Something about Portable Garage

Portable garages offer a temporary or permanent solution for people who want a protected place to store their cars, motorcycles, boats or some seasonal items, such as lawn movers and snow blowers. If you plan to have a camping or hiking, and also you decide to drive to camp site, it is necessary to take a portable garage with you, it can provide an all-weather protective shelter for your love car, no matter it is sun, rain or snow; it also can keep your love car clean, such as keep from autumn falling leaves and bird droppings.

If you want to buy a portable garage, the first thing you need to do is that consider what your need is and then you can know the size you need. There we introduce some styles of portable garage, hope they can help you.
1.    Metal
Metal portable garages often made of steel, so they are a good choice for those people who want a long-lasting and sturdy structure. Generally, they have a-line or flat roofs. They are portable, and you also can attach them to permanent structures. And other advantages are easy to assemble and clean.
2.    Aluminum
Aluminum portable garages come in similar shapes and sizes as the metal garages, but they often are considered better-looking than steel units. They are not as sturdy as metal garages so that they can’t resist villainous weather.
3.    Wood
Because wood garages just have overhead protection, so they more like a carport. Of course, some of them may have walls. For those people who want a structure that blends in with the siding on their home, wood garages are wise option. As they can be free-standing or be attached to a building. If wood is properly maintained, it is sturdy and resists relatively well.
4.    Canvas and Overhead Canopy
Canvas or soft-top portable garages have canvas cover to protect vehicles. Some styles just have an overhead canopy, while others have walls. They offer protection from the sun, rain and other overhead debris, but they are not as sturdy as other types. They are more like tents, using poles of aluminum or PVC to hold up the top. If you just want to look for a garage which can offer overhead protection for your vehicles, or you travel a lot, you need one that can be easily be taken and put up, so canopies can be an affordable and easily assembled option.
5.    Walled Canvas or Vinyl
This style of canvas or vinyl portable garage has an overhead canopy as well as walls to protect the vehicle on one to three sides. According to your needs, their walls can be rolled up or down. Because they are bulkier than overhead canopy models, they are may not suit for travel

We hope that this information about several styles of portable garages can help you and you can find the one suit for you. By the way, Qictents also offers some kinds of portable garages, you may find the one you like.