How to Stay Cool Tent Camping

When you’re marquee for sale camping,the condition of weather may always call your attention. You may wonder whether the thin nylon walls of your portable tent are able to withstand the heavy rain, the strong sunshine, wind and cold. But people are always easy to neglect the element of temperature. How to stay comfortable—even without air conditioning unit around which can cool your tent? With the right preparation, you can deal with even the stickiest, most sweltering camping conditions.

1 Fined the best spot to settle your tent. It is very necessary for you to choose a spot that will be shaded during the hottest part of the day, from late morning to late afternoon

2 Wear clothes in cool, loose-fitting materials will make you feel better

3Water is the necessity when camping. Make sure you have enough water to drink to stay hydrated throughout the day.

4 Stay in someplace cool nearby your campsite during the hottest part of the day and do something that cools you off. Therefore when you search for the campsite, a lake nearby will help you a lot.

5 Prepare the most suitable tents or marquees. Bring a light a light blanket handy in case the temperature drops significantly during the night.

6 If permitted, set up a battery-powered fan to keep air circulating.  During the hot time, even a light breeze will make you comfortable enough to sleep.






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