Quictent Tips for Camping

Two Fantastic Tips for Camping

Summer is coming and it is time for us to camping with your camping gazebo, you wanna have a party time with your friends in your nice marquee party tent! Camping offers us the good opportunity to spend wonderful time with our family& friend. As we all know that one of the crucial parts to a camping trip is the planning and preparation part. Here are vital pointers to keep in mind for your wonderful trip.


How to choose the right marquee/pop up gazebo?


Normally you may buy apop up gazeboor marquee in some sorts of carry bag! However, there are many different degrees of quality so it is important for us to buy the portable small marquee or pop up gazebo for the right size& quality for its use.


For example, according to the weather condition, you should pay attention to varies of specification of the pop up gazebo or marquee. Whether it is splash proof, rot-resistant or not? When buying pop up gazebos/marquee you must look out for the steel construction and the thickness of the poles, all key fixings so you can purchase spare parts if ever required. Ensure you are buying a pop up gazebo/marquee with a high quality fabric that will protect you from both the sun and the rain and it will not fade, which means your pop up gazebo must be a heavy-duty pop up gazebo and waterproof pop up gazebo. Of course, for some other reasons, you’d better choose those pop up gazebo with sides, and those sides are removable. Remember that the weather can turn very quickly and a few extra components to consider when you purchase your pop up gazebo/marquee are.


How to use pop up gazebo/marquee in safety?

Choose the right place to set up pop up gazebo/marquee. Obviously, your first task is to locate where your pop up gazebo/marquee is to be set up. This space needs to be as flat as possible and devoid of any debris or mess.

DO NOT have fire or open flame close to your pop up gazebo/marquee

DO NOT use your barbeque grill under shade structure

DO NOT left up your pop up gazebo/marquee in high wind, heavy rain and storms.


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