How to Fix Camping Tent Poles by Yourself


Going camping is a fun way to relax and enjoy the outdoors. As outdoor camping enthusiasts, knowing how to repair tent poles is very important because sometimes you need to do that on a camping trip in the backwoods or just the backyard. If you have no idea about how to fix tent poles, this article will teach two ways to do that and you can choose according to your situation. Of course, you need to check your camping tent poles before your trip and bring some items along in case of the poles broken during the trip.

The easier way to fix the tent poles is to use tent pole repair sleeves. You should count your broken tent poles then go to a sporting goods store and buy as many sleeves as you have broken tent poles. Slip the tent pole repair sleeve over the broken tent pole, and wrap duct tape around the top and bottom of the sleeve to further secure it in place.

If you are not able to find a tent repair sleeve in the nearby store, you can go to a hardware store and buy some aluminum roof flashing and nylon clamps. These things can also help you to fix the tent poles. You need to cut the aluminum flashing to size with tin snips and wrap it around the broken sections of the tent pole. After that, put clamps at the top and bottom of the sleeve you have created to secure it in place. At last, you need to wrap the aluminum flashing with duct tape to cover any sharp edges.

Now everything has done. You can set for the camping trip and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outdoor spring landscape.

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