Make Your Own Canvas Tent

When you are participating outdoor activities, a marquee is a good shelter to keep you from the rain and heavy sun. This article will share some technical on making a canvas tent.


1 Purchases the suitable canvas at the local fabric store or online shop which should be washed. As for the width of the canvas you can check the following rules:

Be the same wide as the camping tent

Length should be 2-1/2″ as the side poles

2Keep the edges tight as well as possible. When placing the grommets, you should strictly following the instruction by using the grommet setting tools. Use the most suitable methods to manage it in order to keep more options for the further work.

3 Adjust the length of the top pole of the camping tents which could keep abreast with the pop up tent pole. The side poles should be cut either, about 3’may be suitable. The size of the gazebos can be resettled according to the canvas. After managing all the above work, place the canvas on the frame and fix them well. You will get your new canvas tent.



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