Tips for Store a Tent

Last post Quictent taught us how to clean a tent. And today, we like to share some tips on how to store a tent.

First make sure your tent is totally clean and clear before you store. Too much dust and mud are not good for your health because it will be a warm-bed for mildew growth.

Second dry your tent out after you clean it. Your tent must be rusted in damp air if you do not carry out the second measure for how to store tent of yours. Please set your tent up in the sun for a while to make it dry out.

Third fold your tent. Two ways – one is that your can fold the whole tent and choose a place to store tent; the other one is that you an wipe off your tent ropes and stakes, and store them in separate ditty bags inside your tent or outside your tent.

Last Step. Find a right place to store your tent. This place must be dry and ventilated. Please take your tent out to enjoy a sun shower, and set them up to stretch the fame sometimes which is very important in tips for how to store tent of yours. A right place is good for you to store tent.

Overall, after you follow these steps to store tent of yours, you can handle how to store tent and keep your nice tent in a good condition.

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