Steps To Keep Bugs Away When Camping

Do you love camping? In your camping, what’s your biggest complaints or worries? One of the number one complaints when most people go camping is that they hate the bugs. Mosquitoes and other bugs seem omnipresent when camping, espcially in summer. Flies and other insects can ruin a picnic, an outdoor BBQ or anything that has food or drinks. And you’ll find that little can be done to avoid them completely. However, take certain steps to keep them away when camping and reduce their ability to ruin your good time.

Here are some ways on how to keep the bugs away.

Do not wear any scented perfume! And try and keep yourself as cool as possible, stay away from wet. As bugs are attracted to both scent and our sweat! Except for skin care creams with citrus juices or coconut oil; bugs hate both scents.

Wear long-sleeve shirts as possible. Try and cover as much skin as you can. If bugs cannot smell you, they will not bother you. Before entering your camping tents, make sure you’ve drived all mosquitoes out.

Bright lights attract mosquitoes, gnats, and noseeums. When you use a lantern, set it away from the sitting area. To help repel biting flies and mosquitoes, use an appropriate insect repellant. Citronella candles help too.

I love cooking, so I make sure our diets are pumped full of garlic! Yes misquotes are vampires! They hate the smell of garlic coming from our pores. I also burn citronella candles around camp.

Do not camp near swampy wetlands or water if you can help it. Sitting water is perfect for bugs to lay their nests in.

At last, there is a piece of tip for you, citronella candles help keep bugs away from the immediate area, but for thorough protection you may need to apply a bug repellent to your skin. Therefore, don’t forget the bug repellent with your camping gear.

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