camping Tent

3m x 9m Party Tent Garden Marquee – White Blue

Now only £91.99 (was £124.99)

3m x 9m Party Tent Garden Marquee - White Blue

3m x 9m Party Tent Garden Marquee – White Blue

Pop Up Gazebos Decoration

Pop up gazebos are great for any garden. They provide your family and friends with protection against the sun. However, do you know why they’re called pop up gazebo? Where did they get their name from? They got their name through pop up gazebo’s ease of use. They literally are pop up tents. The majority of common gazebos come with numerous different parts that need to be connected together, whereas pop up gazebos don’t.

Pop Up Gazebos can offer Beauty and functionality. You can add some elements to the gazebo, like that of hanging plants to make it look all the more inviting. To provide yourself with protection from garden bugs you can even have side panels or netting. Night or day, these serve as a great place to relax as well as entertain. Placing it close to a pond or stream will really help enhance its appeal.

3m x 6m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo

Furthermore, you can include a cozy seating area in the gazebo for your romantic evenings at home when the kids are away and the house is empty. You can also enhance the space, by tying up a hammock or swing under the gazebo. If you are considering holding a wedding ceremony or birthday parties or else, you can also ribbons around the rim of gazebo(Of course, you can choose the wedding marquee or the large 3m x 6m pop up gazebo). Tie the balloons. Hang the confetti balloons under the cover, directly above where the bride and groom will be standing. Fill other balloons with helium and hang them around the canopy, and on the support posts. The next opinion is to add accents. Wrap ribbons around the support posts of the gazebo in a spiral design that resembles a barber’s pole.

Before decoration on gazebo, you need to choose a suitable gazebo for your activities. Also determine the number of people on average are likely to make use of it. This will also help you decide on the dimensions.

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Why Should Get a Pop Up Gazebo from Quictent?

3m x 3m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo from Quictent

3m x 3m Anti-UV Pop Up Gazebo from Quictent

It becomes increasing warm and more and more people are making a plan of spring camping trip. If you are camping beginner, first of all, you should considerate getting a pop up gazebo from Quictent. I think you will wonder why I should get portable pop up gazebo from Quictent, I have so many choices, such as, Ebay, Amazon or other independent web sites. Therefore, today we will talk about why you should get pop up gazebo from quictent.

1.  Quictent offers you high quality gazebos.

All pop up gazebos from Quictents, they can meet your requirements about look, material, practicality, convenience and flexibility. Elegant pillar-support roof design makes the gazebo look great and gorgeous; its height is adjustable, you can easily adjust it according to your needs; fitted with high quality 420D Oxford fabric silver cloth, waterproof and UV resistant, keep your camping going and weather never affect it; it is also a multi-functional gazebo, except used as camping tent, it is perfect for party, sales activities, school sports, wedding, etc. Those gazebos are equipped with carry bag with rollers, you can easily take them with you no matter you plan to drive to camping site or get there on foot. Anyway, they are worthy purchasing.

2. Quictent offers you more choices.

Quictent adds many kinds of gazebos into its range so that they can meet your requirements about colors, sizes and styles.

If  you have soft spot for some color, you still can get what you want on Quictent, such as, black, green, light blue, navy blue, red, silver and white, you can freely choose one you like. Know more, click here.

Camping Trip with Portable Pop Up Gazebo

Camping Trip with Portable Pop Up Gazebo

About size, if you want to get a small one, 2m x 2m gazebo and 2.5m x 2.5m gazebo are ideal choices, you can get one suit for your needs and situations; if wanna get bigger one, 3m x 3m gazebo and 3m x 4.5m gazebo are nice choices, by the way, the latte one are the hottest category; if you have a big family or many people will attend your party, maybe you need the largest one we can offer, 3m x 6m pop up gazebo.

About styles, it means that there are some differences between their roof and coating, such as pyramid roof gazebos, flat-roof pop up gazebo, whether they are covered with silver coating. Absolutely, which one is the best? It depends on your needs, situations.

3. Quictent offers 15 month guarantee. 

All the Quictent pop up gazebos have a 15-month-guarantee, once you get one there and have some problem, only if it is still under guarantee, you can contact with us and we will solve it as soon as possible.

Get high quality gazebo with 15-month guarantee, there is no doubt that you should get pop up gazebo from Quictents.

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