How to Pack for a Summer Camping Trip?

Family Summer Camping Trip

Family Summer Camping Trip

It gets hotter and hotter, it is a piece of good news, at least, for campers don’t like winter camping trip. So it is the best time to have a summer camping trip now. You can spend long and sunny days on the lake or just taking a nap in your portable hammock, or spying on the boys or girls, etc, there are too many things you can do. But what you should take with you and how to make your camping interesting and fabulous, I think both of the questions trouble most of new campers, we will offer some instructions and tips about it in this post.

  1. Call the camp ahead of time and ask a list of recommended clothing and apparel, because the camp staff knows more about the terrain and weather patterns and they will give you professional suggestions. Of course, you also can search related information on some professional camping forum or ask some campers with much experience give some advice.
  2. You can begin to pack several weeks in advance, this can avoid forgetting some important things, you have enough time to think what you should take or what you should take but forget. Ask your kids to help you pack so that he/she will know what they want to bring and if they had packed.
  3. Purchase a large duffel bag or trunk on wheels, absolutely, you needn’t to purchase anymore if you already have one. Don’t forget to prepare a small bag for your kids, they can carry some light things belong to them, this can cultivate children’s independence.

    Packing for Summer Camp

    Packing for Summer Camp

  4. Take the camping food into consideration. Generally speaking, there are two solutions to camping food, one is take ready-to eat foods, the another one is take some food and cook by yourself. If you plan to cook by yourself, you’d better bring along of food which is light to carry and expands when cooked, such as, rice, beans, oat and other grains, because they can be easily place in your bag and can last for days. In fact, have a BBQ also is a wonderful choice, but there are some restrictions about foods, this is a long story and I don’t plan to talk it in this post, but I will discuss it in next post. Anyway, you can take a portable charcoal BBQ to roast food as camping food.
  5. Pack sufficient clothing. According to the time of your camping, get the proper clothing. In other words, if you want to camp in July or June, it is very hot and you needn’t take those winter clothes, such as, a fleece jacket, windbreaker, a warm hat and gloves, but you should take a thick coat in case for cold night; while camping in August, you have to take those winter coats. By the way, don’t forget to pack rain gear in case of wet weather.
  6. According to your camping time, take a proper camping tent. For example, if you camp in August, maybe you need a four-season camping tent, while you can take a lightweight summer family camping tent if camp in the hottest months. According to your needs, you even can take a cheap hammock for kids if they like, hammocks always make time go with fast, and they will enjoy the process.

    8 Man 4 Room Family Tent for Camping - Green

    8 Man 4 Room Family Tent for Camping – Green

  7. Don’t forget to pack some additional necessities to make your camping interesting and fantastic. Such as, games, toys, books, cameras, etc, those are wonderful choices, you can take some of them.

With these instructions, may you have a wonderful summer camping trip.

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