How to choose the suitable marquee for you?

A romantic and wonderful wedding celebration is everyone’s dream when you are planning such event. A wonderfully designed marquee or tent may be the most suitable choice for you than any other things. They can perfectly achieve your purpose whatever you want your wedding party to be. I will introduce some types of marquee for your choice in the following article

1.Clear Span Marquees

Generally, the most common used marquee is the clear span marquee as it can be designed as what you like as it doesn’t have any internal or external obstructions. The general construction of a clear span marquee is an aluminum frame, with white PVC walls and roofs, no internal poles or external guy ropes’

It is available for you to accommodate different kinds of decorations in many colors to create separate areas if constructed using a highly regarded company they come with solid wooden floors included in the structure. These features contribute to the popularity of the clear span marquee for sale.

2. Traditional Canvass Pole Marquees

Traditional canvass pole marquees are mostly made in the same way as circus marquees. They are built with wooden central and side supporting poles and external guy ropes, and so are manufactured from canvas.

This type of marquee is universally used before the appearance of the clear span marquee. However, they are not commonly used in wedding events as they are easy to suffer mildew which is not easy to clean after use. It is quite hard to keep it in good state. For above reason, they are avoided by most marquee rental companies. And just use at large agricultural and horticultural shows in where the quality maters tiny.

3. American Style Marquees

The American Style Marquee which is constructed of PVC, with aluminum poles is kind of a hybrid of the traditional canvas pole marquee. It is their multi or twin-peaked roofs what distinguish the two kind of marquees.

As they are generally manufactured and imported from the USA, so they get the name- American Style Marquee. That is why you may fine party tent more expensive to hire for the shipping and import duties. ou will enjoy a wonderful celebration full of romance if you choose the right and decorate them perfectly.




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