Outdoor Marquees, Which One Suits You

Marquees are portable outdoor shelter. They are much easier to carry along and also set up. It’s like an outdoor fun combined with home comfort as it acts as a protector of unpredictable weather.

And marquee tents are usually constructed of parts that can easily be used to attach many marquees together, making them more ideal for music festivals and large corporate events. There’re pop up marquee, garden marquee, wedding marquee, folding Marquees, traditional pole marquee, aluminium frame marquees, high peak marquees.

If you are not hosting any big event but only want to camp with your friends, pole marquees is the most suitable. They are for the most part made from canvas, frame marquees are made from a PVC or PE (polythene) material, which is much stronger, easier to maintain and clean, and much simpler to assemble.

If you want to hold some little events, like a bake sale or an advertising stall, pop up marquee is what you need. These are small canopies and highly portable. They are widely used in small scale outdoor events.

Garden marquees are most suitable for mid-size events like birthdays or a casual BBQ. Why to let your guests burn in the sun or get wet in the rain. Rent a garden marquee to have a weather proof party in your garden. They are made from durable fabric supported by rods on all corners for support. Easily erectable in the garden area, you can choose from many patterns and prints available!

If you are a frequent organizer of small stalls and events, folding party marquee is the best option and also the most budget friendly way to go about it. They are small and very convenient to store.

In Quictent, we have decagonal wedding marquee, Octagonal wedding tent. You can find at least one you like.

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