Quictents As A Sponsor for Outdoor Adventure Guide Magazine

This article comes from the Outdoor Adventure Guide which gives a detail introduction to the pop up gazebo from Quictents and proposes some suggestion about  how to use it .

A 3×4.5m pop-up gazebo?! “Yeah, right” was my first thought too,especially when I saw the reasonable price. I expected to spend half a day trying to erect it, then find I was missing an integral bolt, and for it to blow away while I was rummaging for a spare in the shed. But we were impressed.

The marquee comes handily packed in a bag on wheels. Its steel framework is coated for resistance to corrosion, with reinforced steel fixings for the tent. The fabric is tough too, and backed with a silver coating that provides both waterproofing and UV protection.

Max Lead import their Quictents directly from China, cutting out the middle traders. The instructions aren’t particularly well written, but it was simple to erect. You grab an end each of a steel frame and ‘upshake it’ while pulling it out a bit. You put the roof on at this point, then keep upshaking. Finally you click it into place.

The roof of marquee for sale tent extends with covers to hide the pole framework, and you can then Velcro on the four sides. Here we found an issue: a few of the Velcro tabs came off and had to be replaced with duct tape. There are three suggested ways to anchor it, and the manufacturers recommend you use all three.

We used none, and can confirm that it did fly away across the field without them, thus galvanising everyone into a bit of mid-luncheon exercise.

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