Some Tips about Wedding Tent

Although it is winter now, it will become warmer and warmer. Warm times of the year can help plans for outdoor marriage ceremonies. Many people want to hold an outdoor wedding. If you want to hold an outdoor wedding, the most important is that you should have a wedding tent, maybe it is a marquee, a pop up tent or a gazebo, even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with you, you at least have some place to hold both the ceremony and reception, and also it is a blank canvas for any creative ideas. There are some tips about wedding tent:

4m x 10m Heavy Duty Marquee

1. Choose a weeding tent

Those tips about choose camping tent are not suit for wedding tent, there are some advice about choosing wedding tent. You just choose wedding tent from marquee party tents, most of them are white, so you needn’t to choose color, and you just need to choose the one with your favorite style. Quictents offers many kinds of marquee party tents, maybe you will find one you like.

2. The size of wedding tent.

The size of wedding tent totally depends on how many guests you want to invite and the activities you want to happen under the tent. In other words, the tent only for dining or only for the ceremony? According to the answers to the two questions, choose a tent suit for you.

3. The decoration of wedding tent

 Most of marquee party tents are white, so maybe they look very boring. If you stick with white as your main wedding color, you needn’t to add other colors for your wedding tent. If you want to add some color to your wedding tent, you can make full use of these elements, such as flowers, lighting, candles and stars to decorate your wedding tent. Use your imagination, decorate your wedding tent as you want.

Choose a marquee party tent form quictents and decorate it. May you choose a well – satisfied wedding tent and have a wonderful outdoor wedding.

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