Quictent’s Tips on Setting up Grow Tent

Grow tents are needed in the winter to extend the grow season or survival of the garden plants. Generally, a grow tent will include light source and temperature-control fans, with a zippered access flap. They often have mental sturdy frames and there are vents which are always made in reflective materials. No matter a greenhouse or a grow tent will need to set up when you purchase it. The following are some set-up tips from Quictent.

 1 Well assembles the frame and other supporting pipes of the Mylar coated hydroponics grow tent. If all the pipes are assembled in the proper wall, the frame will be either square or rectangular in shape. Then you have to place the roof supports right on the pipes.

2 place the tent fabric in proper way. Firstly you have to unfold the fabric tents completely for the farther tent unfolds. Then place the tent fabric on the top of the frame assembly. There always are some user’s manuals to teach you how to manage that just make sure all the tiny aspects are in arranged in its right way. Finally slide the tent fabric down onto the framework and you can also manage it with help of the manuals or some expertise workers remember that all tiny steps should be well operated.

3 Slip the bottom of the Quictent 2m x 2m x 2m multi-purpose grow tent under the framework, and fit it around the bottom poles. Zip it closed to complete the assembly of the tent and test for fit. Unzip it so that you have access for the rest of the assembly process.

4 Install a grow light in the tent by hanging it from the top part of the frame of green house . Follow the directions on the grow light for the distance between the light and the plants. The distance varies by the type of light, but it will normally be between 6 and 24 inches from the plants themselves.

5 The exhaust fan should be hanged on the right location. Generally the fans will be hang at the upper vents to enable an easier control of the inside temperature. there must be difference concerning to the location a fans as there are some with fans insider and others need to be assembled, but generally hang it from the roof on the inside.

After you manage all the steps, it is ready to use your grow tent now. if you still don’t have one, get a quality one from Quictent.

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    Leave them out for longer periods of time until the night-time temperatures are above 50 degrees.
    If you are a commercial greenhouse owner, you understand the need for a steady
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