Introduction Mosquito Net for Tents

What is the most boring thing during your wild camping tents travel time? For most people, the most intolerant thing is the annoy of mosquito, although you are in the pop up gazebo tent or marquee tent. So if you do not want to suffer from the pain of insect bites and mosquito swarms, please bring a mosquito net for tents along with you.

What are the styles of mosquito net?

There are three types of mosquito net for your family camping tents travel. If the campers sleep in the sleeping bags, they can just use the single model mosquito net, which is consisting of the tent that will fit the sleep bag. The second type is for two-person use, which called double model mosquito net. The last type is for large group people, which needs a full sized mosquito net to cover over all the windows and doors and the top, if necessary.

How to use the mosquito net?

No matter in our wild camping tents travel, or just in your backyard with your pop up gazebo, if you want to sleep in the tent, you should know how to use the mosquito net. We all know that the netting will be useless if you cover the net on your body directly, so we should avoid such mistakes and know that the netting should be hang from the ceiling and spread around your bed or sleeping bag. Of course, you can also hung the netting over the top and cover the widows and doors.

How to choose the mosquito net?

In our marketing, not all the mosquito netting is the same or equal. Generally, the looser and wider the mosquito net meshes, the higher the chance of insect entry, the protection decrease. Therefore, for choosing the mosquito net, the closer the net meshes, the better.

Above information about mosquito net for protecting you from the pain of insect bites and mosquito swarms, it is simple, but it can really bring you a wonderful wild camping tents travel experience, especially, you can have a sound sleep in the night.

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