Pop up Gazebo Safety Guide for Parents

Pop up gazebos are versatile, convenient, and durable enough to last for years. But gazebos that are left unattended, or left to stand without proper ballast, can sometimes present a safety hazard for children and adults alike.

For parents who own pop up gazebos, that making sure the gazebo is secure enough to avoid injury is not an overly complicated matter. Meanwhile, it’s a task that’s absolutely necessary.

Pop up Gazebo Safety Basics

In most cases, pop up gazebos are at their least safe at their very top and their very bottom. It is quite dangerous when the rainwater and trash that accumulated in the roof top suddenly fall off. At the other end, gazebos that are not securely fastened may run the risk of toppling over.

Make sure your pop up gazebo is kept clear of debris at the top, and use proper weight bags or other ballast to keep it rooted firmly in place. Obviously, do not leave small children unsupervised around its frame. Securely fasten all sidewalls, valences and headbands to make sure children cannot tear them loose. When standing the gazebo on uneven ground, make sure weight bags are used wherever the gazebo frame wobbles or tilts.

Although pop up gazebo frames are made from durable aluminum and steel, children should not hang from frame or truss bars, which can result in bending or twisting. Pop up gazebos tarps and sail shades are not toys and shouldn’t be used to make tents, forts, or for other playtime construction projects.

Pop up Gazebo Safety around the Pool and Patio

Prevent your gazebo from falling into the swimming pool by using weight bags to secure it firmly in place. Additional weight plates that affix to the gazebo legs will help the weight bags exert maximum pressure on its frame, increasing stability. Pop up gazebo tarps that fall into the pool present a potential safety hazard, so remove it from the pool as soon as possible.

Shade sails hang beautifully over patios, but make sure children don’t hang from its material or from its support cables. Besides the risk of falling, collapsing shade sails can block children’s eyesight and trip them up. The child’s weight can also distort or strain the cables, making the gazebo sag and bulge out of place.

Other Safety Tips

Pop up gazebo frames with adjustable legs often use a telescoping mechanism that works much like the legs of a camera tripod. Though simple and convenient, its pinch-and-release operation can pinch small and uncoordinated fingers.

Cleaning and maintaining the pop up gazebo is a great chance to spend time with your child while teaching them the values of preservation and cleanliness. Though children should remain supervised, setting up and taking down the gazebo is also a fun activity that parents can enjoy with their kids. Kids especially will relish the chance to “build” the gazebo, and to pack it away when it’s time to leave.

Cultivating Vegetables in Grow Tents

In cooler northern climates, warm summer weather may not last long enough to grow some warm season corps. Gardeners can extend the season with elaborate green houses, but the effort and expense may be too much if you’re not planning to grow a large garden. If you’ve got a more modest garden in mind and a smaller amount of expenses you can afford, using grow tents for plants is a logical alternative.

What is a grow tent? The shape and design may vary, but it is basically a portable frame covered in thick plastic sheeting, designed to capture and keep in heat to encourage plants to grow longer.

Grow Tent Benefits

Whether they’re temporary or semi-permanent, grow tent benefits are the same. Capturing heat and holding it in an enclosed area creates a mini climate, which allows plants to grow longer than your outside environment would naturally allow.

In the spring, setting up a grow tent in your chosen planting area allows the ground to heat up and dry out faster, allowing your plants to be transplanted earlier in the season. This can give you an additional two to three weeks at the beginning of the growing season. It also offers a sheltered environment for hardening off early seedlings before placing them in the garden.

At the end of the growing season, grow tents can hold in enough heat to allow the last of your harvest to ripen before the frost arrives. The last of your tomatoes and peppers, and even your potato plants, will be able to live longer and produce more food in the longer artificial season.

Tips on Using Grow Tents for Plants

When you research information about grow tents, you will find that the design varies from gardener to gardener, and is only constrained by the imagination of the builder. Because of these differences in design, there will be various things to consider, or additional concerns that need to be addressed. For example, you may wonder about the temperature difference within the grown tent as opposed to that outdoors. This, of course, is dependent not only on the type of grow tent being used but the conditions outside like sun vs. cloudy weather. For this reason, you may find it helpful to include a thermometer inside the tent to monitor these conditions.

You may also wonder about when to open or close the door of your grow tent and the effect this has on the plants inside. Again, this varies on weather (and the plants grown) but generally, if it’s nice outside for the plants you have, opening the tent some to allow for a little airflow will not hurt anything. Close the door when temps fall below (or are expected to) the acceptable conditions for the plants being grown. It is best to close the door a few hours prior to the setting of the sun so that the tent has a chance to build up enough heat to keep it warm overnight. Once closed, heat and moisture will be trapped inside. While the sun is out, this heat continues to build but also remains when darkness falls.

Soil Or Hydroponics?

Different growers succeed with various growing methods, so you must decide for yourself whether to grow in hydro or soil.

For soil and soilless mixes, you can grow in pots, grow bags, fabric containers or large beds. You might need to install a drainage line in the side of your tent near the base. This soilless bed garden is equipped with drainage, which is plumbed out of the tent. Heavy-duty casters are used to shift the garden a few inches in any direction. If you choose hydroponic grow tents for your plants, consider raising your tent off the floor—you can support the tent with tables or build a frame. With the tent raised the hydroponic reservoir can sit directly on the floor under the tent, which will keep your nutrient solution cool as it will not be heated by your grow lamp. In general, reservoirs will stay cooler when kept on a concrete floor. Nutrient solutions should always be at 72°F, or slightly cooler. Your hydro tray will sit on the floor of the tent, giving you maximum vertical space for plant growth.

Differences between Silvox® CT and Silvox® GM in Framework


Silvox®,adopting unique workmanshipthat silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by Quictent. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent. Silvox® CT and Silvox® GM are two main typical series of pop up gazebo in Quictent. Some people are wondering that they just cannot distinguish the differences between these two products. Hence, here please allow me to illustrate their differences in terms of frameworks.

In the first place, Quictent Silvox® CT series is the flagship series among all pop up gazebo series. It covers all sizes and colors that we have now. Pop up gazebos in this series have a pyramid roof supported by a central pillar (some types have more central pillars)., which is around 60 inches. The symbolic characteristic provides a brilliant way to let raindrops flow down the ground without water stagnation. Meanwhile, literally, this elegant pillar-support pyramid roofing design meets modern aesthetic needs. Two pairs of cross trusses sticking in the central pillar guarantee its stability and durability. Also, each side installs two cross bars to maintain a solid structure and internal corners of the roof cover are reinforced with one more layer.


As for Quictent Silvox® GM series, they are currently only available in 3m x 3m and 3m x 6m. Pop up gazebos in this series have a maximum height of 2.65m supported by heavy duty cross-truss bars. Compared with Silvox® CT series, Silvox® GM series are more common and conventional. Four Oblique upward roof bars offer much vaster space for you. Considering their important function that supports the ceiling, naturally, they need more cares when utilizing. Therefore, tents of Silvox® GM series are not recommended to be used in heavy rainy day, let alone snowy day. In order to construct a tough frame, apart from reinforced layer inside corners of the roof cover, three cross bars are put in four sides to realize this goal.


Two series pop up gazebo cater for different people with different demands. Hope all above can help you understand Quictent Silvox® CT series and Silvox® GM series better during your purchase.

Differences between Quictent SilvoxCT and SilvoxGM

Silvox®, adopting unique workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by Quictent. Silvox® fabric is lightproof, waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent.

SilvoxCT and SilvoxGM are two main typical series of Quictent pop up gazebo. Some customers just cannot distinguish the differences between these two series. This article will focus on the difference of the frame structure and help you choose the right one.

Quictent SilvoxCT series is the flagship series among all pop up gazebo series. It covers all sizes and colors that we currently have. Pop up gazebos in this series have a pyramid roof supported by central pillar(s). This feature allows the raindrops to run off the cover without water pooling. Meanwhile, literally, this elegant pillar-support pyramid roofing design meets modern aesthetic needs. Two pairs of cross trusses sticking in the central pillar guarantee its stability and durability.

Drawing of SilvoxCT

Drawing of Quictent SilvoxCT

Quictent SilvoxGM series is currently only available in 3m x 3m and 3m x 6m. This series is more common and conventional, you can easily find similar ones in the market. Pop up gazebos in this series have a maximum height of 2.65m which supported by cross-beam. Compared to SilvoxCT series, it also have more headroom than SilvoxCT.

Quictent SilvoxGM

Drawing of Quictent SilvoxGM

Two series cater for people with different demands. You’ll always find the right pop up gazebo on Quictent.

What should we do when camping encountering unexpected rainstorm?

Imagine that, in a warm summer afternoon, you are enjoying your picnic, and you and your family are very happy to have a taste of the delicacy. All of a sudden, the rain drops “dripping, dripping” in the arm. Before you know it, it begins to rain cats and dogs. At this time, there came a great crash and bang in the distance. What should you do?

If fortunate enough as you that your camping tent is nearby, getting into the camping tent can take shelter from the rain with the precondition that you own a waterproof camping tent. You have to make it clear that a bad camping tent which is equal to a slack one can directly ruin your wonderful camping. When confronting summer’s thunderstorm, first of all, you’ve got to observe the location of your encampment. If it turns out to be the following three places, you’d better give up your dear camping tent and run away as fast as possible no matter how terrible you feel about the raindrop:

  • Places near the mountain. In a day with intense fall, there could be potential danger of falling rock, flood and even debris flow.
  • Where closes to a river or a stream. The rising tide may rush away your tent and you without mercy!
  • Under a tree. Considering from common sense, encamping in a tree stands a good chance to be struck by lighting.

In outdoor, inevitably, we will encounter various natural calamities and man-made misfortune. When it terribly happens, even our trusted large family camping tent is not strong and safe enough any more as it ever was comparing the hazard disaster, and the most important thing then we need to do is to be calm and save ourselves. Once getting stuck in the mountains because of torrential flood, it is necessary to choose a high ground or a cave where is far away from mountain torrents and wait for rescue; if we have no communication tools, find some branches and other combustible, ignite them and put some wet twigs or grass beside the fire, making the fire rise a lot of dense smoke, in order to attract the attention of the search and rescue.

An Excellent Helper- Quictent Pop up Gazebo

Have you still been anxious about the changeable climate ruining your wonderful schedule? Don’t worry, everything’s gonna be easy if you own a Quictent pop up gazebo. Well, stay calm, here we go.


First foremost, Quictent gazebo with pop up design is perfect for outdoor barbeques, parties, and other events. You can enjoy your sunny day without concerns about extreme sun tans because of the brilliant anti-UV silver-coated fabric. Similarly, never let a little rain spoil your hairstyle or outdoor gathering! Thanks to special material- Silvox fabric- ­which makes our Quictent waterproof gazebo, Mr. Quictent popup gazebo becomes your brave safeguard again. What’s more, the design of pyramid roofing allows us to say goodbye to stagnant raindrop.

Simultaneously, Quictent gazebo is not so fragile as to be easily burnt out. The pyramid roof, certainly, is capable of being against wind to some extent. In this successful shelter, it is cozy to have an exhilarating outdoor party with friends owing to the Silvox fabric with lightproof features. Also, the new reinforced full metal frames, which cover rust and corrosion resistant powder, guarantee not only its durability but its high-end characteristic. The stress resistant reinforced truss bars makes strong gazebos of Quictent out of ordinary ones. In the mean time, pillar-support roof is elegant and eminent considering the entire structure. What surprises us most is that Quictent gazebo with pop up design can be easily set up in minutes, which is known as easy-attaching Velcro and quick-release pull pin system.

Furthermore, Quictent gazebo is able to be easily carried. For instance, it can be put in the trunk of most cars when folded. Choosing Quictent is to choose convenience. Purchasing a pop up gazebo of pyramid roofing can get a carry bag with roller to achieve a more portable way

Just decide on the day according to weather, with the help of Quictent pyramid roofing pop up gazebo, it’s the smartest way to ensure your next outdoor event goes to plan.

Take Care of Your Camping Tent

The camping tent is the indispensable equipment when people camping outside. A nice camping tent not only can shelter us from the rain and wind, but also can protect us from the insects. Thus, we should take care of our camping tent for a comfortable camping experience.

After we use the camping tent, cleaning progress is very important which closely influence the lifespan of the tent and its service condition in the next use. Before packing up, we should clean the sand and dust of the fabric and wipe out the moisture from both sides. Put away your tent after it is completely dry. Otherwise, it will be very likely to become mildewed during storage. This point is very vital for protecting the tent’s fabric.

Besides, when you store the folded camping tent, you should mind not placing any heavy object it. The extra weight can cause permanent harm to the waterproof coating at the fold. Therefore, I suggest that people should use a carton to separately store the camping tent. In addition, you should air the tent at regular intervals. This way can prevent your tent from mildew and cohesion. Besides, when you clean your camping tent, it’s better to hand wash rather than using a machine. And the tent is not suitable to be washed in any detergent which may damage the waterproof coating.

Moreover, you must check the tent’s poles at regular intervals because the poles usually adopt metal materials. Thus, it is very easy rusty sometimes. So, if you want to avoid this trouble, you should wipe the poles and the cohesion in the dry towel. Meanwhile, don’t forget wipe your tent cloth.

Therefore, if you want your tent serves you well during camping, you must take care of it in daily life. So now it’s time for action.



A Brief Introduction of the Marquee

When the gathering frequently occurs, you must notice that the marquee is appearing in many occasions.

The birth of the marquee increases numerous possibilities of the outdoor activity, and promotes a newly concept of activity. Therefore, the purpose of using marquee based on your demands in creative and imaginative ways. Moreover, the spacious room of the marquee without any unnecessary poles can be fully used at most. Especially wedding marquee has already become the popular goods in the current market in its practical utility. Besides, you can add some elaborate decorations and charming elements into marquee to produce a striking visual effect.

Currently, most marquees adopt the high quality PE in the well function of waterproof and UV resistant. The material has the highly bearing capability and durable pulling ability. In addition, marquee has the easily set up system can service in many occasions. Therefore, marquee is suitable for professional exhibitions, expositions, parties, sport events, temporary warehouses and so on. In order to provide a good preparation for entertainment and exhibition, the marquee has designed some windows to have a bright light.

In the end, I hope this article help you understand the marquee better.

Quictent Silvox – The Ideal Fabric

Looking for a durable pop up gazebo that can be used in your important days? Maybe you feel puzzled when you are choosing from the great number of gazebos with different fabrics.

As the specialist in the outdoor shelter industry, we do not only sell products,  but also research and upgrade them. Quictent Silvox®, a newly and advanced fabric which adopted complicated workmanship that silvers the high density Oxford, is owned and registered by us. Quictent Silvox® have several features including durable in use, lightproof,  waterproof, UV-resistance and fire-resistance to some extent.

Based on the Silvox® fabric and other strict workmanship, Quictent pop up gazebo is the real 4-season pop up gazebo. To achieve that, we did our best to improve our products includig comprehensive workmanship against water and wind, flexible installation, heat reflection, easy to carry, set up and take down. You will never find a better one that can do the same as Quictent, and the price and quality both are fantastic.

With high quality and a variety of colors and sizes, Quictent Silvox® fabric can provide unlimited possibles for any situation. Whether you’re planning a wedding ceremony, backyard barbecue, school events, birthday party, sport event, art festivals, summer fete, or any special events. Quictent is always the first palce.



Having a beautiful mansion is surely the dream of each and every one of us. Magnificent mansion laid down with a green lush garden and sparkling colored flowers popping out is a real dream home for everyone. After toiling their entire life, what more could anyone ask for than a regal mansion and a wonderful ambience to spend the beautiful days of his life. Yes, this is what we also want. We want you to enjoy the beautiful moments of your life. We also want to contribute to your lovely memories that you spend with your spouse, children and parents. Our motive of work is very simple and crystal clear. We aim to make your life and every moment in it a memorable one by gracing it with small, simple yet attractive and mind-etching products of ours.

Our goods include the very comfortable and relaxing garden tent, gazebos, marquee, portable garage and many such fascinating yet wallet friendly goods. It is their immense beauty and wonder which has kept our clients happy and made us happier. Their extremely positive response signifies the impact of our goods. We are launching our new product named as fruit press. These are probably the most loved and in demand appliance needed in the kitchen. Healthy juice is the sole diet for a longer living and it is only possible with the help of fruit press to live a healthiest and stronger life.

Ranging over the various price ranges and fascinating colours and simplified models, these are the souls of the kitchen. They are made up of tough materials, stainless. They are found in fancy colors and ecstatic looks which are adorable to the house. Operation is simple and the fruit juice is ready within minutes.  Garden tent is another product that is the most relaxing yet comfortable product for everyone. The kingly garden tents add a beauty to the outside ambiance of the home. It is a real meeting point of all the member of our home. It is found in different sizes, shapes ranging over the wide spectrum of magnetic colors. Made of good quality cloth which doesn’t get damaged easily, they have high resilience. An elegant reflection of supremacy, aristocracy and nobility, these serve as the boost to the status. Besides using it in your garden, it can also be used in the areas near the water bodies like lagoons, pools, etc due to their water flexibility. We are presenting our dignified collection of gardening furniture. Water resistant, heat resistant and also resilient to fungus, these are made of the best quality of woods.

Want to find a builder for your dream home? Look for someone who can beautify your landscape first! Ranging over various ecstatic shapes, sizes and structures, these prompt to add intense grace and royalty to your family. Small friendly gathering or a family tea-party, it is always at your service. Want to enjoy a spectacular sun-bath, and our furniture will make your bath a bit more scorch and warm. These products are definitely going to mesmerize your moments too.  So hurry up to gather these wonderful items.