Quictents Essential Tips on Camping Tent

The desire of being away from the tired mood or busy life, and to enjoy the beauty of nature, will always encourage you to plan a camping. However, you may suffer some problems such as get rained on, eaten by mosquitoes, if you don’t prepare well. So here is the essential and best friend-camping tent. Read the following tips on tents and you will on the way to happy camping trip.

Estimate Your Camping Tent Size

Types of tents vary widely, as do their price tags. When selecting a tent for you and your family, think about what size you’ll need. Know that manufacturers often overestimate the number of people who can comfortably fit in a tent, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Practice Pitching the Camping Tent

More and more stores display their tents or marquee for sale to enable customer to experience their product, so you can have a direct contact with the camping tent you are going to buy.Before you use it, be sure you have practiced putting up the tent or marquee by yourself and check out whether there are some flaws or problems, where you largely have control of all the variables, and instructions if you need them. It is good to do this, especially for younger kids, it can enable them to get direct information about the tents and can get used to the feeling of hanging out in and sleeping in your new tent.

Prepare Old Tents for Trips

If you have already got an old tent, you’d better check it before you actually use it in case there are some damages or mildew on it.


Store your tent in right way after use

Keep it dry and cool after you use it. Keep your camp tent unpacked for a little while in order to make sure the morning dew, or dampness from rain, has evaporated. a complete clean is must have after using, make sure all the leaves and the dainty inside it have already been cleaned. Carefully pack your tent back in the exact way it came originally – in general, think in terms of wrapping the base of your tent around the support poles.

If it was taken good care of, your camping tent will last for a quite long time. Therefore, when camping, keep it far away from your campfire and do a thorough clean after using it.




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